Chase Utley Will Only Agree to a Trade if He Gets Playing Time


Just yesterday we were hearing that the Phillies and Giants were getting close to putting some kind of deal together for Chase Utley. Utley has the right to deny any deal, and according to Buster Olney, he will do so unless he thinks he can get playing time with his new team. What does that mean?


Ruben Amaro said on the radio yesterday that it’s possible Utley doesn’t go anywhere. And if that’s the case, exactly how much playing time should he expect here?


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    1. The ultimate narcissistic strikes again? Go back to fantasy football, jackass. You know nothing about baseball at all. Utley is a 10 and 5 guy. This is in the CBA for MLB. Like Papelbon being only dealt to a team that would guarantee him being closer, Utley is well within his rights to stipulate where he will be traded and what role he will play. He can reject ANY trade because of the CBA. Don’t like it? Attack MLB and MLBPA. Not the player’s fault. But, you don’t know shit.

        1. What did he say that is true? Utley is a narcissist or that he isn’t playing next year?

          You are as fucking dumb as “kenstories” if you believe either and don’t know how baseball works. You need to go back to playing fantasy football as well and leave the baseball talk to adults.

      1. Bob, you’re exactly right. He’s well within his rights to reject a trade anywhere. However, if I was the GM and Utley declined a trade over playing time, I would sit his .180 BA down for the rest of the year and there’s not a damn thing he or the CBA could do about it. Btw, good luck finding a job over $3 mil next year, too. His time has past and much like many old players, he fails to see that.

        1. Then he will ride the bench, become a FA and sign with who he wants in the off-season. Either way, Utley controls all. I have no problem either way.

          1. As long as Utley fully understands he won’t be seeing any playing time if he stays here. I don’t want him declining a trade and throwing a fit because he’s riding the pine.

              1. Hey, knuckle dragger. There is no ‘legend’ of Chase Utley. If he wants PT then it’s time he move on.

      2. It IS the players fault here. He can waive the no trade clause if he chooses, his “CBA for MLB” can’t stop him from doing that. So he can be considered the ultimate narcissist if he decides that he thinks he can still be a starter somewhere, because that certainly isn’t happening here.

        1. Less than 2 months left in the season. Utley can ride the bench here if he doesn’t like a trade. What’s the problem with that? End of story.

    1. Apparently you did enough to click and throw a comment in here. Go back to the fantasy football sites. It will be better for you.

  1. What a prima donna. Keep him here, sit him on the bench and kick his a$$ out at end of year. Reality check. Nobody wanted him.

    1. Nobody wanted him? Really? There are 6 teams in the mix for an Utley trade now. Go back to fantasy football. Please.

    2. agree….utley should be forced to take it from dyke hillary’s strap-on if he vetos a trade

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  3. I just think Utley has integrity if he’s not going to play for a team he would rather it be the Phillies. I think it’s more important to him to play his entire career here then to win a championship with another team just because he was on the roster. Its like Kobe signing with the cavs next year and riding the bench just to win another ring. He and everyone else would know it’s a championship in name only. Utley and probably even kobe have more integrity then that.

    So I applaud it. Even though I think it’s better for the phillies if he goes I don’t want him to be forced out to ride the bench on another team. If he’s gonna do that he might as well do it where the fans love him.

  4. I really don’t understand how the Yankees are not the favorite to acquire him? They have a major hole at second base, are slumping like fucking crazy and i think the Blue Jays have taken over the division in a week and a half after being out 6.5 games and they actually have a boatload of mid level prospects to deal

    1. Oh and Utley is supposed to solve their 2B problem? If they’re gotta play a 2B hitting under .200 they’re better off saving their money and prospects and just sticking with Stephen Drew. At least he has 13 HR.

      1. Well actually it’s 14 home runs, but thats the problem it’s either home run or pathetic AB plus he’s not a great a second base, Utley put together a lot more better AB’s than drew who runs into one every now and then and puts in the short porch at yankee stadium….btw Chase Utley is Chase Utley…..Stephen Drew is……..

        Yankees don’t give a shit about money, and i’m not saying they have to give up a premier prospect, just a guy will do

        Why are the Giants pursuing him then?

        1. Yeah he hit his 14th during the game last night.

          I have no idea what that means that “Utley has put together a lot more better ABs.” No he hasn’t. They have almost identical shitty batting averages and crappy OBPs. How can you even say that? Are you literally just making that up? Or are you an amateur scout that also watches all of Stephen Drew’s ABs? They have almost the exact same numbers except drew has more power.

          And Drew is an adequate second baseman. Utley has actually been worse than him defensively this year. (-2.8 UZR/150 vs -12).

          This is 2008-09 anymore. Utley just isn’t good. He’s pretty much the same as Drew but with a lot less power. The Giants just want him as a stop-gap until Panik returns. I can tell your a gigantic Ultey fan boy, and I get it. He was one of my favorite players too. You just need to accept the fact that he doesn’t represent an upgrade over any contending MLB team’s starting second baseman.

  5. you’ve seen my pope plans so obviously I’m a moron….despite that….let me say this….asshat Utley sucks and if he vetos a trade he should sit the bench the rest of the year…..selfish ahole can’t play but wants to keep getting paid…f-him..

    1. What a dickhead you are. Anybody the Phillies get for Chase Utley will never amount to anything other than a marginal major league player. Stop acting like they need to trade him it doesn’t even fucking matter. I hope he’s out there for the next 3 seasons batting .230 cause I don’t give a fuck it’s not gonna matter anyway. Go fuck yourself with your fake outrage.

      1. Listen until you bring a compelling relevant argument to the table go eff your mother. Nothing you said makes any sense.

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