Back When the Eagles-Cowboys Rivalry Really Meant Something to Players

The Eagles/Cowboys rivalry is one of the longest and most bad blood-filled rivalries in all of professional sports (though we can claim the “Bad Blood” singer as our own). When the Eagles acquired DeMarco Murray this offseason, it was a little pick at the rivalry’s wound, since players still don’t often end up playing for both teams (okay, maybe it’s not super uncommon). There’s an alternate universe out there where Troy Aikman came out of retirement to put on midnight green, but nowhere in the multi-verse did Seth Joyner or Barret Brooks ever wear the blue and white.

On Breakfast on Broad this morning, Seth Joyner was asked about what the upcoming Dallas game means to players:

“That is that game that you circle on the schedule … I’ve been retired since 1999, and I still hate the Cowboys. Still … You’ll never see me wear the combination of white, navy blue, and gray.

People don’t know, when I left Arizona, Jerry Jones called me. He was trying to recruit me to come play for the Cowboys. And I’m listening to what he’s saying, and in my mind I’m like, “you’re out of your mind if you think that I would ever put that star on the side of my head. Never.”

Jerry Bill Parcells also reached out to Barrett Brooks:

“He called me and it was like he was talking in Spanish or something. “Will you come down to Dallas?” What are you talking about? No, not gonna happen.”

Clip from Breakfast on Broad available after the jump.


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    1. Seth Joyner at 51 years old, looks like he can step onto the football field, and make more plays than Brandon Graham.

      Barrett Brooks on the other hand at 43 years of age, looks like he’s pregnant with twins.


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    1. I mean, to be fair he said Navy blue and he had a much lighter shade of blue on there. Jillian actually called him out on it and he clarified what he meant.

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  3. Ah, Missanelli makes an appearance on BOB….figures. I haven’t seen that many nobodys on TV since the Roast of Justin Beiber.

    1. He looked like someone’s grandmom with those awful glasses and the blouse he was wearing

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  10. Because of free agency, its the fans who understand these rivalries more then the players. Do you think Bradford hates the Cowboys? Do you think Ryan Matthews hates the Cowboys? It’s takes years to hate a division rival as the Eagles from Joyner’s era played on the same team every year and that is what drove that rivalry. Not is all hype by the media and fans.

  11. Stuart Smalley from SNL and Mikey Miss

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