Joel Embiid Will Still Have Surgery, Just Not Yet

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

A month ago, it was announced that Joel Embiid will need surgery and miss the entire upcoming season. It was said then that the surgery would happen within “ten days.” It’s been thirty, and there’s been nothing but radio silence. This has – of course – led to rampant speculation that Embiid’s “team” doesn’t want the surgery because he isn’t in pain and maybe he could play this year. But according to John Gonzalez, that’s not the case.

One of Gonzo’s sources said the delay is because the young Embiid is still coming to terms with the fact that he’ll miss another year:

The source indicated that Embiid and his confidants wanted more time to review the matter and select a doctor. A doctor has been chosen, though the source declined to provide that information.

The source said Embiid also reached out to Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant. The Thunder star underwent a bone graft on his right foot in late March. That surgery was performed at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, home to one of at least 12 doctors the Sixers and Embiid have so far consulted about Embiid’s hyper-complicated situation.

The source told Gonzo that the surgery would take place in the “near future” and another source said Embiid is not second-guessing the procedure. Reaching out to Durant makes sense – even though he hasn’t played on his surgically repaired foot yet – since he’s a superstar in the league going through the same thing as Embiid. That’s all fine. What’s not so fine is the total silence from the Sixers. We all know Sam Hinkie likes his secrecy, but this isn’t strategy or maneuvering or mulling over a transaction, this is the future of a Hinkie-approved face of the franchise. A little transparency would be nice.


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  1. You guys are really starting to beat the drum on transparency with the Sixers the way Les Bowen does it with the Eagles. Embiid and the team are weighing their options and trying to make the right choice with the right doctor. A 2 month delay in surgery doesn’t mean all that much in the grand scheme of things, considering Embiid will have probably missed two entire seasons by the time he is ready to play. Is a release from Hinkie or the team that says “We are currently seeking further opinions and consulting with various doctors to ensure we make the right choice for Joel and the organization” really going to change this story, or the way you view the situation?

  2. Innes was spotted with Reeha Hoghes last night at Dave and Busters. And the romance continues.

  3. This embiid dude is such a pussy stiff? Guess Surgery will derail his partying

  4. Hinkie already got caught once manipulating the truth on injuries with Jrue’s trade, so he learned his lesson and is going to be much more careful of what he releases to the public about injuries. If he tries to trade Embiid later, any quotes the Sixers release now will be used as leverage, at the very least, or worse like bigger fines and stripping away draft picks (and just reading a thought like that probably scares the calculator right out of Hinkie’s briefcase). They’ll release what they want to release whether the fans like it or not. Enjoy the the fact the team is on the way up (and admittedly his inclusion should help speed that up), and stop searching for doom and gloom.

  5. I thought I saw during the announcement of the non-healing that there is language in the CBA giving players extra control over what is released about career threatening injuries.

  6. Not even the same injury Durant had a Jones Fracture and Embiid has type 2 navicular fracture. Jones fracture are common place, one top 5 fracture seen in the leg. Navicular are rare less 2/3000 people. 90 percent motion goes through naviuclar. the only commonality is bone grafting part

  7. I don’t think he has any injury and there surely will be no surgery at all. Try to pin them down aas to a specific doctor …….the will tell you Qatar.

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