Good News! Jordan Hicks May Still Have an Arm

The worst thing to come out of the game last night, besides Cowboys fans continuing to blindly support Greg Hardy, may have been Jordan Hicks’ injury. Hicks, who had just turned in the Eagles’ play of the year, wrapped up Cole Beasley and immediately grabbed for his arm in what looked like it could have been a potential torn tricep. That could still be the case, but, according to Ian Rapppppppppppppppppppppopopopopopopopopopopopopoopoport, Hicks’ injury may not be that bad:

Hicks just got his MRI, or is getting his MRI:

Voila_Capture 2015-11-09_01-46-59_PM

Someone’s wrong.



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    1. Has anyone ever seen Tan Mom and Cindy Webster in the same place at the same time?

      Didn’t think so. That’ll be all for today, your Honor.

  1. patchwork defense is hanging on by threads. hopefully him and mustafa or mufasa or whatever is back also.

  2. I like the Gargano show but the 9AM hour with BWest is unbearable.

    He adds nothing to show and takes away from the chemistry the rest of the crew have. See a guy like Vai fits in well. BWest just sucks all the energy out. It’s a different show, and not a better one.

    Then there’s Angelo. Lost cause.

    1. Brian Westbrook was a great running back, but is an awful radio/tv personality.
      He consistently struggles to speak correctly, also very plain/dry/boring. Brings nothing to the table.
      Some guys are good analysts, he is not one of them.
      I guess thats a Villanova education for you… they talk good vocabulistics.

      1. Completely agree. Loved him as a player, saddened by him as an analyst but you could see it coming, he was rough in interviews during his career.

        I prefer him to V. Hebron which may be damning with faint praise.

  3. Eagles go 8-8, get bounced in the first round of the playoffs, and go yet another year with out a ring.

    Cowboys are having a down year thanks to injury, but we still got a case full of hardware because WE DEM BOYS!

    1. You Dem Bottom feeding basement dwellers. Lets not dwell on ancient history sweet boy.

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