Sixers Continue To Give Middle Finger to Wells Fargo

See if you can spot the Wells Fargo Center branding on the Sixers’ new court. See it? No? It’s there.

If you’ll recall, the Sixers are in a bit of a pissing match with Wells Fargo, refusing to call their home arena by its actual name, likely because they’re not contractually obligated to do so (the Flyers, Comcast Spectacor, own the building and have the agreement with Wells Fargo). Scott O’Neil and Sixers marketing fare just refer to The Center, which is as awkward as it is petty.

Anyway, I guess they have to put the name on the floor… but aren’t restricted to a particular font, color or size.

So, welcome to the

Wells Fargo Center

home of the Sixers:

Voila_Capture 2015-10-09_08-29-04_AM


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18 Responses

    1. striving for consistency with your previous blog, shouldn’t the title have read: CLASSY Sixers Continue To Give Middle Finger to Wells Fargo?

  1. How long until they start making noise about a new arena? Anyone want to help them pack for their move to Camden or Newark?

    1. Maybe someday the NBA will expand and Philadelphia gets a team. These thiefs that own the NBDL team can move them and rip off a entire new fan base with there garbage they have now.

  2. Just rename the place Xfinity Center powered by Comcast. It’s plastered all over and inside the building. #ForeverFUCenter

  3. Wells Fargo sucks donkey dick. They bought my old bank, where I’d kept my money for 27 years, and lost my account within 6 months. They fucked up my home improvement loan. I am Team Sixers on this one. Until a sponsor pays me to say their corporate name, fuck ’em. It’s good to see the Sixers shove it up their ass.

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