How to Buy a Beat

Yesterday, 12:37 p.m.

Flyers head coach Dave Hakstol takes easily-amused, free-loading Flyers beat writers to lunch, at Olive Garden:

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Yesterday, 4:15 p.m.

Tim Panaccio, still digesting unlimited breadsticks, writes glowingly about Saint Hakstol in a fluff piece about the coach’s visit to Ed Snider’s youth hockey camp. Panaccio 6:9-5 (which, mystically, happens to be the price of the OG’s lunch special):

Hakstol is motivated by challenges. While coaching a junior hockey team that won only nine games one season, Hakstol said, he was challenged to find positives and ways to improve despite obstacles. It convinced him he could be a good coach because he liked being around athletes and working with them to find solutions.

“The most important thing is to stay true to who you are and what you believe in,” he told the student athletes. “Every day, you have to find positives and fix things that need to be fixed. Have an even-keeled mentality.”

Hakstol spent over an hour with the campers.

As he was preparing to leave, Hakstol recalled going to Clare Drake camp with one or two friends and leaving every summer with many new friends.

“It’s the same here,” Hakstol said, as the kids skated behind him.



Today, 3:01 a.m.

Frank Seravalli’s replacement at the Daily News, Jeff Neiburg, who has fully flushed the pasta from his system, writes about the chosen one whom the townspeople call Hakstol:

Dave Hakstol still remembers going to hockey camp growing up. A small-town kid from western Canada, he was allowed by his parents to pick one camp to go to each summer.

Year after year, Hakstol attended the Clare Drake Hockey School at the University of Alberta.

Yesterday morning, many years later, school was back in session. And the teacher walked into Scanlon Ice Rink at the Scanlon Recreation Center in Kensington, ready to work with a group of local kids.

Hakstol is no stranger to working with members of the local community, coming from a hockey-crazed environment at the University of North Dakota.

“Our community there, much like here, gave us so much,” Hakstol said. “Every chance we had, even in a busy year, we tried to do some little things where I guess it could be viewed as giving back a little. But, to be honest with you, just like on a day like today, there’s more of a benefit for me than anybody. It’s great to be here and to be part of it.”

The word of the Davey.

If all it takes is a lunch at Olive Garden, it might be smart for Hakstol to just take the beats – or at least Panaccio – out before all 82 games. Figure Panotch spends $28 $43 $607 on each meal (wine…). That’s roughly $50k for the season. Hakstol is making $2 million per. So consider it the cost of doing business. I bet if Berube had it to do all over again, he would’ve taken Mike Sielski to lunch on day one. All coaches should adopt the tactic. Hell, maybe Chip should take Les Bowen to Golden Corral to get him off his ass. [Old people like buffets, is the joke.]

Side note: I’m not above this sort of thing. I just have higher standards. So, yes, if Ruben Amaro took me to Capital Grill, I’d absolutely write a few fluff pieces about how he orchestrated what turned out to be a great trade deadline. Shit, if he let me get the porterhouse, I’d probably play him a hanjo on the way home. It’s all a negotiation. I just think the beats should aim higher.


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    1. Dave, What makes you think you can bring this team a Cup when it has been 41 years and the two Cups the Flyers won was because there was a competing league called the W.H.A.

      Dave, What’s it feel to be with a team that still remembers and worships the 1970’s style of play?

      Dave, Has Ed Snider introduced you to Bernie, Clarkie, Barber, the Watsons and the Hammer?

      Dave, the Flyers have tried the rah rah, stern college coach route before. Keenan took them to two Cup finals in four years but Snider still fired him

      1. I’m pretty sure the Bruins are an original 6 team not WHA. Also pretty sure the flyers were part of that expansion era also. If I remember correctly the WHA didn’t integrate into the NHL later on down the road. Difference between an actual fan and fair weather one!!!!!!!!!

        1. Does not involve original 6 teams and expansion in 1967 at all. In 1972, a renegade league called the WHA was formed that single handedly helped the Flyers win their two Cups. It took away many Flyer nemeses such as Hull, Dryden, Cheevers, Sanderson and others who jumped to the new league for money, but it also enabled Bernie Parent, who the all-knowing Ed Snider traded away in 1971 (Yes, Snider threw him off the team for a nothing prospect. The Flyers never mention that), to get back to the Flyers. Parent jumped to the WHA from Toronto where he was traded, and when the Philly team, the Blazers folded, the Flyers got him back.
          No WHA, Bernie still on Toronto
          No Bernie on the Flyers , No Cups

          I know the Flyers kool aid drinkers will let me have it for this statement of fact .

          1. Dryden never jumped to the WHA. He did sit out 73-74. The Flyers traded to get Parent back from Toronto. Cheevers MIGHT have made a difference in the 74 finals.

  1. Kyle, a few questions for you if you will kindly answer:

    1. Why haven’t you released a new podcast in awhile?

    2. You should take live phone calls to make your podcast more relevant. Good idea? Yes?

    3. When will you and Jim do a Q & A again with the commenters again? In the near future?

      1. I side with you Kyle. When some smug twat serves up cheap ass americanized over-engineered semi-food product attempting to remotely resemble food, you know, that stuff that will actually spoil and go rancid if not consumed relatively soon after being purveyed and not outlast a nuclear apocallypse, I really want to drop that prick like Geno Smith in a training camp locker room.

        Have some class and taste. Appreciate quality you fat beat writers. Local pizza shops serve up better Italian than Olive Garden. Mindless fucks are the worst.

        1. If Hackstol picked what can the writers do? Hackstol was up in North Dakota after all, where Olive Garden was probably top 5 in all of the state for gourmet meals.

  2. most of these freeloaders look like they have one foot in they grave anyway. Olive Garden aint gonna hurt. Looks like Coach also sprung for the Pelligrino.

  3. I don’t see this coach lasting very long. Hakstol is starting his NHL head coaching career in the wrong city with the wrong team. I don’t see the fanbase or the ownership having the patience it will require to have him succeed. The best coach in the flyers system is sitting in the ECHL.

  4. Maybe if I take Rob Tornoe to the Capital Grille he’ll share some of his sports radio sources with me, since mine seem to have dried up.

  5. Alternate Headline: Grown Man Child With No Reporting Experience Criticizes Professionals On Blog That Routinely Lifts Information From The Very People Now Being Criticized

    1. Good thing you aren’t on the beat Jolly, Olive Garden would have taken one look at your gullet and shut the doors. That think is like a black hole for food. Imagine the amounts of endless pasta and breadsticks you could shove into that thing. You fat fucking loser.

  6. I haven’t followed hockey closely since I was a teenager in the early Hextall/Kerr years. I thought I outgrew the sport and I was always a baseball fan, NBA fan and NFL fan first and foremost. I’ll tell you what. With all of the thugs in both the NFL and NBA, I think I’m going back to the NHL again for my winter sport. It has a smart and civilized following of fans that don’t care for thugs. The NHL isn’t an American sport, but I think I will fall in love with it again regardless.

    No more love for thug sports is my motto. Why support the dregs of society?

          1. Dave, I will answer that. You asked “What is the difference between hating black people and back culture?”

            Most black people are like me, a white person. We want to pay our bills and live a good life. Black “culture” on the other hand is a hindrance to all people. Civilized people don’t want it anymore.

            1. Let me try to follow this logic. If “most” black people want to pay their bills and live a good life, doesn’t that make it their culture?

              Concurrently, I would suggest that “civilized people” don’t hate an entire race of people based on what you assume is their culture.

          2. Simple, I like to be entertained by blacks. If my daughter brings one home I, well, lets just say I keeps one in the chamber in case you pondering……

            1. If I were this coach guy I would pack up the Dodge start driving back to North Dakota now. This town is so freaking warped.

    1. I will add this. If you are white, why support a sport with your money when you are being told that your coach locally is a racist by players and the media that covers it? Fuck them. We have choices. Hurt these bastards in the pocketbook. Let them see what racism is when they lose white money. It’s harsh, but put your money where your mouth is with these people.

      1. im surprised that you feel that way Robert considering you too likely suffer from prejudice…do you speak for all the gays or just yourself?

        1. No, Tyrone. I probably speak for most white conservatives that either read or comment on this blog.

          1. you do realize what percentage that is rite? theres a lot of zeros after that decimal point before you get to that “1”. keep on keepin’ on tho.

  7. Anything on Runyan’s hire? Did your sports radio sources just dry up completely? What are they thinking of doing with him?

    1. A certain radio guy and his nosey bitch retired and all of a sudden Kyle has no more relevant radio war ratings or behind the scenes info.

    2. Curious. What your issue with Jon Runyan? He talks sports?

      I don’t get it. You people hate Innes because he doesn’t talk sports enough. WIP then hires a humble Jon Runyan that just talks football and now there is an issue?

      They can’t win.

  8. God, I hate when people write positive stories about the teams they cover just because they do favors for them… Now excuse me while I go jerk off Scott O’Neill and stop calling him “Devils CEO” now that he appeared on my podcast and let me and Jimbo demonstrate our “basketball skills” on the Wells Fargo Court.

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