Lenny Dykstra Is a Giant D-bag: Exhibit 4-93WS.MVP

Photo: 97.5 The Fanatic
Photo: 97.5 The Fanatic

Lenny Dysktra is a scoundrel. This you know. But here’s just the latest example of his… scoundrel-ry?

From TMZ:

Convicted felon and legendary scumbag Lenny Dykstra has allegedly struck again … this time, he’s accused of stealing $50k in jewelry from Charlie Sheen’s porn star ex-fiancee… TMZ Sports has learned.

The woman pointing the finger is Brett Rossi — star of the critically acclaimed adult film, “Nice Shoes, Wanna F***?”

Rossi says earlier this year, Dykstra offered to help her sell several pieces of expensive jewelry she was looking to unload … including 2 Patek Philippe watches, a diamond emerald bracelet and one set of diamond earrings.

For some reason, she trusted the guy … but quickly had a change of heart when she realized she was TRUSTING LENNY DYKSTRA!!!

Long story short, Brett claims she asked for the stuff back — but Lenny only returned the earrings, which Rossi claims had been stripped of the REAL diamonds and replaced with FAKES. The ol’ switcheroo!!!!!

Seriously, what a villain. He stole diamonds from a porn star who used to date Charlie Sheen. That’s like one step above sucking off a homeless guy so he doesn’t dime on you after you rob a liquor store. Hey man, you saw nothing, ‘ight? Just enjoy it and forget I was ever here. Whoa! You ever think about doing movies? I know people.

I can also tell you on good authority that Dykstra was a GIANT pain in the ass to work with in the planning leading up to, and including the day of, the Philly Sports Roast with him and Mitch Williams. Dykstra was throwing out demands like a rockstar. More money, more hotel rooms, etc. There’s something on the roast.

Dude redefines the meaning of scumbag… but damn could he work the count.

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41 Responses

      1. Misery loves company.

        The photo of him last week with Teats + Pete The Crab , they may be the 3 biggest in Philadlephia which is saying a mouthful.

  1. Just went off on Jillian periscoping at 5:30 a.m. getting made up for her show. He said he had to un-follow her so he could get some sleep. It was a pretty good rant. Then she let him know that it wasn’t her, it was Sarah Baicker sending out the periscope notifications. #fallguy #funnyAF

    1. Of course you would you fucking Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
      She’s a beast…and a Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    2. Sarah Baicker is just plain annoying as I had to stop following her despite I’m a Flyers fan and she covers them.

      She is everything that is wrong with Twitter. I follow these people to hear about the team they cover, I don’t want to hear her constant ramblings about how big a Pearl Jam fan she is.

      And would ALL beat writers stop with the dumb sarcastic comments during games. They’re not funny and then it provokes even more unfunny remarks from your followers.

      1. it’s one thing to like a band but quite another thing entirely to mention it every fucking day. jesus. we know, we know, we know you love pearl jam, sb. stahp. no wonder i never married.

  2. Innes’ ratings are cratering. What a disaster. I wonder if he’s still hooking up with Reeah.

    1. I like Josh and all, but he is currently making talk of RGIII on the Eagles. It would NEVER EVER happen so why even entertain the talk of it then. I get that RGIII could run the read option but Bradford is Kelly’s guy.

      1. Wait. Sam Bradford is now Chip’s guy?

        Didn’t both stations, most specifically Missanelli, Cataldi, Innes, Mayes, Sal Pal and Shander spend five whole months harping that Mariota is Chip’s guy and the only guy to run this offense? #dothedeal

        So what if they bring up a pipe dream that is just as crazy as the Mariota talk? It beats discussing a stupid billboard on I-95 all day.

  3. There’s no way Innes makes it through football season. His ratings are sinking, his rabbi is unreliable, his bosses are looking to cut costs, everyone at the station despises him. You think the CBS Radio people want to keep an expensive pain in the ass around that can’t even win his timeslot?

    Fat slob go bye bye.

      1. No, you republican lunatic. Just a guy who knows that that fat slob won’t last.

        Nobody wants to listen to some man-titted out of towner scream into a megaphone, talk over updates and sing Luther Vandross songs. Today is umpteenth straight day trolling about Tebow.

        Innes sucks. Missanelli sucks. Innes is a fat slob, though.

        1. I like how your go-to insult is about someone’s political views, even though the topic had nothing to do with politics. That is grade-A insecure liberalism right there. Seriously, of all the insults you could have gone with, and you choose “republican lunatic.” You are a *Jim Carey voice* lahooooooooooser

            1. I don’t know what you are, nor do I care. My point was about the guy above using a political based insult. I was not trying to imply you are a republican.

              1. Yes. I was referring to the guy who originally called me a “Republican Lunatic” which is A) not true and B) as you said has absolutely nothing to do with the discussion.

  4. As much as we all loved that ’93 team, as they may have been more likeable then the ’08 team, it is all tainted now.

    You look at that team and most of them were probably roiding: Dykstra, Incaviglia, Daulton, Hollins, Danny Jackson, etc. Dykstra was the king of Steroids as he was a Platoon player for the Mets, and then bulks up 35 lbs and becomes a dominant CF for 5 years with the Phillies until his body started breaking down.

  5. See? Mickey Miss is fat too! Not just me! And who is that guy next to him? Lenny Dykstra? Who the HELL is that? I never saw him when I was growing up in Texas.

  6. Speaking of scumbags, who wrote this article? “Like sucking off a homeless guy so he doesn’t dime on you for robbing a liquor store?” Huh?

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