RADIO WARS: WIP Is Nearing a Decision on Hosts For Its Afternoon Show

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According to multiple CBS sources, WIP plans on using a three-man ensemble for their Afternoon show: Josh Innes, Spike Eskin and Hollis Thomas.

Neither Eskin nor Thomas would be surprise choices, but the fact that both appear to be involved is strange. A three-man afternoon show to rival Mike Missanelli is certainly something, and goes to show you that it may take more than one person to replace Tony Bruno. That said, there’s rarely enough mic to go around for two people when Innes is involved, let alone three… especially when one of them is an Eskin. Will Thomas just sit there and serve to lend credibility as a football guy? I don’t know. If this is the show, who would you turn to on a Monday afternoon after an Eagles game– Missanelli or Innes-Eskin-Thomas?

I would also imagine that three-man booth, so to speak, would be a test run of sorts for a possible Innes-led morning show whenever Angelo Cataldi hangs them up.

Meanwhile, Nick Kayal, referencing our post from over the weekend, just hinted that he might wind up at WIP:

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Sources tells me Kayal is not currently in the plans for the Afternoon show. So perhaps he’ll be in a different role. [UPDATE: Indeed– Kayal just tweeted that he’ll be hosting this Sunday night from 10-2, so it would appear he’s taking a more regular role.]

An official announcement hasn’t been made yet, and anything can change, but this is the current plan, according to CBS sources. Draw that. NUMBER ONE MAESTRO ALL DAY LONG:


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  1. dude, nick. i know you’re reading this. getting thrown a few overnight weekend shifts to keep jolly fresh is hardly good news, bro.

    1. Haha I was thinking the same thing. 10pm-2am on Wip is nothing but dead air. He might as well go to Allentown. He’s reveling in it because someone from the Fanatic said something mean to him.

    2. Whoa Denny you’re shot out of a cannon tonight.

      Kayal is as good as anyone else WIP cold put in that slot I suppose.

      97.3 Atlantic City PLEASE get some transmitters up here. Afternoon drive in the sports talk department in this city already was a disaster and it looks like its going to get alot worse.

      1. 97.3 AC afternoon is actually worse than either WIP or 97.5. They don’t put the national guys on until 6 and the local ‘talent’ is lacking to say the least.

        1. I actually don’t mind Mike Gill (the 2-6 guy) on 97.3. Also, unless you’re in Mizzouruh or Illinois, I am not licensed in yer state.

  2. After that big “talent” search, they came up with about the most unlistenable combination possible. Maybe Bloom has moved on to the really hard stuff.

    At least they’ll have Kayal to run and get them coffee and donuts.

      1. Thanks, Robbie! Actually, my name is Elvis. Me and Pat LOVE Bud Light Lime. Woof!

  3. I don’t mind Innes with Hollis, but Spike Eskin? I thought this guy went into management. ugh

    1. An actual veteran hardcore sports talker paired with a tubby Howard Stern wannabe who spends half of his time not talking about sports was a good pairing? I thought they were awful together and I couldn’t imagine Jody sitting through all the dumb shit Innes goes on about.

  4. Come on, Hollis Thomas is a great guy but no one can understand a word he says and he has 0 personality.

    1. if you can’t understand someone and they have 0 personality, what is it about them that makes them a great guy?

  5. Spike has an absolutely terrible voice for radio. Great face for radio though.

    1. Yo brah

      Actually he had a funny line today about Foles looking like a drunk giraffe in the pocket.

  6. Good job, Nick. You scored the absolute worst shift in radio. Yay!

    I heard Hollis sitting in with Innes like a week ago and said basically nothing while Innes rants on and on and on so he’s perfect for what they’re looking for. I’ll be sticking with Bitchanelli in the afternoons.

    1. Aw, c’mon man. Sunday night 10-2 is a great shift. You get to host sports talk for all those people who work 3rd shift starting on Sunday night. That’s a great audience.

      You catch all them people who don’t know that is actually a great time slot for rock music with Dee Snider’s show on MMR and Little Steven’s show on MGK.

  7. Hollis is the worst radio voice ever. Still nervous, mumbles, uses “in the same sense” incorrectly about 60 times a shift. How the F did the dude even get a tryout?

    1. He got a tryout because WIP will throw any ex-eagle trash in to appeal to their moron “Dallas sucks” fan base. Bloom and Rayfield are star fuckers as well. They feel cool being around ex-jocks.

      Prepare yourself for the inevitable hiring of Kelce. That brown nosing piece of trash has WIP written all over him.

      1. Totally agreed. The last thing I want to hear is some mush-mouthed moron like Ike Reese or Hugh Douglas tell me some shit about a “player’s perspective”. The FUCK do I care about that?

  8. One can only hope Hollis brings this scintillating segment to the afternoons.

    There’s nothing quite like hearing somebody stammer/mumble their way through a list of boring items from a website every day.

  9. bro, now nick has deleted all tweets about his historic first Sunday night shift and changed back his profile, dropping the reference to WIP.

  10. I really wish they had someone with more baseball knowledge involved. I’d be interested to hear their take on how they think the Philies rebuilding process is going thus far. Also, do they think that Macphail will do a top to bottom house cleaning. I do think that the Hamels trade for the love of god someone plow me anally then provide me with a “strawberry shortcake” which is when a man jizzes on my face then punches me in the nose

    1. Peter Solomon touches me in my giggle places when my dad isn’t around. Tells me not to tell anyone or he will make me to the 10PM – 2AM time slot on Sunday nights.

  11. A Sixers fan boy and a giggling school girl can get a prime afternoon gig with an obese out of towner named Teats. But Jolly can’t get no love.

    What a world we live in.

    1. Jolly is a fat fucking loser. Shove your wasted UPenn degree into your fat fucking gullet and choke on it you waste of life.

  12. Don’t think I ever hated someone as much as mike miss. Turned him on for a second & hear him brother in lawing Steven A Smith putting down the Caucasian

    1. Missanelli is every self-hating Liberal in the US today. Any white male who votes Democrat either hates themselves, or their 1% union handlers tell them to.

  13. I am a former Eagle and two time congressman that left that cushy job. Quess management felt I go AWOL if things got tough.

  14. O.K., you’re in. The picture I showed Bloom of him and the three midgets at the last holiday party worked. Now, rip up the pictures you have of me with the two transvestites.

  15. A negro, a money-lender and a hillbilly. We’ve fallen very far from Bernie Herman.
    No one is as horrid as the execrable, Rob Ellis. Now, I must go indulge in some auto-
    eroticism. Where’s my ascot?

  16. This is a DREAM GIG for Hollis Thomas. He literally has to say nothing and get paid. Giggle from time to time and mention “big booty” once an hour.

    1. Well if this is a test run for a morning show gig how better to show you are the next Morganti than by sleeping through your shift.

    1. Could be interesting, Jolly and Innes could have a daily triglyceride count contest.

      Big Daddy is a fucking waste of air time with his collection of flunkies and losers, and his daughter’s pouch smells like an old pair of moccasins.

  17. Hollis Thomas has no business being on the radio anywhere at any time. Teh he he

    Spike wasn’t bad as a music DJ, but sports talk….No

    Innes sucks balls.

    And Kayal is doing a 10p to 2a shift on a Sunday night?? After he bitched about going an hour with no calls on 97.5? Get ready for 4 hours of no calls, Logo

  18. What !!!. There were auditions for a show, and I am not called? Going to call Stephen A. The content I bring about Wilt and my exploting the ladies is the stuff of legends.

    1. Yo chief you can do dat. I once hung up on Bob Costas on a live interview.

  19. Why was my post deleted? Because I called Innes a misfit rube? He is one. Looks like Kyle is afraid of him.

  20. just making sure, but you washed that tolly jersey 10 to 20 million times before wearing it right?

    also were my eagles tickets wrapped in that jersey when you got it? still looking for em

  21. In anyone else worried about what this means for Rob Charry???? Will someone please think about Rob!!!!! He always gets stuck with the dumb ex-athlete who is learning the radio ropes…something tells me that Koy Detmer is warming up his pipes (both the vocal kind and the pot kind).

  22. How about the time Wilt, Hal Leer, Bill Russell and I were playing at Freeways Golf Course in the early 60’s. Freeways was the only course in the area that allowed Blacks as it was Black-owned.

    After the round, PGA pro Bill Bishop, Ohhhhh, the best Black golfer ever. Better than Charlie Sifford, Lee Elder and Tiger introduced us to a ladies foursome. Well, after a few drinks, we took the ladies dancing and the four of us then pulled out our real clubs.

      1. Don’t you fucking hate when you turn on the macnow/didinger show too early and you accidentally hear sonny talking about “the best of all time” philly college players that went on to sell chryslers at gary barberas and drink themselves to death? Good times

        1. No correction needed. There is a former college played named Hal Leer that Sonny always mentions.

    1. Did I tell you Wilt was the first Black guy to live on Cobbs Creek Parkway?

    2. I was there too Sonny, I roofied those bitches so many times I was shocked that only one of them died from respiratory failure. On the bright side, only one hole to dig.

      1. Dr. Cosby…So good to hear from you man. Your welcomed into my living room anytime. Remember those liaisons with those female extras on the I Spy set? William, in those days you were so dashing, roofies never entered the picture with your romantic involvements. Next time your around, lets together with you, Guy Rogers, Walt Hazzard and THE BLADE…..Johnny Sample. Ouuuuuu. Did you know on the NY Jets in the 60’s, Namath was getting Johnny’s sloppy seconds.

  23. Well I for one am glad to hear that WIP has joined 97.5 in going green with all of these recycling efforts (Hey-OH!) If only Tom Byrne and Dan Schwartzman would show up on WIP and then Macnow can head over to 97.5 in a few weeks, then the circle would be complete.

  24. Hollis Thomas has a pretty sweet gig now as the chuckle-headed sidekick to a bloated manchild.

  25. These are the funniest comments I’ve read in a long time and 80% of them are dead on accurate. They’re even funnier than this Nick Kayal guy crowing about a night shift gig. haaaahaaahaaaaa. Has a host ever bragged about the 10-2 shift? That’s sidesplitting stuff right there. Get yours Nicky.

  26. Trainwreck radio. This three-headed monster will nose-dive in the ratings. Who the hell is Spike Eskin ? Hollis Thomas is a bore and a chore to listen to.

    Good luck, bros.

    1. Jody Mac is a “professional” broadcaster?
      Between his heavy-breathing, fake laugh and incessant use of ‘and the like.’ this Cancer carrier is the fucking worst. They all blow.

      1. Jody has been on air in NY and Philly for 25+years, he’s a professional. You might not like him, but he’s a pro. Like Cataldi and Bruno, neither is my cup of tea, but they know what they are doing, and know how to run a radio show.

  27. Went to training camp practice today….I think all of NE philly was there and some delco products…….reminded me of why i stay home for home games and attend some away games, it was hot so i guess people were cranky.

    My observations:
    1. Jordan Matthews is going to be a big time player in the NFL
    2.So will Nelson Agholor
    3. Kiko will make the pro bowl this year, smacked the shit out of agholor coming across the middle
    4. Tebow will make team, only because Barkley looks like ass and always has
    5. Secondary looks improved, not great, but better

    I realize it’s one practice during training camp, but just what i saw

  28. Enough with these clowns. Innes sucks royally. Spike Eskin sounds like he has a dried ball of mayonnaise rolling around in the back of his throat, and Hollis adds nothing except uncomfortable giggles and “tee hees.” Put Ray Diddy, Macnow and Howard on after Eagles games. Jeeeeez.

  29. If WIP wasn’t such a racist station and wanted real radio content then theys would hire myselfs G Cobb and Sonny Hill to do midafternoon that would allows G and I to hit the bar for lunch and get our drink on to fuel an entertainin show. Go ahead and ace us questions and we wills give you answers.

    1. Heey Coz??? “Do you still have those sofa cushions you stole from the lobby? I could really use them in my next pod cast.”

    2. What a reference. I’d stand and applaud if I didn’t have my penis in a pump. I’m hoping to actually try and fuck my girlfriend later.

  30. I didn’t even get a call (of course I do have to keep my phone turned off while I’m working at McDonalds).

  31. Spike Eskin sounds like he hasnt reached puberty yet. Jolly time radio sounds like a self centered ego waiting to pounce on some old dude who disagrees with him by talking 100 mph. I will give props to Ike Reese today having the cahonies to say this racism stuff against Kelly is made up by the press for good storylines. I personally think Howard Asskin would be a good match for Innes. Having two d@#ks fighting would be a nice sword fighting match every afternoon. Finally, I have been a fan of Angelos but I finally think his corny old fashioned creepy humor is now no longer entertaining.

    1. You just now realized Angelo is a creepy old man??? So you’re just half a moron I guess.

      1. Hey J-O , I was just making a point, calling me a moron is something you probably only do sitting on your flabby friggin ass waiting for mom to call you for dinner. Next time a real man bitch slaps you,remember what a wuss you are and run back to your keyboard,bitch

  32. Please tell me the Hollis rumor is not true. I would rather listen to Jodi Mac cough up a lung then have to listen to Hollis chuckle every 5 minutes. Keep Hollis limited to the weekend with the dead head.

    1. Hollis can only talk about one sport. They should have let him stay on weekend shift with Rob.

      1. I heard the least 10 minutes of the show today waiting for leading off to come on. Marc Farzetta was on with Hollis and Huckleberry Finn. Farzetta used to be good IMO but he has been around Innes too much. Innes was continuing to run this Chip Kelly and Boynkin subject right into the ground – it is over, most people know Kelly is very likely not a racist and it is now boring. He and Hollis also seemed to be testy there but it is so hard to understand what Hollis is saying.

  33. Yeah, this doesn’t sound like something that will work.

    I turned Mike Miss on today, and had to turn it off literally in less than 30 seconds. That smug, condescending jerkoff was talking down to some white guy, scolding him on whether he has the right to decide what can be considered racist.

    Sports-talk radio is quickly dying in this town.

    1. I have to agree a bit—I was a huge bruno fan w harry mayes–although I liked other people he was partnered w-Jody mac-b west-baldy Eytan—mid day is unlisten able now with Rob Ellis–he totally killed the fun vibe on that show -now afternoon drive on either stationand is about to become that—morning has been unlistenable —I will say I think wip missed the boat w tony bruno–I think he left w class but really was unhappy–I would have offered him a different day part–or moved innes back to nights until the inevitable happens and he takes over mornings—I will say if this is the new show I think neither wip or 975 will be number one in male 25-40

    2. Keep voting Democrat, you are putting people just like Missanelli in power, weakening the country, and making it that much harder for your kids. Its people like him that need to be thrown the hell out.

  34. It’s amazing to me that these bozos think they found the Holy Grail in Innes. Seriously, he’s the centerpiece that they want to build around and this team will migrate to mornings post-Cataldi? Absolutely pathetic at so many levels.

  35. Innes is absolutely dreadful to listen to. I can’t see how anybody would want to listen to that guy. He talks about himself more than sports.

    If you can get the WFAN on Francesa, will give you great sports radio talk, even if its New York based. He talks a ton of national stuff anyway.

    Missanelli isn’t perfect, but he’s still a millions times better than the clowns on WIP.

    When in doubt just listen to the air with your windows down or an audiobook instead of Innes.

  36. Does this mean I can listen to Rob Charry again on Saturdays?

    New Cha-Cha-Cha-Charry Coke!

  37. Sean Brace was the worst and now works at Build A Bear in King of Prussia Mall.

    nick Kayal applied and told brace he can’t close the build A Bear workshop on Sunday’s cause he has a 10-2 am shift.

    Nick Kayal is a total prick and completely sucks on air. Kayal rips mikeymiss during a guest appearance. Where do you get the balls to bury mikeymiss miss? I hope I never hear you on radio again Kayal.

    Rob Ellis has ruined the midday on 97.5. He is a total douchebag and Harry sucks now as a result. I hope Ellis is not on during football season. Need baldy back. Baldy is the Best.

    WIP needs to put barkann in the hopper for good. Innes is the worst…I just never listen to him. WIP is off my dial after 10 am. This town deserves better.

  38. The complete lack of talent on Philly sports talk radio is going to make my head explode. Innes is just awful. Hollis is a dumb ex-jock, a racist, who knows nothing beyond football. He’s unlistenable. Probably a Hugh Douglas move in his future. You can just see this Innes lineup failing miserably. The Cuz is unlistenable. He’s completely different from when he has a national gig. He’s a fraud. MM can only talk about Roadhouse and mob movies. I spent 3 months listening to MM talk about how we had to have Mariotta. Harry and Tony were the only two I listened to and Tony effed that up. And when I try and get to sleep listening to a little sports talk, I end of with Eyton. A guy that sounds like an obnoxious Peter Griffin from Family Guy. You could add both stations together and not come up with a workable line-up. How does this happen in a market the size of Philly?

    1. How is Hollis Thomas a racist? I have never heard or read anything about him making any kind of racist remarks.

    2. How do you figure that Tony effed up the situation with 97.5? He didn’t extend himself a low-ball offer for only 6 months.

      The station wanted him out. They planned on using him for football season, then cutting bait. Tony decided to go, because he didn’t need to endure the lack of respect. He deserved more than 97.5 was willing to offer. Like him or not, the guy is a pioneer that helped launch many radio ventures in his illustrious career.

      I don’t know if the podcast thing will ever bear fruit, but I can’t fault the guy for trying something new to him.

      1. Hey, don’t get me wrong. I like Tony. Sometimes, not everything is about the money. I thought he and Harry had a good thing going. Big picture, they were not really together that long. So where are you going to go….Clearly, WlP/YSP was a mistake. I’m not privy to his contract or rate of pay, maybe you are. But now he’s left both stations. I guess regular radio just isn’t for him anymore. Too bad. I enjoyed him as much as anyone on either station.

  39. What the fuck is Hollis Thomas doing on the radio? That morbidly obese shvoogie is
    incapable of saying anything interesting. Spike and Innes??? Eh, probably would suck, but Hollis is douche-chill radio. Stop the insanity. The pump won’t work cause the vandals took the handle. Fuck you, Rob Ellis.

  40. Hollis Thomas must be very talented at trashing Mikey Miss. Because I can’t see any other reason why he would get the gig.

  41. I thought the point was for WIP to beat the Fanatic? I don’t see how that trio would do that. Ricky Ricardo should inquire about a show on the MLB network because he knows nothing else about sports and baseball in this city isn’t really a hot topic, brotha.

    Hollis Thomas offers no sports knowledge outside of football, which is a positive, since, let’s face it, there is no other topic to talk about 12 months a year in this city but if that route worked, the Fanatic would have B West and Baldy on all year long too.

    Spike Eskin? Because the city needs more basketball talk on the airwaves.

    Nick Kayal bragging about getting the 10p-2a slot is like bragging about riding a moped…or even better, wearing crocs. I like that dude but nothing skews professionalism like raking your old employer/workmates over the coals like a sour teenage ex girlfriend.

    If Innes is so “good” let him go head to head with Missanelli and let’s see how it goes. WIP is dying to grab those football listeners with Hollis going into the season because Josh can’t talk at the same “know it all” level of the fans here. I’m not conceding that Mike can, but it helps having McManus, Sal Pal and others to come on and “break it down.”

    It’s unfortunate that this arms race is going this way…all we can hope for is a choice between two entertaining shows.

  42. Hollis Thomas has nothing on me… on me…. on me…. on me… on me… on me… on me.
    (climbing chair… positioning rope)

  43. I actually used to like Kayal because he was the only one who would actually talk sports and know what he was talking about. This whole thing is just making him look like a baby back bitch. very bitter. and a 10-2 shift on WIP is nothing to be proud of…enjoy those 2 callers per show and 13$ an hour.

  44. Kayal is not going to find someone to hire him. He trashed his last station, when he thought he may get a good job. Then does not get it and essentially screwed himself.
    That Sunday shift he may be lucky to get one caller total.

  45. I can’t wait to call in sunday night to talk WWE and Alabama football with the Logo. Roll damn tide. #beastmode

  46. Gotta say the comments are getting very entertaining and are much more interesting that the 2 sinking ship sports stations and their casts of mediocrity.

    Was at Eagles training camp and popped into Xfinity Live around 3pm and I see Tony Bruno and a guy with a NFL network shirt on having some beers. Then I realize the other guy was from DirectTV Sunday Ticket Red Zone Channel. Bruno was laughing a lot and seemed relaxed and happy to be away from the radio racket.

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