RADIO WARS: WIP Set to Announce New Afternoon Show As Early as Today


Sources tell us that WIP could be announcing their new Afternoon show as early as today. As we previously reported, the show will be a three-way of hosts with Josh Innes, Spike Eskin and Hollis Thomas taking the air from, we’re hearing, 2-6 every day. The Mike and Ike Show will most likely be extended an extra hour, until 2 p.m., to accommodate the change. The plan is for the show to start next week, possibly on Monday, August 17.

The maestro has been busy with other duties, but I swear I just heard strings rising in the air around me:


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  1. This is going to be a disaster. Josh Innes is a failure and will continue to fail.

      1. Ratings are stupid and unreliable. You don’t need to know much to know Innes is a loser. He’s an ugly person inside and out. A total failure who’s own dad hates him.

        Eventually Innes will get what he has coming to him. Maybe in the form of a Mike Miss punch.

        1. Yep, you’re right. Ratings don’t mean a thing. That’s why they exist. I bet they’re 100% wrong and Missanelli is winning. Brilliant take.

          1. Ratings do not dictate how good a show is. American idol ruled ratings for a decade whilst sucking profusely. If ratings were the end all be all, Angelo Cataldi would be considered a credible journalist/media member in this city and he’s not. He’s joke. An old tired joke.

            This show sounds like diarrhea. I have not listened to this station in weeks and don’t plan to except when Ray and Glen do their Saturday show. There is just no reason to turn it on….at all.

            1. sorry but by that logic…

              “well David Buchannan has great mechanics. I know his numbers aren’t the best but I really think he’s good so…”

              “It wasn’t the Cubs’ fault when that douche bag grabbed that foul ball either, but they still don’t get a World Series Ring. There are no asterisks in this life, only scoreboards” – Ari Gold

        2. Whether you like it or not, Innes has been killing it. Obviously, Bruno’s departure was a setback but adding Spike and Hollis brings in new listeners. I’m not thrilled about the addition of Hollis because he pretty much brings dogshit to the table, but Spike will be good add.

          1. Agree completely. Hollis Thomas is the worst. He has an awful voice and adds nothing to the conversation except for stuttering.

  2. I really don’t understand how WIP can continue to cycle through decent/good talent in the afternoon slot, yet at the same time roll out the horrible excuse for radio that is the Mike & Ike show. Now their getting an extra hour?

    1. Inflicting Mike and Ike another hour onto the public is like the fire bombing of civilians at Dresden.


  3. Took the time to post this but NO ratings for June and July. Source gone? Told to shut up? Why hasn’t Missanelli tweeted since July 10? Bob blows….literally

    1. It’s kinda hard to do a radio wars series and not have the ratings. Isn’t that the war…ratings? Regardless if ratings are BS or not we should know especially since the shakeup at WIP . Another hour of Mike and Ike is torture.

      1. One sided ratings when they favor Kyle, for the 2,000 idiots who still use a people meter

  4. Thanks Jim.

    Already saw this on Appreciate the cut/paste/plagiarism

    Hard hitting and informative by you!

  5. What are the suits at WIP thinking.This show will tank and be horrible.How long before Innes gets annoyed at Hollis’s Hee Hee laughs every 20 mins.You had some good talent out there and this is what you come up with?That is 8 hrs of Ike Reese and Hollis Thomas…Who the hell wants that….Guess that Sirius subscription will pay off now

  6. “Sources tell us….” That cracks me up every time. No one told you anything. You read it on while taking a midday shit like the rest of us. Get over yourself.

      1. Where are the June and July ratings? Why suck people in with articles about radio wars and RATINGS and then say last month “as we take a break from these radio wars” what’s going on Kyle? Why don’t you address the issue? Why hasn’t Missanelli tweeted in over a month? Why has Innes all of a sudden shut up on Twitter anout Missanelli? No sources or did he retire along with Ms Robin. Have you been told to back off? Tell your readers

      2. Kyle,

        All the issues with ratings for 97.5 do you think their PD Matt Nahigian’s job is on the line.Clearly the morning show is not what they thought it would be.Marks seems lost by Gargano’s dominating presence on the air and hell even MCW gets mre air time than Jon.

        1. As if Jon Marks was ever found.

          Kid should be selling 2×4’s at Home Depot.

  7. It’s clear what WIP has done here. Pure genius move by Bloom. They have covered 3 key demographics with this new lineup:

    Hollis Thomas will get the black listeners, Spike Eskin will bring in all the fantasy/stat geek/WWE listeners and Innes will bring in the rest of the hooligan listeners.

    WIP knows exactly what they are doing and it will show in the ratings. 97.5 is in trouble.

    1. Now.if only they could add Paul Jolovitz to appeal to the gay listeners. …not sure who they are but I’m sure ok ok it’s me!

  8. C’mon bro this is what you pout up against me? Another Eskin’s ass I can kick,an ex Eagle with tats and shit in his face and old lard ass himself.. I can do general knowledge all day long and still beat these guys #WINNING

  9. actually out of all these idiots I actually prefer Brian Haddad. He doesn’t take himself too serious and takes a breathe every now and then unlike innes who talks more than most females.

  10. Just got GREAT deal on disney world vacation. All I had to do was dress up like an ex marine and I got discount tickets on the parks and hotel! I may never take this camo off every where I go I get discounts just for being ex military. Don’t tell them I’m not though! I get all of the benefits with none of the PTSD love it!

  11. The extra hour for Mike and Ike explains why they kept joking recently about how their show needs an extra hour… also, I think it explains why they announced on their show that they have been #1 in the ratings (I’m not sure I had ever heard them talk about ratings before)

    1. You seeing a pattern here?

      Any show that competes with Rob Ellis ends up #1 in the ratings? Zzzzzzzzz.

  12. WIP needs to also cleanse the station of that Big Daddy Graham. He knows next to nothing about sports and plugs his comedy shows and daughter every 20 minutes. Does he pay WIP to advertise his own shit on their station? Give a younger guy a shot on doing the overnight show.

    1. Ok tonight we’re talking about the Phillies but I wanna hear whats your top 5 movies that you thought were good at first then you watched it again and thought “ehhh I don’t know…how much I like this movie!” Then at 3:20 I’m going to talk about how its really hard not to use a cell phone if even for just one day. Finally at 4:15 we’re going to talk about how I’ve been having trouble sleeping even with a sleep aid.

      Don’t forget my daughter Ava has quizzo tonight at Chickie’s and Pete’s in south philly. Also me and Conklin are doing a show about my dad down in in Sea Isle City. If you’ve never been down there well its worth going to even without my show. Friendly people I just love it down there. If you go to you can listen to my podcast live I’m doing the top 10 Led Zeppelin songs part 2 and who doesn’t love Zeppelin? You don’t have to listen to it live since it is a podcast, but its fun to listen to live. Also I’m doing an event down in Pitman for the Alzheimer’s Association tickets are $15 you can buy them on its a great cause and its just loads of fun.

  13. Disaster written all over it. The older demographic doesn’t want to hear Spike talk basketball, Hollis laugh and Josh anyway. Bruno roped me in but now it’s the lesser of two evils and I actually give the nod to least there will be local sports talk going on.

    1. And how is Mike & Ike #1 in ratings? The next time they “critique” a local team/player or coach will be the first time. I’d rather not listen to sports talk during 10-2 than listen to them.

  14. Yo Bo

    Check my ratings, I had 10 listeners last month. 7 from South Philly and 3 from Washington Twp

    That’s Awesome!

  15. Obviously, it is Bloom’s way of commemorating the 70th anniverary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by dropping two more bombs on us.

  16. I wouldn’t even have secks with Josh Innes for a free case of craft beer.

    1. Did you get your new edition of Weekly Reader yet. This weeks issue is devoted to bunny rabbits

  17. Hollis Thomas is complete garbage. He offers absolutely nothing. Anyone else have that issue?

    1. I do love him butchering names on his “This Day in History” segments with an exasperated-sounding Rob Charry. Radio Gold !

    2. Yes. He is the worst. How can anyone enjoy listening to his stuttering and monotone voice? This day in history??? It’s written in most newspapers on a daily basis, therefore not creative. And when he is asked about some of the events, he doesn’t know anything more than the sentence he copied from he NY Times.

    3. That is why Thomas is on the program. To chuckle and mumble something every blue moon.

  18. I am curious how Spike Eskin is going to be a part of the show since he is the PD. I am pretty sure wip is a union house and I think it is against the union’s agreement for management to do a regular shift.

    1. WIP dissolved the union and few months back. No more union. That’s why their producers now can talk on the air. Innes also fought with Rob Charry, the union head, from what I read and heard on air, on a continual basis. Charry might be on his way out as well. He hasn’t been on the last few weeks.

      1. They have keep him around. He is actually one of the more intelligent hosts on station.

      2. I stopped listening to WIP during the week. Does old man Eskin have pictures of the top brass fucking goats or something? “Spike” is a fucking obnoxious twit, and he was planning to take that slot from the start. I actually liked listening to Hollis on the weekends, but paired with that fat pantload, he’s doomed.

        1. “I actually liked listening to Hollis”????!!!! That was the dumbest comment I’ve ever read on this site.

  19. two JUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus and a spook…good luck with that fuckers.

  20. To my listening audience,

    Sorry to interupt the War discussions, but I need to make a request. I know you in the listening audience cannot stand being away from me for the six days I am not on the air. But please do not call me during the week. You are tying up my phone line and the important people in sports, both past and present, cannot get a hold of me. Bill Russell kept getting busy signals and Elgin Baylor ran out of nickels calling from a pay phone. Send me a letter to my P.O. on Osage Ave and I will respond in 3 to 4 months. Please include a self addressed stamped envelope.

  21. So they are knocking an hour off of Josh’s show? Maybe the show is not doing so great without Tony Bruno and having 3 hosts instead of two (one of them being the PD) is kind of strange. Hollis, when he does talk, is very hard to understand with the way he mumbles and mispronounces things and Spike Eskin is annoying. I don’t see this being a big ratings grabber. I never listen to Mike and Ike so I don’t care about when they are on.

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  23. Why the hell does a grown man refer to himself as “Spike?” Are you a dog or something?

  24. Love that Josh Innes needs a team of 4 to compete with Bitchanelli…..what a punk!

    cue the Hollis laugh: hehehehehehehehe….I just work here.

  25. Don’t get the 3 man team but hey its gotta be better than Mike miss and his white guilt shows or creating issues with eagles about a chair at practice. Haven’t listened to Josh since Tony left but I’ll give it a chance again

    And my god how is anyone shocked Mike and Ike are beating 97.5 middays. That show is the worst show they’ve ever had. First off its the same show everyday. “The 11 o’clock Harry is brought to you by….” “good call I’ll put you in the mix”. Rob ellis shows are where ears go to die. He has failed at every time slot he’s had but somehow gets new gigs as well as a tv show. Harry clearly isn’t interested at times especially when rob brings up Bradfords knee for the millionth time

  26. Innes is absolutely exhausting to listen to. He talks entirely too much and talks so fast that I was done with him over the summer. Dude gave me a friggin migraine. Havent even thought about turning on 94 lately. Adding Hollis + Spike certainly havent changed my mindset.

    Spike if he were on his own , maybe. Maybe.

  27. Pretty sure the show is gonna suck. It’s already went way down since tony left. I love the owner of my shop. I have no balls.

  28. This is terrible decision by WIP. 1st off, what an odd pairing. Josh will not mesh with 2 additional people Hollis has been stealing money from WIP for years. Probably a nice guy but all he does is laugh. Adds absolutely nothing. Tony and Josh was actually funny. This will be a train wreck and will fail misserably.

  29. Im relevant right guys? I have sources! I love game of thrones. Im totally relevant. Yep. Ok good.

  30. I checked out the announcement today and it’s obvious they are going to do a straight Stern clone. Bloom is Chiusano, Spike is a Gary/Fred combo, and Hollis is basically giggling John. It’ll easily beat Missanelli, because his show is just boring and tired. Just a shame this is the best there is in a major market.

    1. No no no pay attention! Stern show clone is in the am. Angelo is Stern. Rhea in a different studio like Robin. Al is Fred. Conklin is Jackie. Jonesie/Davis/Hollis are fill in the blank comics who came after Jackie! That formula made Angelo a millionaire and he’s never cared to look back.

      1. The great sports debate 2 was good! It was good! I’m smart! Not like everybody says… like dumb… I’m smart and I want respect!

  31. Why doesn’t ever use me? I feel so ignored. I just want to be touched.

  32. I’m curious why people like Innes. His show most of the time is about himself, it is one big ego trip. The other time is about bashing 97.5 and once in awhile sports.
    Thomas- mumble something then laugh a little.
    Eskin- His voice is like fingernails on a chalk board.
    Why were they hired, because they will not compete with Innes for air time. They just sit there chuckle and once in a blue moon are allowed to speak something.

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