Jordan Hicks Is Out For The Year


We can’t have nice things.



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  1. PH Clip I watched last night this girl had the biggest pair I’d ever seen. Looked natural. Bigger than that Indian chick on Fox or the black weather girl on NBC. I forgot her name but I’ll get it and post it here later. Dipping back tonight.

      1. I exclusively post “candid” pics of me or inspirational quotes. Every picture of me shows me off in a wonderful light. I love to gripe about the all-nighters I have to pull for CSN Postgame and then that morning show that nobody watches. All I have to do is nod every time someone answers a question or read a teleprompter. I’m so self consumed and narcissistic that I can’t consider all the unemployed people out there that would kill to have my job and read Twitter posts to a camera. Someday, Father Time will catch up to me and nobody will remember me.

        1. Ooof. Completely and utterly accurate. Every sentence. Well done.

        2. Heard her brother used to date Adam Joseph

          1. Ha. Remember when she got all bitchy and all over Adam for stealing her brothers Instagram pic and re-posting? That was a defining move.

  2. I don’t know what’s worse, this news, or that Kyle had to use that stupid bit again where he repeats letters in someone’s name ad nauseum. Chill dude! Rapoport isn’t that hard to say!!! FUCK!!!

    1. Seriously, the joke isn’t fucking funny, not one bit. And it’s been done by you so many times, I can’t fucking stand it.

      1. Kyle, please respond to this. I have no life, and this is the most important part of my day. Please respond and explain this awful bit that you insist on doing at least once a week. It’s lazy and unfunny. Please tell me why you keep doing it.


            When will Kyle and Jim realize they’re not funny?

  3. No worries, this team will find a way to move on. Still waiting for that Patriots game to gauge how good this team is. Winning against Dallas is a slight step above beating the Jaguars.

    1. “Waiting for the Patriots game..” You don’t watch too much football do you?. Can’t wait to hear your take…#iwasallleaguebackintheday

      1. Just saying that beating a crap team like the 2-6 Cowboys proves nothing (who hasn’t beaten them? one of the worst teams in the league this year). The Patriots are actually a good team and are a good measuring stick. That will provide some clarity on where the Birds can end up this year.

  4. My preseason prediction is looking good. Never knew there would be such horrific play at times but Eagles with finish 9-7. They lose to Arizona, New England, and will blow a game they should win.

  5. I ordered a pie at halftime and the motherf u c k e r comes in and immediately starts ramming my wife. Splooged all over her face. I didn’t care, the birds were up and that was his tip. Still , kind of rude.

  6. Why is this site or talk radio refusing to talk about the biggest story in sports now….a division 1 school, University of Missouri, ousted a white president because the black football players claimed that he was not kissing their asses enough with racial preference because of his white privilege? I can’t make this shit up. It happened and no one in Philly’s liberal media will acknowledge and condemn it.

  7. I have to add that I am sickened by the University of Missouri’s President’s decision to resign because of pressure from football players that have a collective IQ of 60 that shout racism. Are there no real men on this board that are outraged by this???? The message with this resignation is simple. If you area white guy in power that doesn’t acknowledge the left wing racist socialists, you will be ridiculed and forced out in favor of a radical. If you are unaware of this story because the Philly media or blogs refuse to cover it, google mizzou football. It is fucking outrageous, from the demands of these football players to the eventual resignation of this president because he’s white. Unreal shit is going on now in colleges.

    1. Yes, be sure to Google ‘Mizzou football’ to get all the facts about racism on the University’s campus. If you don’t think racism is still alive and well in parts of the South, well then you’re just stupid.

      1. Are you serious? What part of my post didn’t you understand? A university president just resigned because he could not appease black radicals. These black kids blamed him for racial taunts that were thrown at them on and off campus and concluded in their vast intellect that he was the problem. Who will they replace this president with? An under-qualified black guy?

        1. Have you gone to school there? Or another school in the South maybe? Do you have any facts or insight other than what you got Googling ‘Mizzou football’ from your Mom’s basement? Yeah, thought not. Trump got your vote already I see.

          1. A. Missouri is not a Southern state.
            B. Can’t imagine this controversy has done much to encourage future enrollments.

          2. “Have you gone to school there? ”
            Irrelevant. I can have a cogent opinion on the issue.

            ” Or another school in the South maybe?”
            Reflection yet again by a liberal that has no facts and grasps at straws,

            “Trump got your vote already I see.”
            Yeah. He does.

          3. In 2015 it’s a Midwestern state. In 1860 Delaware was a slave state as well. Does that make it a Southern state today? Ask any Missouran if they identify as a contemporary Southerner or a citizen of the heartland. Does a resident of NewCastle County consider himself a son of the south or an American who lives in the MidAtlantic region?

    2. Do people still do that gimmick around here where you enter the name “BOB” and then type the stupidest thing possible?

      1. Not a gimmick, liberal. Far from it. I take it you are another liberal that our fine public education system has raised.

        1. Haha!

          I love this joke. It’s so funny. I can’t imagine anybody actually believing all the stupid things “Bob” believes.

          The funniest thing is that this is a story about Jordan Hicks being injured. And this “Bob” character is all salty because he was listening to 1210 this morning and had to post about the war on college presidents! LOL!

          1. Hey liberal, #1 I don’t listen to 1210AM and #2 my info on this story comes from LIBERAL NEWSPAPERS SUCH AS USATODAY!

            You have yet to provide any salient point on this issue. You can’t because as much as you hate to admit it, I’m right.

          2. You are bragging about reading USA Today?

            That newspaper is like 40% cartoons and comic strips. And stories about places in New Hampshire to eat brunch.

    3. Neither the President nor the Chancellor are racist. In fact, they even came out in support of Butler (the hunger striker).

      1. They did so ONLY because their jobs were on the line because of these black panthers. Make no mistake about it, these liberals wish to inflict harm in our universities. Google “Yale Halloween costumes” on youtube and you will see the truth of these left wingers. They want no authority or education. I always thought the reason that a university existed was for the purpose of education. I guess not.

        1. Mizzou is the Tigers, not the Panthers. Similar and all.

          Pitt’s team name is the Panthers. Or maybe you are thinking of Milwaukee- UWM. They are also the Panthers.

          1. You called them black Panthers.

            They are black Tigers. The team name for Mizzou is the Tigers. ROAR!

          2. @DR. MARVIN MONROE I called them black panthers not because of the team mascot shit, idiot (but you knew what I specifically meant by black panthers). Read up on the black panthers. If you do, you will realize that this is the same crap that this group of black students are doing now. It’s as clear as day. They are racist anarchists that this pussy media refuses to cover.

          3. So you are saying the Pitt Panthers are behind this?

            Do you think it is a plot by the ACC to weaken the SEC?

            I would not be surprised. Stuff like this happens in the NCAA all the time.

        2. I think that some professional protesters are there from BLM and that this is being managed nationally. I’m a liberal and think this has gone way too far. The sliver lining to me is the prospect that this and maybe future BLM student actions will lead to a much needed shakeup in higher education anyway. It’s too $ and that’s enabled by the open student loan tap held by the govt. People who probably aren’t college material graduate with garbage degrees in journalism or the humanities and we lag further and further behind on STEM education.

          1. Very good points, all. When I heard the athletes’ statement, it sounded too staged and prepared and I wondered who had written it for them. Agree with the open govt tap as well. Tuitions keep going higher and higher not just due to easy borrowed money, but ever increasing golden parachute scenarios for retiring University officials, admins and profs. If you want to see real hardcore campus riots and protest activity, just tell the upper echelons who run those hothouses of jackassery that they need to take an across the board 25% pay cut.
            I feel bad for those who go to college expecting to actually leave with an education that provides them with applicable life skills.
            On the other hand, the more these crazy triggerwarning/halloweeny/mattressgirl controversies occur, my job gets more and more secure.

  8. Not sure why you would read this but if you do…mr hicks….thank you. I met you a couple months ago at the KOP mall for your autograph signing. I’ve been going through a real ugly divorce I told you about but our Eagles had helped me get through it. You told me to stay strong and keep my head up. I’ll never forget those words and been reminding myself to do that daily. Thank you champ. Get well soon. Go birds!!! – @nt

      1. Not sure why you would read this but if you do…mr this is not funny….thank you. I met you a couple months ago at the KOP mall for your autograph signing. I’ve been going through a real ugly divorce I told you about but our Eagles had helped me get through it. You told me to stay strong and keep my head up. I’ll never forget those words and been reminding myself to do that daily. Thank you champ. Get well soon. Go birds!!! – @nt

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