Outcoached, You Say? Watch Chip Kelly Run Basically the Same Play Four times in a Row

David Murphy and Rich Hoffman had a little pow-wow over at Philly.com in which both questioned Chip Kelly— one questioned his coaching abilities, the other his general managing abilities:

Dave: But I have to say, I think both Chip Kelly and Bill Davis got outcoached. Eight Atlanta starters were back from one of the worst defenses in the league and they looked damn good. That’s Dan Quinn, the new coach. With the Eagles, maybe it’s not the personnel.

Rich: I’m desperately trying not to jump to any conclusions, but when you look at the offensive line, I think it might be the personnel. You’re talking about Chip Kelly getting out-coached. When you look at that line, I think you’re going to find out if Chip Kelly got out-general-managed.

Maybe. But I’d argue that Atlanta was just extraordinarily amped up for the home crowd and new coach on Monday Night Football and caught the Eagles back on their heels a little bit, smelling themselves. Once the second half rolled around, it was a different story.

I put this in the Bird Droppings, but it’s worth calling out again. Watch the Eagle march down field and essentially score a touchdown (should’ve been challenged) running basically the same play four times in a row:

Voila_Capture 2015-09-17_11-18-48_AM Voila_Capture 2015-09-17_11-19-20_AM Voila_Capture 2015-09-17_11-21-03_AM Voila_Capture 2015-09-17_11-21-50_AM

It’s hard to tell from the stills, but all four consisted of the running back wheeling out to the left, Jordan Matthews cutting across the middle, and one of two options: 1) the tight end streaking down the slot, or 2) the tight end and secondary wide receiver running crossing routes. Four plays, 77 yards, touchdown. Outcoach this.


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  1. you cant lose a game by a fieldgoal on the road, on Monday Night Football and say the guy was out coached and out general managed. that gield goal is good and the entire narrative is flipped this week.

    1. That field goal is good, the Eagles go up by 1, the Falcons have plenty of time left on the clock, Matt Ryan and Julio Jones play catch down the field, Matt Bryant kicks a field goal from anywhere inside 55 yards (assuming Julio Jones doesn’t just march into the end zone with Byron Maxwell’s burnt body in tow), Eagles still lose the game.

  2. I don’t think the home crowd argument holds any weight. In fact, I was at the game and couldn’t believe we didn’t start hotter with 40-45% of the crowd. There were plenty of LOUD boos for ATL and cheers for Philly…it was in no way a loud dome except when it was 20-3 and at the final play.

  3. Who has time to watch the coach’s tape? I just got my ‘brownie’s gone wild’ DVD. These chicks are so fucking hot.

    1. I just got my Altar Boys of Philadelphia Gone Wild Blu-Ray. I can’t wait for my Cub Scouts Gone Wild Blu-Ray to show up next week.

        1. So fucking hot. The younger the better. Can’t wait till I am in Philly next week. There are a few new altar boys from St. Matts I can’t wait to meet.

  4. every db with a tape recorder has a hardon for Chip Kelly, so no matter what he does, or what the Eagles do, they are going to rip him. F’ them. One game does not define a coach, a GM, or a season. Eagles spank the Cowboys on Sunday and we are right where we need to be.

  5. His Oregon offense was usually 3 plays being run at one time: WR screen, triangle route from the receivers on the other side all coming off a zone read. This enabled a guy like Mariota to line up the offense and look at the defense and see what matchup he thought was the best advantage while the offensive line blocked the same way every time. It’s not like this at the NFL level with Chip per se, but the guy seriously has like 15 different plays….that’s it. He usually sticks with what’s working until the Defense take it away, hence all the crossing routes and throws to receivers out of the backfield in that 2nd half

  6. Where’s your tool bag neighbor, Kyle, with the Fantasy Update? I’m really counting on his hot take and kickoff is only 3 hours away.

    Is he working on a Crosswalk article, perhaps?

  7. So Joe you know me, I love nothing more then breaking down the film! Joe, I’ve spent 43 years around this fine league and I can tell you when I sat down and broke down the film I saw a lot. Guys these day Joe got their tablets and laptops but I remember coach calling me at midnight saying “hey jaworski I I got some film for you to watch now” and I said coach it’s midnight but joe coach vermile didn’t care and I would sit down there and break down the film and go over the X’s and O’s. And joe this was actually film! Not like what the guys today have Joe!

  8. Tony Romo is an elite qb. he makes wr’s look better then they are. Miles Austin tearing the league up? How about Laurent Robinson?

    get open – he will find you, just as he did with the last two I mentioned.

    We Dem Boys!!!!!

  9. From what I have read and heard, Quinn was basically running a more vanilla version of 3 deep zone Seattle ran. More vanilla in that less matchup zone techniques Seattle uses to confuse teams as to whether they were in man or zone, and whether there is safety or LB help on certain routes. And obviously with a huge step down in talent on Atlanta.

    Atlanta Def game plan seemed to stack the box with 7 to take away the run and then don’t give up long passes. Force the Eagles to throw short, short, short all night. That’s probably the way to go to attack this offense. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more teams copy a 3 deep zone/stack the box strategy. The guards seem to be a mess at the moment, so they may struggle early vs confusing 7-man boxes against the run. And with no gamebreaking deep threats, the field is going to shrink vertically. And then force Bradford and the WRs to beat on probable long drives with lots of short passes, figuring at some point you get pressure to force a sack or mistake to disrupt drives.

    1. This is all absolutely correct. Chip took what the defense gave him, shallow underneath routes where players had to make plays after the catch. People bitching about him giving up on the run are nitwits who don’t understand why they stopped….not only were the guards and pretty much the entire o-line out of sync but there were also 7-8 defenders coming up and attacking the run…they got back in the game and everyone is bitching they didn’t do it by running the ball, Looking at you Ike Reeese you dummy!

      1. They are an injury to Peters, Kelce, or Johnson away from the O-line being a possible disaster. Last year with veteran (granted underperforming veterans) guards Herremans and Mathis, they could get by with some injuries on the line. But you saw in the SF game last year with 3 or 4 starters out how bad the O-line played. Well they are really coming into this year with 2 backups at Guard already forced into playing only because they have no one on the roster who is better.

        Still mystifying to me that they didn’t sign a veteran Guard or spend a pick in the top 3 rounds on one who could step in and play right away after investing all that money in Murray and Mathews (and Bradford and his creaky knee for that matter too). I’m fine letting Mathis go if you didn’t think he could play any more and he had an awful game vs KC last night, which sort of underscores that point. But then you have to have a better answer. You built an entire offense around downhill runners and now you have a line on the interior that is sub par right now. And none of this is surprising unless you thought Barbre and Gardner would suddenly blossom into good players with some magic sports science pixie dust. It’s not like these are developing young players who are just raw at the moment. They are what they are. Gardner is in season 6 of his career and Barbre is in season 4. Justifiably career backup journeymen…until this year.

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