The Boy of Summer May Soon Be Gone


Yesterday, it was reported that Chase Utley – who has full 10 and 5 rights – would only approve a trade if he thinks he’s not going to ride the bench. Now, some offers have been made.

According to a report out of San Francisco, the Giants made an offer and are just waiting to hear back from the Phils. But they may not be the only ones. According to Todd Zolecki, “several teams have made offers for Utley, although no deal is imminent,” and the Angels, Cubs, Astros, and Yankees are in the mix. But with Utley’s no-trade rights, “if he prefers a particular team, he can steer the Phillies toward that team. If he does not like what he sees or hears, he can say no.”

I guess I’m going to actually have to watch that career best-of video now. Someone want to put it to this music?


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      1. The Mets can suck on my balls (according to most commenters here, I will like it). When you win 5 straight divisions, 2 straight pennants and a WS, come back and talk to us cupcake.

  1. I remember back in the summer of 2008, I got home early from a business trip and walked in on my wife getting Eiffel-Towered by a couple of big black guys. I was devastated, but then I talked to Chase at an appearance at the Plymouth Meeting Mall, and he told me to hang in there. It meant the world to me, and after that everything was ok. I even started joining in when my wife had big black guys over.

  2. My best descriptive term for Henly’s the Boys of Summer is: Haunting. If someone puts chase utley career highlights to that song after he gets traded, i may just break into full body cry-shakes.

  3. I got it. This is not a music site, but I’m taking Phil Collins slightly over Don Henley as greatest drummer/singer. Got anybody else?

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