More Evidence That the Force May Be with Monday Night Football

So many puns, I have.

The lack of the interwebs’ faith in this story is disturbing. Never tell me the odds, and though I’ve never seen anything to make me believe the all powerful force that is Disney would intrude upon the sanctity of Monday Night Football, those rebels on Reddit may have found the plans for the supposed Star Wars-themed takeover of the transmission:

Voila_Capture 2015-10-16_01-19-23_PM

So I just had this pop up on my ESPN fantasy football app. Seems like ESPN is integrating Starwars branding. Interesting to say the least considering MNF is ran by ESPN. Just something to keep an eye on..

What an incredible screen they’ve discovered!

Reddit does have its moments. Not many. But they have them.

UPDATE: Trailer pretty much confirmed to air during Monday Night Football.


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      1. total waste of time fantasy sports. so much better things to do. Now if you will excuse me …I have to go chloroform this Real Doll.

    1. I actually agree with the butt mongrel… What does this have to do with anything? Unless T.O. is gonna be in the locker room with princess leia, and she drops her towel, this is nothing to make a big deal about. Fuck, 3 times to get this approved.

  1. Hey Jillian Mele…hit me up later. I will show you what it’a like to have a good time. Just ask Ava Graham

  2. I’ve figured out a few things about sports these last few days and I am done with it. Since social media runs the world and has infiltrated sports with liberal shit, I am done with it. Utley slide bad; Bautista bat flip good; fantasy football 24/7;baseball=lantin americas’ game, etc.

    Have at it, liberals. You fucked up the rest of the country with politics. Now you did it with sports. I’m done. No more fight in me to argue anymore.

  3. Horrible fucking site, Kyle. Derivative and dull. Fuck you.

  4. Since you’re to dumb and/or lazy to figure out the star wars to mnf connection, I’ll do it for you. Disney owns ESPN and Star Wars. Wasn’t so tough to figure out. 5 seconds of research wouldn’t hurt.

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