Philly is eating itself again.

Like the Sandworm in Beetlejuice that appeared to have already ingested itself, the Philly media went on some Inception-level shit today, criticizing each other on the air (apparently) and Twitter over questions asked (or not asked) at a mid-week press conference.

First up, Josh Innes “bashed” Eagles beat writers for asking easy questions at Eagles pressers – I kind of agree, but the person who asked Chip about the S-8 Mini deserves a frigging raise – to which Les Bowen replied, on Twitter:

Voila_Capture 2015-09-17_04-22-50_PM

Innes’ sidekick, Spike, followed up with a well-researched, but mostly unnecessary, Tweet containing links to some of Les’s’s’s’s complaints about sports talk radio… which I’m guessing weren’t hard to find because, well, salty Les could complain about the buoyancy of floats at an all-inclusive. A brief back-and-forth ensued:

Voila_Capture 2015-09-17_06-00-22_PM

Cool, guys.

Big fat guy Jimmy Kempski hopped into the fray, or, more appropriately, used the opportunity to Twitterarically punch Innes:

We’d call it a day at this point, but, on his show, Mike Missanelli also leapt on the beat-bashing train with Innes (that must’ve been a fun ride), which led to his arch-enemy, David Murphy, firing off his own grammatical Nerf gun:

Will Mike and Josh cross the aisle to fight for the greater good? Doubtful.

And finallllllly, on a somewhat unrelated note, Tim Panaccio last night took this bitchy dig at former Flyers beat writer and Organization reporter Anthony San Filippo:

Having spoken to Anthony, I can confirm that he does at least sound like Christie.

Anyway, that’s your #mediaminute. We’re all adults here. Or something.