DeMarco Murray Faces off with Ben Schwartz (Parks & Rec’s Jean-Ralphio) in the Fantasy Football Games

Last year, Nick Foles awkwardly donned a fake mustache and “surprised” fantasy football drafts for a video by Courtyard Marriott. This year they’ve moved on to a current Eagle, DeMarco Murray, and paired him up with Ben Schwartz – House of Lies, Parks and Recreation – for a couple of fantasy football challenges. There’s an acting challenge, an eating contest, and a contest to see who can snap five pencils in half first. That last one isn’t even close. Murray has comedic timing.

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28 Responses

  1. Crash landing! Crashing landing! Nope, it’s not a plane or a rocket. It’s Josh Innes’ ratings. PLOP. Down they go.

    Fat slob your days are numbered.

    1. Everyone knew since day one this would happen as soon as NFL season started. Innes is a fat clown from the Midwest who is a novelty and knows nothing about philly sports culture.

      1. Damn. So true. But Innes was interesting for a few months. My grandma knows more about the Eagles than he does though. But ur right as soon as the Eagles start they are all this city cares about. We don’t clown about the birds.

      2. Omg. Please. Josh Innes is the biggest thing in terrestrial radio today. He’s a breath of fresh air. And he’s really not that fat. Bitchanelli misjudged this areas interest in the NFL. Last time I checked the Phillies were the last team to bring us a championship.

  2. This was not even remotely funny. Whose idea was this? They should be beat with a rubber hose. Jim, why would you even post this rubbish?

  3. I ask all of you, what makes a man without balls? Having a pair of balls, preferably hairy, makes all the difference in the world. And they are good to suck on too.

  4. Answer me this on this Natalie Eggenoff:

    1. How can you have a smoke show on the radio?
    2. What is her sports background? Is she an announcer somewhere for a team?

  5. Having such a great night out tonight, guys. Problem is my bag is empty. Really need to keep this night going. Anyone selling coke on these boards? I feel like we are all such good friends. I love you guys

      1. Please if you wana score some dope I know a guy in old city. His name is Bruce. He’s 6’7″, blonde, gorgeous, and he’s got a big thick c0ck. Tell him u know me. He will get you disco shit for 2 and a quarter an 8 ball.

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