Report: Cole Hamels Trade Will Probably Happen, Probably Not Today


Looks like Ruben Amaro’s July 29th won’t be as active as it has been in past years. I’m guessing he’s still evaluating the best deal – it’s all he does – but what the hell am I supposed to do now? I can’t watch that Tebow gif anymore. I just can’t.

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28 Responses

  1. Ruben’s still busy grading all those trade proposal homework assignments. Hopefully he gets it done before the trade deadline ends. He seems like one of those TAs from college who gives you back your graded quiz after you’ve already taken the next quiz after it.

    1. I completely agree. Keep Cole!!! Just wait till chase gets hot and leads this club to the playoffs. Chase is a god. He’s white, thin, gorgeous, and I bet he’s got a big fat C0CK too!!!!!

  2. I can’t stand Rube, but at this point if you’re not getting a huge haul for the guy just keep him…

    1. Hey Andy, go fuck yourself. And then
      Suck your mom’s snatch. If Hamel’s is an ace, I’m Gustave Flaubert. Blow me.

  3. On the serious side….If there is a legit offer, take it. Once one team supplies itself, the demand will be less. WTF was Ruben doing at Stanford, for Christ’s sake?

  4. I’ve got a feeling something bad is about to happen to us Phillies fans.

    1. Seriously I don’t even come on this site as much because of that Bob dude relentless comments. Only reason I came on this site was the comments . Thanks Bob

  5. David Price is now on the trade block, kind of diminishes Hamel’s value a little.

    Hamels will still be under a fairly cheap contract for the next few years while Price will just be a 2-3 month rental and has been a sub-par pitcher in the playoffs throughout his career.

    1. We’re looking at getting catching prospect Jorge Alfaro, Jared eickhoff, nick Williams……the inside source will keep you updated.

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