Now Giants Fans Are Going After Chase Utley

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San Francisco Giants fans have nothing better to do this October since they’re not rooting their team on to their 38th consecutive World Series title. So, sure, why not go after Chase Utley for the most routine play in the history of baseball, which just happened to end Gregor Blanco’s season.

Here’s the guy from the McChovey Chronicles, whom I’m guessing didn’t have a local stabbing to blog about today:

I’ve watched it about 50 times now, and I keep waiting to see something different, some nuance that would explain why Utley would move his right leg but not his left, but I’m pretty sure he was trying to prevent Blanco from reaching the bag by any means necessary. The ball hit Blanco in the butt, but Utley didn’t know it was going to do that. He thought he was going to catch the ball, and if Blanco mysteriously ended up a half-inch short of the bag, well, bully for the Dodgers. If Blanco’s head mysteriously hit Utley’s knee, that’s baseball for you! Can’t predict baseball.

Did Utley do it on purpose? After watching the GIF 50 more times, I have no idea. He wasn’t trying to get in front of the ball, so maybe he was just positioning himself better to make the catch? Or maybe he has a head-seeking knee.

This is the play in question, where Chase does the thing that literally every other fielder does on every tag play:

Hang him. He’s too dangerous for our civilized society. Ain’t that right, Jack?

Voila_Capture 2015-10-14_03-12-42_PM

Yes it is! Oh yes it is right! Yes it is!!! Oh yes yes yes! Yes it is!

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  1. personally, I think he was just trying to get his leg out of the way, you know, so no one breaks it (see Tejada!)….

    1. Oh look a chick that knows about sports! Shame this article is about a completely different game. If you notice all the pictures, and description of AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT TEAM you’d realize that this has nothing to do with Tejada. In this play Chase is on defense. You’re so far off base even Chase wouldn’t be able to take you out. Make sure you’re right before you get all snarky you turd.

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