RADIOBEATWRITERWARS: David Murphy, Les Bowen and Jimmy Kempski Shoot Rubber Bullets at Mike Missanelli, Josh Innes, and His Sidekick Spike Eskin

Philly is eating itself again.

Like the Sandworm in Beetlejuice that appeared to have already ingested itself, the Philly media went on some Inception-level shit today, criticizing each other on the air (apparently) and Twitter over questions asked (or not asked) at a mid-week press conference.

First up, Josh Innes “bashed” Eagles beat writers for asking easy questions at Eagles pressers – I kind of agree, but the person who asked Chip about the S-8 Mini deserves a frigging raise – to which Les Bowen replied, on Twitter:

Voila_Capture 2015-09-17_04-22-50_PM

Innes’ sidekick, Spike, followed up with a well-researched, but mostly unnecessary, Tweet containing links to some of Les’s’s’s’s complaints about sports talk radio… which I’m guessing weren’t hard to find because, well, salty Les could complain about the buoyancy of floats at an all-inclusive. A brief back-and-forth ensued:

Voila_Capture 2015-09-17_06-00-22_PM

Cool, guys.

Big fat guy Jimmy Kempski hopped into the fray, or, more appropriately, used the opportunity to Twitterarically punch Innes:

We’d call it a day at this point, but, on his show, Mike Missanelli also leapt on the beat-bashing train with Innes (that must’ve been a fun ride), which led to his arch-enemy, David Murphy, firing off his own grammatical Nerf gun:

Will Mike and Josh cross the aisle to fight for the greater good? Doubtful.

And finallllllly, on a somewhat unrelated note, Tim Panaccio last night took this bitchy dig at former Flyers beat writer and Organization reporter Anthony San Filippo:

Having spoken to Anthony, I can confirm that he does at least sound like Christie.

Anyway, that’s your #mediaminute. We’re all adults here. Or something.


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    1. On another topic, watching Chiefs’ outside linebackers Justin Houston and Tamba Ali, as well as Broncos’ outside linebackers DeMarcus Ware and Vaugh Miller wreak havoc makes me realize just how much the Eagles’ outside linebackers(Connor Barwin Brandon Graham Marcus Smith) suck.

      Thanks Chip!

      1. Chips worst offseason move was not firing billy Davis after that dope cost him the playoffs last season

    2. Cataldi’s wife clearly married him for his money. And the beautiful Gale is nothing better than a solid 4. As for Rhea, she has had three husbands, who have all dumped her ugly ass because of her smoking and unwillingness to cook. Rhea at best is a solid 3.

  1. Talk show host cannot be beat writers because facts would get in the way of their thought provoking (sarcasm) opinions

    1. I know many on here detest Innes, but he was spot on yesterday with his criticism of the local media. The questions that were asked were layups. I don’t understand how the media can be critical of Chip’s unwillingness to be more forthcoming yet when they have the chance to ask hard hitting questions, they toss him meatballs instead.

  2. Innes is a fat no-talent. Les is a journeyman hack. Spike is a lesser talent than his sycophantic horrible father, Mike miss is a pompous condescending poseur. Tim Panaccio touches children inappropriatly and Kyle Scott Schiller for slumlords. Fuck you all.

  3. I’m so tired of Spike Eskin, Aka The human coat tail rider, ruining Philly radio. Seriously, what does he bring/offer to the program? His phony laugh that comes out after every Innes joke? He clearly made his career by being Howard’s son, NOT by being a credible radio personality. He is AWFUL!!!! He rides his dad’s coat tail to job after job in Philly. Now he sees a program with good ratings and had to weasel that radio face of his into the middle of it. He does have a face for radio though. His opinions on sports are laughable.

  4. I think my least favorite of Kyle’s bits is when he adds a bunch of letters onto the end of someone’s name. He did it up toward the top with the “Les’s’s’s’s” nonsense. I like this site and in general I think Kyle is funny, but man that bit is a flop every freakin time.

  5. Spike Eskin is horrific, Hollis Thomas makes me cringe, and Innes is a buffoon. Mikey Miss is a blowhard although his interviews and some of his segments are tolerable. The beat writers? Horrid. Many of them write like they failed high school and they decide to have a pissing contest with people who are bad at their jobs as well?

  6. To cap it all off, there is a loser who follows the day-to-day life of these guys and documents it all online.

  7. I was just checking out the calendar girls on Preston and Steve’s Facebook but for distracted by how hot Kathy is. My god.

    1. Kathy may have the best rack of any media personality in the city outside of maybe Dawn Timmeney or Meisha Johnson. They have to be at least large D cups.

  8. Afternoon
    Innes – An unbelievable talentless fat slob of a hack that is an insult to humanity, let alone Philly sports radio. If you ever wondered what happened if that dopey fat kid from high school was allowed to talk on the radio, well, here’s your chance. Hollis and Spike bring nothing to do the table. F
    Miss – Over a decade removed from his prime, this stale can of hair dye is still doing his show from the 90’s, allbeit a lazy version of it. Too often veers into politics and culture, always without perspective. Sports takes are fine. Personality is smug and detestable. Sad that he tries to act 3 decades younger than he is. Sidekick Martinez is a useless lapdog. D+

  9. Finally figured it out. Kyle is jealous of Spike Eskin, that’s why he’s so much more critical of 94 than 97.5. He hates that another effeminate, skinny jean wearing douche has a mainstream media job and he doesn’t. Guarantee that Scott feels he could do a much better job and probably thinks Spike Eskin only got his job because of his dad. Pure and simple jealousy. He sees a lot of himself in Spike (have fun with that one) and sees him getting mainstream acceptance while people still look at him as a ‘blogger’

  10. Funny how Jimmy Kempski said Innes is an idiot who doesn’t know what he’s talking about when Kempski himself can’t write a real article. Seriously he draws stupid ass stick figures. I don’t know how that loser has a job.

  11. Missanelli is definitely the biggest blowhard when it comes to criticizing press conference questions and followups. Andy Reid tore him a new Ahole the one time little Mikey actually did attend a presser a few years back. Reid suggested that Mikey might benefit from attending a practice before trying to analyze the merits of a particular play call during a game. With minimal knowledge and work ethic, Mikey is the classic Monday morning quarterback. Regarding innes and spike, they’re better suited to DJ middle school cafeteria food fights. Neither one has any business talking about sports.

  12. Sometimes I listed to WIP just to see if Hollis can complete one sentence without stuttering. Never happens

    1. well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, nevermind……

  13. innes had bennie logan on the other day and asked the same question 3 in 3 different ways

    1. how did the dline adjust to matt ryan to get pressure?
    2. how did the defense adjust to matt ryan to get pressure?
    3. do you think the max protection had anything to do with a lack of pressure from the dline?

    really put some thought into those

  14. How does Spike Eskin have a job in radio. He knows nothing and is just annoying at this point. He will be the reason Josh goes down to Miss.

    He was the best Bloom could find? Really?

  15. Panaccio definitly has a face for Radio.

    Would like to See Sarah Bacikers Funbags though

    And seriously what the fuck does Brett Eskin bring to the radio, he hasn’t spoken all the years before they put in there to try and control Fat Boy

    1. Agreed. Would love to see Sarah Baicker’s funbags. Her face is nothing great, but it looks like she has big c cups and a nice ass to go with it.

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