The Buffalo Bills Released a Statement about LeSean McCoy’s Cosby Party

Voila_Capture 2015-07-23_03-45-41_PM

What did I tell you? Bills statement about this flyer for LeSean McCoy’s private creepfest:

“We have reached out to LeSean and informed him that players are not permitted to use team marks for personal use without prior permission from the team.”

Somewhere, Chip Kelly is having himself a good laugh. Your problem now, suckers. #culture

Also, reader Brian sends along this Photoshop from (@cujoknows):

Voila_Capture 2015-07-23_10-32-37_PM

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66 Responses

    1. BEWARE.Any quality woman that doesn’t take notice of what happened to nicole
      BROWN simpson and avoids these animals at all costs, gets what she deserves. Stick with your own kind, ladies.

      1. The thing I like about you is that it is obvious you are in your mid-50’s.

        And this is where you are in life.

        1. Watch your mouth or I’ll kick your ass with my calf tattoo, jersey, jean shorts, and white sneakers.

  1. Shady looks like the type of mother fucker that would stick his dick into anybody. Heard he got the orgy idea from the last episode ballers

  2. gronk does this he all be called a hero… Shady does dis he be a labeled bill Cosby

    1. Gronk has never advertised an all vagina party, Gronk doesn’t need to because Gronk can get what he wants because Gronk’s got more money and a Super Bowl Ring. Suck it you N@gger loving bitch.

    2. Good point, but its the way he puts it out there. Also have you forgotten about his last party bus incident?


      1. How you know I’m black? Don’t everyone think conversate is actually a word?

  3. Typical idiotic behavior from people of his low-life character. NFL should just ban from the league immediately. This is the kind of domestic stuff they are trying to get rid of. What a loser! Disgusting the way this animal treats women. Probably does the drugs and has unprotected sex with these fast women

    1. Shut up bitch you need to get laid! Have you done the dishes and the laundry? What’s for dinner?

  4. Hope his orgy party is more entertaining then that gold awful show he had on wip. Can tell he was texting the whole show

  5. McCoy was a lousy piece of sh*it when he was here but the lapdogs in this town overlooked it. Threw some woman off a bus, tipped .20 etc. This town that professes to be blue collar certainly throws its fellow blue collar peers aside when there’s a chance to suckle at some athlete’s balls. Now that he’s a Bill of course he’s trash and they are glad he’s gone. Pathetic. This fan bas has exactly the amount of Super Bowl wins it deserves.

    1. I NEVER liked Shady or D-Sean and always thought they were the epitome of the N-word.
      At the same time, it’s football, not a popularity contest. Not every player is going to be a good citizen you would be proud to call a friend like Brian Dawkins.

      1. You’re the epitome of a racist. Thanks for making my point about Eagles fans.

        1. You say “racist” like it’s a bad thing or that I should be embarrassed. LOL
          Like most N-words, you are barely literate. Read my post again, you moron.

          1. So you hate blacks, are proud of it, yet you “bleed green” for a team that is probably 80% black. Mensa material.

            1. Shut up dickwad. You DON”T know what you are talking about.

              Also the doctor said I don’t have Mensa anymore.

    2. Yea i’ve got to say i agree with you last two, I don’t get the fans who root for people like this, unless those people are huge shitheads themselves. You can accept them being on your team, but i know when i watched him or d-jax make a great play, in the back of my head i knew what kind of people they were and it was a lot more difficult to get behind them or cheer for them at all. His radio show was a classic case of narcissism. He just sat there and said nothing basically by just giving answers in short phrases, it was a fucking bore-fest, but i bet shady felt like everybody should be thankful he was giving his time. He’s a dude who thinks he’s interesting and unique and is really taken with himself, but doesn’t realize he’s a giant baby who might actually grow up once he’s broke when he hits 40, because that is how this story ends 99.9% of the time

      1. Agreed. I checked out on this team the second they signed that piece of garbage Vick. Will never come back until Lurie sells or drops dead. Can’t understand NFL fans who cheer rapists, wife beaters, dog killers and all around garbage human beings because they can catch or throw a ball.

        1. You call me a racisssss, but you just described most of them in Philadelphia when you say “rapists, wife beaters, dog killers and all around garbage human beings”.

          If you don’t like the Eagles, why are you posting in here?
          Get the F@ck out!

          1. Is it horrible going through life a moronic racist? I imagine it is. Let me change up your question and throw it back at you. If you don’t like Black people, why are you living in or near Philadelphia? Get the F@ck out!

            I’m guessing when black folks are around you keep your racist trap shut because there’s no doubt you are a keyboard warrior who would piss in his jorts if confronted after spewing your racist nonsense. Which tatt did you go with on your calf … Eagles logo or Yosemite Sam?

            1. Vick’s PO=
              I think your screen name is racissss.
              I did get out of North Philly where I was raised, as soon as I could. Earned 2 degrees and made a nice career, pay taxes, support my community, etc. More than I can say for my old “neighbors”. You act like white people like me are afraid to repeat what we say online, back up what we say in person, or use our fists or a gun to defend ourselves. WRONG. The only difference between me and my former “neighbors” I do all of the above without breaking the law. See the difference?
              You punks that cry “racissss” are a joke to educated people like me who can see with our own eyes who is doing what to this city, who read the daily crime reports, and are aware of the crime/welfare statistics. It’s not “racissss” that are ruining this city and country.
              With all that said, I treat EVERYONE the way I want to be treated, and that’s more than I can say for those that are “being held down in America”.

              1. Fantastic. No need to even argue with you anymore. Your own posts make you look far more stupid than I ever could. Bravo.

                1. That’s the funny thing about left wing idiots like you and Missanelli. You imply you’re more intelligent than everyone while you deny everything that is right in front of your face. Denying reality is going to put you at risk of becoming a statistic by the same people you march for and blabber about. Ignorance is bliss.

          2. ” most of them in Philadelphia when you say “rapists, wife beaters, dog killers and all around garbage human beings”.”

            Hey, stop using the lazy ESPN tropes about Eagles fans!

  6. how much dumb ass racist shit people will post online when they know there’s no consequences. Stupid virgins on the internet have to take their anger out somewhere I guess.

  7. Another dumb Fuck boy (and I do mean boy) who doesn’t get it.

    The fools could get this done in a hundred different ways but choose the dumbest available.

    Can’t fix stupid.

    1. When you click on Crossing Broad, what is the main reason?

      A) Read the always interesting articles 3%
      B) Update knowledge of Philly sports 2%
      C) Read the comments section only 95%

  8. Love the content on this site, but the comment section has somehow devolved into one of the worst I’ve seen on any of the sites I visit. Almost to the point where I would not recommend this site to others for fear of being lumped in with the awful racist stuff people post on these stories.

    1. you afraid someone will call you racist? The best thing to do is tell everyone you are racist – that you see differences between races, thats what racism is. Watch them immediately shut the f*** up since they have no more ammunition to fire at you. Its impossible not to see differences among races. All people are racist on some level so you are too. The only problem is if you are a corporate bitch slave then you will never be promoted and most likely fired – if you’re white that is.

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