Ruben Amaro Will Reportedly be the Red Sox First Base Coach

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

After word came out that Ruben Amaro’s agent was trying to shape him into a managerial candidate for some teams, a report came out today that he will be hired as the Red Sox first base coach. Maybe he just wanted to wear a uniform.

To go from having the most power in an organization to having close to the least is certainly a notable career trajectory. And really, how much damage could he do as first base coach?

Really, though. This is like going from the CEO to the mail-room supervisor, a job Amaro himself is hardly qualified for.

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32 Responses

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    2. Wow jim , you are so boring. Anywho… The yahoo streaming game looked incredible on my phone. The sound was a bit out of sync but overall it was very impressive. Can’t wait until we can watch all the games streaming and we can get rid of cable.

  1. Question. Why do the Red Sox need Ruben’s fucking up? The worst G.M. of all time. Probably thought he was getting a job upstairs. This guy isn’t qualified to clean toilets. Montgomery was an idiot putting him in charge. I am sure Monty’s jaw dropped when he heard Ruben was the new first base coach. Oh….Sorry. I forgot Monty does not have a jaw…… along with no brain.

  2. How come the Cuz didn’t have this with all his sources? I guess Spags isn’t a good baseball source!

  3. He took the position after being informed that there was no Second Base coach.

    Seriously though, I think he’ll be good at this. He’s all about making snap decisions at first glance.

  4. Hey Rube, How about becoming co-captain of the Dirty Thirty instead? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Oh Reeeeeeha, you are so hot! Ava, your rear end looks great! What do you think, Al? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  5. If the guy wants to be a manager, give him credit for the willingness to work his way up from the bottom.

  6. He was dismissed from a job that paid him over a million a year to a position that pays at best $100,000.

  7. J e w i s h broad gets f u c k e d twice and has to make a tough decision.

  8. I think this is a very good move for Amaro. It gives him a chance to see if he really wants to manage and also gives him a vantage point if he wants to get back into a front office position. So his agent has served him well.

    He does have experience as a player and this will help him professionally. It may actually strengthen his position down the line on where he wants to go professionally.

    Thank you Ruben Hun for those winning seasons & red Octobers you gave the us Phils fans

    1. Fuck you Linda. Ruben inherited a world series championship team and turned it into a 100 loss team. I hope he somehow destroys the Red Sox. Get back in the kitchen Linda!

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  10. Well if he’s getting demoted at least he’s working at one of the best ballparks in the MLB. You just have to deal with that annoying accent and that stupid James Taylor song every home game.

  11. Boston gives us Ben Franklin

    We give then Ruben Amaro.

    Wish Kyle had put up the picture of Amaro flipping the bird to the crowd.

  12. Let’s see our beloved Mets are about to sweer their way to the world series trophy, and our beloved Jets will shock the world, and beat the previously undefeated New England Patriots in their own building.

    And btw, like you Philly fans I can’t stand the New York Giants and the New York Rangers, as well as their arrogant thinking they’re better than everyone else fans.

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