Your Monday Morning Roundup

Another morning after an Eagles game, another hazy “what even was that?” following you around all day. But this time, we have two weeks to talk about it. Fun, right?

Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

— Full Bird Droppings coming soon —

Before Caleb Sturgis’ missed 50-yard field goal:

sturgis before

And after:

sturgis after

Still no decision on College GameDay this week, and they’re really milking it, perhaps to do the proposed sight being Independence Hall and requiring federal approval.

But back to the Eagles. How did the players handle all of the drops?

Good analysis/bad analysis:

I really think Byron Maxwell just wanted to give him a high-five:

Your night could have been worse:


And so could the Eagles’ night: They could’ve shot themselves in the foot by forgot to charge the batteries in their headsets.

Mathews should have touched the ball more, obviously:

ryan mathews snaps


mathews average

One of the most frustrating parts about all of the dropped passes is that it, yet again, it prevents us from getting a full read on exactly what we have in Sam Bradford. David Murphy agrees:

Hey, maybe it’s the quarterback. Maybe Sunday night settled it. Maybe Sam Bradford simply does not have what it takes. Because, right now, what it takes is a quarterback who not only has the ability to make correct reads and accurate throws in the face of a near-constant pass rush, but also the ability to run his own routes and catch his own passes.

And who got to take it all in? The Charlotte Hornets – including infamous Obama toilet paper owner Spencer Hawes in a Donald Trump hat:


Somehow, people are amazed that Grey Hardy, well-known piece of human garbage, continues to be human garbage.

Jerry Jones doesn’t know the rules.

The Sixers will make a bunch of cuts of guys you don’t know today, and then start a bunch of guys you don’t know when their season starts on Wednesday.

But really, after last night, how do you feel about not having to stress yourself out with this team next weekend?


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You know what to do.

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27 Responses

  1. Why do the eiggles have four primtime stand alone games in the first half of the season……….they STINK !

  2. Kyle, can you provide a weekly recap of Neighbor Mike’s HORRENDOUS Fantasy Picks? It’s truly pathetic that you are still pushing his nonsense on the readers.

    1. I liked his one rant until Rhea had to remind him what the starting QB’s name was. Crazy and senile is a bad combination going forward for him, best of luck to his family.

  3. Greg Hardy is a danger to society. That animal should be locked up. You just watch, he will hurt someone, probably a female, this year or next. How did he not get charged with intimidating a witness??? She pressed charges … then right before court she doesn’t show up???? You can tell by looking at this man and listening to him speak that he is an animal who should be behind bars.

    1. just give me an hour with him, I will straighten him out. Theres nothing that a gimp suit and a ball gag cant fix.

    2. Meh, he made a few comments to the media and showed fire on the field. The criminal charges against him were dropped. If a white guy gets chippy like that on the field, he’s known as “firey”, but when a black guy does it, he’s a thug. SMDH.

  4. Jesus Christ, no editing whatsoever. No worries, as long as the pop up ads come up and Kyle cashes that check, no one gives a fuck about Grey Hardy or the Independence Hall SIGHT.

    1. Jim, in his haste to get all his cut/paste content up before 10a, doesn’t bother to proof read. What a huge embarrassment he is. Funnier part is that Kyle will defend Jim at every turn. Jim is lazy and doesn’t care.

      Poll question: What is Jim’s salary from CB?

      $45,000 w no benefits

      A) over
      B) under

  5. Is there any possibility that part of the hang-up with Gameday coming here is that they have their own people that do all the work as far as putting up the set/stage and all the other stuff, and that maybe the Carpenters union or one of the others is trying to get their grubby little paws into and making things difficult?

    1. This is the only reason. The city is figuring how much is too much to demand before ESPN pulls out and goes to Washington.

  6. If only Chip Kelly had drafted the speedy and talented John Brown over that bum Josh Huff.

    The entire 2014 Eagles draft class stinks.

  7. Bradford isn’t the one. not a leader. been away too long. Name me the last Eagles QB who could hit a receiver in stride ?
    blame the scouts….college football is slower than the NFL.

  8. Ahh! Ha! Ha! Ha! What a fuckin’ train wreck of a team! I know the Redskins are not going anywhere, but the blind pathetic Eagles fans believe they’re winning the Super Bowl every fuckin’ year!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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