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Last night on Howard Eskin’s Sunday night sports show on FOX that is sorely in need of a John Clark to anchor the clumsy Eskin, the self-proclaimed king dismissed media nitwits who pointed to the Brandon Boykin trade in the wake of JaCorey’s Shepherd’s knee injury (which could sideline him for the entire season), this as he welcomed Eagles pitchman and shiny cueball Dave Spadaro to the program. I’m not sure how you can summarily dismiss the Boykin laments on a day when his apparent replacement – at a position that was already thin – goes down. Seems to me Boykin would be a lot more valuable to the Eagles than a conditional fifth-round draft pick. And though I hate to say it, trading him feels like again just a bit too much hubris from Chip Kelly.

Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

The Phillies are the best team in baseball since the all-star break and I’m not even sure how to react to that. And yet, they’re still the second-worst team in Major League Baseball, one win ahead of the Marlins. But Chase is smiling…

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… and every time he does, a little kitten purrs. And by kitten, I mean lady parts across the Delaware Valley. And my part. My part purrs, too.

Don’t give this Ronda Rousey t-shirt to your wives.

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FOX 29’s Alex Holley is a sexy single, but this guy already knew that:


Probably not the best photo choice for a guy who just died:

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The Cowboys and Greg Hardy got their banner to fly over Eagles camp. But Eagles’ fans planned banner never took off, not because the pilot crashed and died, but because another banner plane taking off from the same airport crashed, preventing the Eagles banner from ever getting off the ground.

Rio swimming events next summer will take place at 10 p.m. (and extend until after 12) Brazil time so they start 9 p.m. Eastern US time. Bob Costas must be thrilled, as am I. Swimming is the best event in the summer Olympics and it’s not even close. Having it happen live, in prime time, is fantastic.

Patrick Kane es finished:

New details are emerging about the time that Patrick Kane spent in a downtown Buffalo nightclub last weekend and the allegations made by a woman who claims that Kane raped her after meeting her in the club and taking her to his Town of Hamburg waterfront home.

Sources with knowledge of the investigation said that the young woman who has accused the hockey superstar of rape had bite marks on her shoulders and a scratch on her leg after the alleged attack.

The woman alleges that Kane invited her and a female friend to his home for a private party after they met him last Saturday night at SkyBar, a popular nightclub on Franklin Street, the sources said.

Shortly after she and her friend arrived at Kane’s home on Old Lakeshore Road, the accuser alleges that she went by herself into another room, where Kane followed her, overpowered her and raped her, the sources said.

Cord-cutting– one man’s experience.

Trick shot Jah:

The opening day of the Premier League was this weekend, and ratings were up 43% from last year.

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You know what else will become angry after eating this? Your intestines. For real, Buffalo Wild Wings sucks.

Some experts say Pope security measures excessive. YOU DON’T SAY!

Will Bunch lays into Mayor Nutter over #PopeProblems:

So far, the actual plan is a head scratcher. There’s some logic to closing train stations — certainly folks had long and unpleasant platform waits at the 2008 Phillies parade, the last comparable event — although most of the train riders I know are still thoroughly confused how this Pope plan actually will work. But closing the city’s main thoroughfares and so sharply curtailing traffic, including a walking mini-marathon across on the Ben Franklin Bridge, is a baffler, and so is the cascading shutdowns of area schools and colleges, a series of dominoes in a papal panic frenzy. (I’m sure Pope Francis would be delighted at all the educating that’s not happening in his name…actually, not.)


Liberty Broadcast


You know what to do.

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18 Responses

    1. He has been told to shut up about them and his source retired. No June ratings either. Gained God knows many new readers with radio wars and now stops what made his site busy. Chump

      1. How can they tell him not to post them? He runs the site, WIP doesn’t. They probably dropped since TB walked off.

        1. Kyle can be bought. Threatened to lose info/sources. Threatened to atop having mentioned on air like Rhea does occasionally. Or like another poster mentioned previously he might have lost his source. He has openly admittee to having sidebar contact with Brunos partner Ms Robin. That twat even asked him to not reveal stuff she “accidentally ” sent to Kyle and Kyle didn’t write about it. ….dude. if you get info post that $hit screw her. Bruno leaves rating info dried up. Detailed ratings info dried up. Someone who has knowledge was feeding him and who better than someone who stands to profit and stands to gain?

  1. When Chase was smiling at 2nd base yesterday, my man parts got haaard, big time. I then creamed my jorts and I shoved a carrot up my a$$. Mmmmmm!

  2. I need some other local Cowboy fans to help me out, I finally put a bathroom in my moms basement/my bedroom & need some man meat to test out the glory hole I installed.

    Cowboys fans only, no sheagles allowed!

    #westilldemboyz #dickzcumming

    1. I’m not a Cowboys fan, but will become one if you let me in that bathroom of your’s. Please!!! I need to test that glory hole out first hand. I’m the best at working the c0ck!!

  3. 1) This calls for a Greg Hardy wife beater banner

    2) Pope plans don’t make sense. I feel sorry for out-of-towners who bought hotel rooms with plans on taking the train and who have no idea there will be no tickets available and the stations will be closed.

  4. ♪♪♪ Daniel my lover you are hornier than me
    Do you still feel the pain of the herpes that won’t heal
    Your eyes have died but you see more than I
    Daniel you’re are hard in the face of a cumshot ♪♪♪

  5. This controversial new muscle builder takes the country by storm.
    What the bible says about money (fascinating)

  6. The pope plans are ridiculous, but it’s not Nutter’s call. The secret service is running the show.

    1. So if there was less security and something bad happened, you’d have know-nothings like Kylie and yourself bitching about the lack of security.

  7. The Cowboys are the best. 5 Super Bowls to the Eagles 0!

    NFC East Champs! And we won have won the Super Bowl but we got robbed by the NFL. Greg Hardy will explode Bradford, Sanchez and Tebow on a single play!

  8. Shouldn’t you change the “Culture wins football” shirt to read “Culture wins football games against below average teams only”.

  9. That banner the Cowboys fans paid for is the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen. “We still dem boyz”? what are you a 16 year old who can’t spell? Is that supposed to be intimidating? a dig at someone? I don’t get it.

    And the pope plans are just as dumb. We’re going to have an extra million+ people in the city, so let’s shut down EVERYTHING, that way everyone has to walk everywhere, including over the fuckin bridge, and can’t shop. This is why other cities think we’re a joke. Who the fuck is going to walk from the Jersey side all the way to the parkway? And leaving your car in Camden to do it? Brilliant all around.

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