Oh My God Roy Halladay Has Come Out In Defense Of Chase Utley and Yessss

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Finally, The Doctor has weighed in.

No surprise here. Unlike Don Mattingly and Joe Torre and half of the wide-left media, Roy Halladay possesses a sack and came out in defense of Chase Utley.

Here’s what Halladay had previously written about Utley:

I struggle writing this due to the privacy of a man of integrity and the definition of a baseball player. In the video room in the stadium you will find a row of heart and hustle trophies with Chase’s name. Not because somebody chose to display them but rather a junk drawer of sorts for a man who although appreciates the honor and plays the game for all the right reasons! Not to be seen or heard or for attention. No look at me see how or any of the me-first mentality taking over all parts of baseball, sports, etc. One of my greatest honors was putting my heart and hustle trophy alongside the definition of the award. There must be one on every team. I’ve seen two in my life: Scott Rolen, and most of all, Chase Utley! The award has lost meaning. It’s normally given to the guy having the best year. But if you could somehow measure that in a man, Chase is run away from the pack! What’s really sad is some are busy patting themselves on the back and missing what a true baseball player is! I kid you not when he talked to me on the field I got goosebumps every time! Please encourage your friends, family, most of all your kids to be like chase! #26&chooch!

Side note: Is it just me or does Chase look really good in that picture?


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    1. Ripping off Deadspin wasn’t enough, now this site has to have manlove for Doc Halladay.

      1. Ok, favorite non-managerial employee of Colonial Nissan…..GO!!!! Mine has to be Bill Ricco! The guy is so kick ass when it comes to parts!

  1. Of course Doc would eventually way in on this nonsense. A great pitcher and competitor like Doc knows great baseball when he sees it. What Utley did was break up a double play the right way. Doc sees that, corrects the pussies that don’t really watch baseball and chimes in.

    Halladay is correct. Breakup plays at 2nd base are apart of the game. These PC assholes will have their way though and the rule will be changed because of pressure to the league by a group of people that doesn’t watch baseball.

    1. I’m so mad that I just read this entire post waiting for the “balls in my mouth” type joke only for it to never come. Don’t know who I am more upset with, real Bob or fake Bob.

    2. Also, finally, we’re talking Phillies and don’t have to listen to f-ing asshole Eagles fans! MLB all the way. I mostly hate Eagles fans because I have a micropenis.

  2. Looking for an update on the Nissan guy. Theory / issue would be great. Your help is appreciated. False rumors and innuendo work as well. Thanks.

  3. I heard the Nissan Guy was banging Reeta Houghes. I guess Josh Innes and Steve Trevelise are out.

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