Absolutely Savage Move by This Inquirer Editor to Tweet about Eating Caviar Just Days after Massive Layoffs

Philadelphia Inquirer City Editor Nancy Phillips, the apparent girlfriend of former company co-owner Lewis Katz, who died in a plane crash last year, likely didn’t have to fear for her job last week as Katz’s former partner, Gerry Lenfest, and his crew, initiated massive layoffs. So, why not celebrate being great at life with a little truffle and caviar?

In 2013, Phillips was also accused of, emphasis mine, “breaking down how much each [writer] earned per story written and told the owners that her fellow journalists were paid too much.” Well now many of them will be paid nothing, and Phillips can eat all the caviar she wants without having to think about them. They’re thinking about her though:

Kyle: Allow me to be elitist for a moment: truffle makes anything better. I’m not at the caviar level yet. But truffles-oil-butter, whatever? Fantastic. That said, this is maybe the douchiest Tweet of all-time. Just next level media elitism. I’m surprised the Tweet didn’t include an Ivory Tower Emoji.

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    1. Jim you’re a piece of dogshit. Die you commie bitch. I hope she washed it down with $300/bottle of champagne and fine silk for a napkin.

      1. Exactly right. Jim is a fucking leftist shit-head. Fuck those writers, the writing has been on the wall for how fucking long now with that company? They chose to stay there knowing the axe could fall at any minute, then it did. The medium is DEAD. Fuck’em

    2. This site does no reporting, just bellyaching and trolling.. You’ve come to the wrong place, cochese.

    3. Not a post by Socialist Jim. Granted, an insensitive tweet but Jim must carry the flag of the proletariat!

      1. This fucking site reads like the Daily Worker anymore.

        Jim is a fat fucking hipster who despises anyone more successful than him, which is just about everyone.

      2. From Jim’s tag line:

        “Jim has nothing against hockey, it’s just not his style.”

        Yea, because there are few black people to try and cozy up to. Jim feels obligated to do this because he is filled with self hatred. In Jim’s mind it is offensive to have a bunch of white people together playing a white sport, and having a good time.

  1. Dude who writes about Buffalo Wild Wings and TGI Friday’s talking about truffles…lol

  2. truffle butter
    Truffle butter is when you pull you dick out of the asshole an continue fucking her pussy, and the tan buttery substance around her pussy is truffle butter.
    Eat my pussy, hell nah bitch, not after I just put it in your pussy from your ass, you got truffle butter hoe!!

    Mmmmmm Kyle, can I have what you’re having.

    1. Kyle prefers ass to mouth. If he does not get the taste of his own ass he can not get off.

  3. I’m sure all the Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus at the top are safe.
    FUCK OFF you scumbag fucks.

  4. “That said, this is maybe the douchiest Tweet of all-time.”

    Almost as douchy as when Kyle cries like a little bitch about Villanova

  5. It’s not “being great at life.” The proper term for her brand of arrogant douchism is “Living One’s Best Life.”

  6. A tweet this douchey fits perfectly on this site, right alongside Kyle’s six-figure salary. lol #whatacouplapricks

  7. F*** those pinko DN reporters. Waaahhh, how does that socialism you love so much taste now?! Enjoy those unemployment checks I pay for and playing xbox all day.

  8. these jack 0fff journalists aren’t entitled to a job, nor is she entitled to worry about their feelings on her personal social media account. what’s the problem – is it because without a newspaper, they’ll have to suck 0b-am@’s c0cx extra loud for anyone to notice?

    1. I agree that no one is entitled to a job, and working hard is just part of the deal sometimes, even when ish goes down poorly. But that tweet is a weak sauce move by a woman who has never has to understand the true hardships that some do. Or if she did at one point, I can almost assert that she didn’t use the hard work M.O. to climb her way to the top (see: Kattz, girlfriend of).

      All of that being said, beluga caviar is that absolute tits.

  9. Kyle, any self respecting chef will tell you that truffle oil is just a cheap ploy to make shit food taste better/good. It’s essentially a gimmick.

  10. Welcome to the free world bitches… This is the way the world works…. People get laid off EVERY fucking day from grocery stores, banks , hospitals and their former bosses are tweeting shit like this too. But somehow some scrubs from the dying enterprise that is journalism (thanks to the Internet and blog sites like this one) are getting all this sympathy…. get the fuck over it.

  11. Paper isn’t making money and finding new revenue streams is just not going to happen in that industry. So people get laid off. It’s basic economics. The lady that tweeted is independantly wealthy and is having dinner. That’s one hell of a dbag tweet but whatever.

  12. Gerry Lenfest does more for the city before 9am on any given day then you two retards will ever do in your lives.

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