UPDATE: Kirk Cousins Is the Redskins’ Starter

Photo credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Dianna Russini – a genuinely decent reporter (who was once a guest on our podcast and then had to bolt for a White House event) for whom Howard Eskin has a curious disdainreports that Kirk Cousins, not RGIII, will start in Week 1, this on the heels of a report that Dan Snyder won’t let the football operations people move on from his anointed, #brand-able quarterback.

We’re not even into the regular season yet and the Redskins are already a Google News delight:

Voila_Capture 2015-08-31_10-23-04_AM

One team down in the NFC East. How long until the Cowboys implode?

UPDATE: Haha. Tight end Niles Paul is wondering who’s leaking to Dianna:

Voila_Capture 2015-08-31_10-58-55_AM

Whoever smelt it, dealt it?


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  1. It was reported this weekend that RGIII wasn’t going to be ready for week 1… so yeah, makes sense that someone else is named starter..

    1. LMFAO RG3’s play is almost as bad as his acne and ridiculous hair. Glad to see him blown out of the NFL like his knee.

    2. Not one professional sports franchise wants to admit they fucked up on their overrated #1 draft pick. RG3 will just die on the vine and fade away.

    1. ok, but BIG PICTURE!!!! What do his dreads say to you? their sort of “urban” wouldn’t you say???

  2. Those plutocrat Snyders are going to start charging their brain-dead fans twenty-five cents an hour to breathe in that hell hole off the beltway. Speaking of brain dead…Bang!

  3. Very glad to hear it! That fuckin’ asshole Griffin is washed the fuck up! His supporters tried to blame his concussion on the offensive line, but this past game there were no sacks on Cousins or McCoy because they know how to get rid of the ball! Too bad they can’t get anything for him.

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