You Can Race Jordan Matthews and Learn About Chase Utley’s Body at the Franklin Institute

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Are you faster than Jordan Matthews and his 4.46 40-time? No, you aren’t. But you can see just how much faster Matthews as part of the Franklin Institute’s new permanent exhibit, SportsZone, opening in October.

SportsZone replaces the former Sports Challenge, which was 15-years old [editor’s note: and awesome], and gives you a chance to pull a hammy against some of the greats:

Athletes in Action, the exhibit’s centerpiece, will be a 40-foot long race challenge pairing the visitor against virtual competitors, including Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews, inline speed skater Brian Talley, and Paralympic medalists Tatyana McFadden and Richard Brown.

Additionally, the exhibit features Nerlens Noel and Chase Utley, maybe in a hair-swap and marble sculpture, respectively. In all, it sounds like Chip Kelly’s dream, with exhibits on “balancing daily energy needs based on activity level and basic physiology … investigating the best fluids to drink during exercise,” and more. There’s even something for Aaron Nola, “using slow-motion video to analyze and improve pitching technique by comparing it to Dewey LaRosa, pitching coach of the Taney Dragons.” We’re just worried about you, Aaron.


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  1. I was on 2nd and Market on Saturday and saw Josh and Reeah H. walking while holding hands toward Penn’s Landing.

    Anyone know if this thing has gotten serious?

    1. Jim Why must you bait me in with these headlines????

      Utleys body….. Mmmmmmmm why not mention his big thick C0CK????

  2. I’d like Chase and Jordan to shoot a mega-load in my spinchtre. I give great head. Ask Rob Ellis.

  3. ike reece said today he hates ex boxers as announcers because you can’t understand them .Boy if ever the black calling the black black holy shit.

    1. That’s great haha…….i actually love the ex-boxers with headsets. Lampley is so biased towards boxers on hbo contracts and Larry Merchant who finally retired, didn’t understand boxing at all….it’s funny because just last night i was watching a Hopkins fight against Antonio Tarver where Hopkins was putting on a clinic and Merchant says “wake me up when something happens” 10 seconds later Hopkins knocks Tarver on his ass….Roy Jones for HBO and Paulie Malinaagi on Showtime are excellent and provide great analysis better than any Ex-player in any sport

      1. Yeah nothing like reading a retard with zero fucking life hijacking every comment board

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