Video: Katie Nolan Tries the Phanatic’s Hot Dog Launcher

Katie Nolan was at Citizens Bank Park at some point in the not too distant past to film a bit for her show – hated by Phil Mushnick – which aired last night. That’s it. That’s the whole story. Looks fun.


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    1. she’s so hot, Bob would come back to our team to be with her. Not that there’s anything wrong with the other team, you know.

      1. you sound like that old Frankenstein Angelo with that so hot comment … cmon man she a cutie but damn.

  1. The dude on the josh show today , was pure radio aids. Never put that marble mouth fuck on again.

    1. Marble mouth? The guy Innes had on the air was not good, but I don’t think you know the definition of marble mouth. Marble mouth is someone that doesn’t speak clearly and you can barely understand his speech. The guy Innes had on at least spoke clearly.

      Example of “marble mouth”? Ike Reese.

      1. Do you just read the comments on this site looking for every single comment about Teats so you can defend him?

        1. 1. Where did I defend “teats”? I simply corrected the meaning of the phrase “marble mouth” that the above commenter referenced to the contestant that Innes had in the studio today.

          2. Why do you care if I defend Innes or not? You “Kyle’s Keyboard Muscles” keep on responding to my posts and shitting on them. Don’t like my opinions? Move along from them. Either way, I don’t really give a fuck.

          1. That’s kind of my point though. This guy’s comment wasn’t even really about Teats, it was about the show. But you still seemingly felt the need to defend the show in some small way. It just seems like every time someone mentions him or the show in some way, there you are.

            I don’t know man, I guess I just enjoy playing devil’s advocate to your undying love of “The Human Hindenburg” (what a stupid fucking tag line, btw). Or maybe because I don’t understand how someone can actually like him that much, or at all for that matter. There’s probably lots of reasons. I don’t know, I don’t put too much thought into this comment board. Mostly because its a stupid, meaningless internet argument.

            1. No. Re-read “I’m Bored’s” comment. He stated that the guy that Innes had on his show today was a marble mouth, when the guy clearly wasn’t. The commenter wasn’t talking about Innes’ show in general at all. He was talking about the guy Innes had on the show. Can you read and comprehend what “I’m Bored” wrote or is your dislike for Innes that strong that you read what you want to see? Pathetic.

              1. Bob shouldn’t you be maturbating to your Josh Innes poster instead of debating on crossing broad?

              2. The dude was talking about something that happened on Innes’ show, i.e. the guy who was on the show being a “marble mouth.” So, he was talking about the show.

                Like, I get what you mean. The comment was about the way a guy who was on the show talked, not about Innes or the merits of the show itself. But, my point was that you will defend Innes (or Teats) or the show against any little negative comment. Including a small comment about a guy that was on there and the way he talked. Either way, my point remains the same, there was a very minor negative comment about something that happened on the show and you had to jump in and defend it. That’s all I said.

                Honestly dude, you had to know what I meant, there is no reason to pick apart every little thing every one on this website says. That’s not a way to way an argument (if you can call this an argument), its a way to make yourself look childish.

                This is probably the dumbest semantics argument of all time. And that’s saying something.

  2. Missanelli only talks football..Teats only talks about I’m out.

    1. I think you ought to fight Hulk Hogan again instead of listening to the radio, Big John Studd. Get your old ass in the ring again.

      1. Yea, no shit. My handle is a joke.

        You are the Buzz Killington of the comment section.

  3. Seriously, how does one commenter kill the comment section on a site that features 10 dudes in here making the same jokes for the last 3 years? Silliest thing I ever read.

      1. Because I like Innes I need to go away? Is this a David Koresh-like compound in here? No contrasting opinions?

    1. Yea.

      What is the deal with people using the name Bob and then just saying stupid stuff? Who was the original Bob? What did he say that was so stupid?

      It’s the Mike thing from Down Goes Brown.

  4. He could be a master linguist the fact remains he had no business on the air period.

    1. I agree with you. He didn’t belong on the air with Innes. Bottom line.

      I’m not in favor of amateur radio contests unless they put someone on that is outlandish or a complete joke.

      “Chuckles” the contestant was neither.

    1. a: she’s sportin “D’s.” not sure how much bigger you want them.

      b: she admitted on her show that she once “sucked a dick for a sleeve of Oreos.” nice

  5. I’d eat a hot dog from that cannon only if it were burnt ao it looked black And at least a foot long…

  6. You know eventually the joke isn’t funny anymore I’m really getting sick and tired hope you guys using my handle and if it keeps up I will probably stop posting around here.

  7. And don’t think I don’t know who it is it is Kyle keyboard muscles Big John Studd and Paul Jolovitz fan club president. I know that for a fact

  8. Bobby cum upstairs for your dinner I put the plate right where you like it in between my legs

    1. You or plurals are so obsessed with my comments and disagree so much that you keep on commenting with my handle.

      4:27 PM
      4:31 PM
      4:35 PM
      4:39 PM
      5:00 PM
      5:12 PM
      5:19 PM

      Get a job!!!!! You will be better for it.

    1. What else do you have? Didn’t mommy give you enough attention? Are your feelings hurt that I don’t talk and use funny little WIP and 97.5 handles that ceased to be funny a year ago?

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