There’s Always One: Guy Gets Cowboys 2015 Champions Tattoo


That’s a very prominent place to get a nice, inky mistake. At least the dude with the Sixers tattoo put it on his ass. This one makes a lot more sense there.

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48 Responses

    1. Judging by the earring , backwards hat, and general out of shapeness this guys makes less than 30k/year , is single, no college degree, alcoholic, smokes, has a shity apartment, shity car, and has shity friends.

      1. Shitty has two ‘t’ in it, don’t want you showing your ass in public over a one ‘t’ shitty.

        Also, I hope that guy makes less than 30k because I make less than 30k, went to college, have good friends and don’t have large hoop earrings and I don’t wear two black shirts for no reason.

  1. Did anyone point out that 2015 champions have already been determined. In February. Of 2015.

    1. This loser and his Bob-tastic tattoo were written about in August last year and again in January. Google is hard for Jim.

  2. 1) The picture literally has @Deadspin in it. It’s like you’re not even trying anymore.

    2) This story was stupid when it was written in JANUARY.

    Holy hell the post is actually worse than the tattoo, and that tattoo is fucking brutal.

  3. Epic Fail – he probably has those blue balls hanging from the back of his pickup truck as well!

  4. First off, that fuckin earring!!! I think my sister wore those in 1992

    And as Jim pointed out…..the tattoo makes zero sense. It should say Super Bowl Champs at least

    1. +1

      Probably from the upper most Borough of Syracuse, lovingly referred to as the Sixth Borough. Up there, you can find Yankees, Cowboys, Blackhawks, Heat, Cavaliers, and Alabama University fans. Geographically their fandom makes complete sense.

      1. It is University OF Alabama. When you talk about the best, get the name right. And I don’t want those bandwagon northeast fans. Get yourself a decent team where you’re from.

  5. He should of gotten it on his neck. Then he can confirm what we already know; That he’s gone as far as he wants to go in life and perfectly fine with that.

  6. Chip Kelly is racist & he just treats every black player like slaves? But hey let’s make fun of a hardcore cowboys fan, Sounds fair and balanced to me!
    BTW Jim, you are a years late with this post lol

    1. I agree man. That dude is so hardcore. Straight up Sabu-Sandman on WGTW 48 cane match hardcore. It’s a Philly thing, just go with it.

      1. I used to stay up on saturday nights waiting for it to come on when i was a little kid….I felt like it was always a crap shoot whether or not it would come on. It featured two matches at most and the rest was wrestler promo’s and them advertising their next events over Metallica or Alice in Chains music

        1. A sweet promo of skanky Kimona Wanalaya dancing while Joey Styles screams into the microphone shelling her VHS.

          1. “the night Kimona Wanalaya danced atop the ECW arena”

            Words are etched into my brain

            1. I used to go to the bingo hall. That night they had difficulties with the ring. And had to kill time for the main event. So they had her dance for like 10 to 15 minutes to distract fans while they fixed it. Still remember like it was yesterday

  7. I can just imagine Jim sitting around his apartment naked, with the window open (hipsters are against air conditioning) letting his cat tongue his balls, and scanning reddit and/or deadspin for an article to recycle

    Boy i wish i was there to get in on the action

    1. This comes off very Artie Lange-Eric The Midget. Is either still alive?

  8. You know this dude has prob a kid or two that had to go without milk for a few weeks so he could make payments on that tattoo.

  9. Time for a Crossng Broad sponsored “Radio Wars” tattoo contest? What could one get for getting Innes or Missanelli tattooed on themself?

  10. “Oh you have to use my artist. … artist is so good. Did I tell you about my artist?”

  11. PHOTO: Optimistic Cowboys fan gets ‘2015 World Champs’ tattoo
    By John Breech |
    August 13, 2014 7:03 pm ET


    This story can start eating solid foods and may start taking its first steps soon!

  12. Good God, Texas is making Mississippi look like New York city by comparison of rednecks.

  13. Very timely blog post, considering this dude’s tattoo photo has been floating around the Internet for a year.

    Can’t wait for your “WE LANDED ON THE MOON!” post later today.

  14. That’s almost as absurd as someone getting an Eagles 2015 champions tattoo.


  15. True Detective season 3 starring jim and kyle. hey guys this story is a year old!!! this picture is a year old!! do u guys even have google on those company macbook airs?

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