Roundup: DeSean Jaccson’s Future, AI’s Suits, A Chipmoji, Chip’s New House, Draft Kings

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Eyyyy, ya boi DJacc might ain’t be da skin n e more ya herr !! Though his 20.9 yards per catch last season, the second highest total of his career (same with total receiving yards), led the league, he’s only played in 72.7% of his games in a Redskins uni (compared to 90.6% of his games as an Eagle from a much larger sample size). The Washington Post’s MIIIKE JOOOOONES, in his mailbag column, said that he would not be surprised if this is Jaccson’s last season in a ‘Skins uni:

“I’m expecting an overhaul of the receiving corps this offseason. I can’t see them bringing DeSean Jackson back to the tune of 9.25 million next season. He’s not reliable enough. Explosive, yes. But he’s not very versatile or dependable. Cutting him would save $8 million against the cap. Garcon has a cap number of $10.2 million next season, but the team could cut him and save another $8 million.”

I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t want to pay him over $9 million.

Just last week was the tenth anniversary of the so-called “Allen Iverson rule,” more commonly known as the NBA’s dress code. In a piece by Yahoo’s Marc Spears, he says Iverson’s baggy clothing that inspired the rule also carried over to his suit game, but it was just a comfort thing according to Andre Iguodala:

Former Sixers forward Andrew Iguodala said Iverson bought several oversized suits to adhere to the dress code.

“Allen wasn’t a fan of it,” said Iguodala, now with the Warriors. “Allen just wanted to be comfortable. He wasn’t trying to just be a rebel without a cause. He was like, ‘I just want to be comfortable. I just want to go to the game and play basketball.’ He didn’t want to be uptight or feel restricted.

“You watched him play and his style was to be able to freelance and move carefree, just be comfortable in his own world. He said, ‘When I do that, I don’t want to be restricted with a tie or collar on my neck.'”

What we’ve all been waiting for, a Chip Kelly emoji:


What play could he be calling here, other than “Cat Shit”? Matt Mullin at the PhillyVoice has a good theory: “Either Sam Bradford’s about to throw an interception or, more likely, someone needs to clean out his cat’s litter box.” You know what? Chip does feel like a cat guy to me.

Chip bought a house in New Jersey? Kyle: Multiple tipsters giving slightly varying bits about Chip, but here seems to be the common theme: Chip bought a house in Haddonfield, very near Sam Bradford, perhaps across the street. Once again– free t-shirt to whomever gives some concrete info (link, picture, listing, deed, etc.).

To the 94 people who beat me in Draft Kings… just waiting on emails from Draft Kings and you should have your code in the next day or so.


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      1. Both afternoon shows are brutal, tuned in for the first time in a couple months today.

        Desean getting cut after 2 seasons? Nobody likes this clown

  1. We’ve always done this when there were a few minor items not deserving of their own post.

    1. I’m stooge, with a drink in my hand, at a wedding, maybe a bat mitzvah, who knows, waving my hands in the air, like I just don’t care… Say, “HO!!!”

  2. 25 mins from center city? HAHAHAHA maybe at 11pm. BUT at the times you care, morning commute and evening commute, make that a solid hour.

  3. I turned on mike miss today, I listened for a total of three minutes he was doing famous Sam’s and general knowledge junk food brands. Which is now turning into a discussion on pop tarts and if they can be microwaved or have to go in the toaster. I only turned on mike miss because I flipped on Innes who was interviewing Warren Moon. You would think Josh would want to discuss Bradford, Chip Kelly etc. Nope Josh wanted to discuss how good of a baker Warren Moon was and if he could send him a sweet potato pie. Fuck both these frauds I would rather listen to nothing.

    1. Missed that. But lasted all of sixty seconds when Meatball discussed the merits of wearing a Temple visor…which they talked about last week. Riveting stuff.

  4. I’m assuming the cat-shit sign is in reference to the Panthers, you know, who the birds play this week

  5. “To the 94 people who beat me in Draft Kings… just waiting on emails from Draft Kings and you should have your code in the next day or so.”

    We will be needing those names as well, Mr. Scott. Part of our ongoing investigation.

  6. Jordan Matthews has gone from promising young star to train wreck. He drops as many passes as he catches and, as you mentioned, fumbled Monday night on one of the few times he did catch the ball.

  7. Do I still get a shirt if I direct you to the site that has the evidence that you are requesting? Kneeling Foghorn Leghorn shirt excluded?

  8. The Eagles need to fire the GM. The coach is fine, but the GM is awful. And, yes, I know that is one person, and I doubt Chip will give up the GM role. Tired of this shit!

  9. The award for best post of 2015 is….

    Kyles post of Sean braces high school photo!!!

    The award for best comment handle is….

    “LC Homes Ruined my Life”

    The award for best new comment topic goes to….

    Everyone commenting on the local car dealerships!!!

  10. And take Innes with you. Dude tries way too hard to be edgy and cool. In reality he’s just a fat kid who got bullied in middle school, jumped on his daddy’s coattails to a radio gig, and is now a disgrace to sports radio. This is coming from a person who wanted him to beat out missanelli.

  11. I disagree.

    1. Jim once told me that blacks never give him a courtesy thank you wave when he lets them in traffic

  12. Coots just got his head knocked off by rinaldo for skating with his head down, Rinaldo had to teach that bum a hockey lesson

    1. Well when you don’t have to worry about skating with the puck, passing the puck or shooting the puck, then you have all that free time to hit people.

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