Oh my God this is the most Joshua Harris thing of all-time.

A Deadspin reader tipped off the site about Sixers and Devils owner Joshua Harris’ helicopter landing at a Newark soccer field, forcing the cancellation of a youth soccer match. The helicopter parked on the field while Harris attended the Devils game at the Prudential Center.

The email:

My son’s U13 youth soccer team was supposed to play a game at 7:30 last night (Sunday, November 8th) on the field at Benedict’s Prep in Newark. As the two teams of U13 players from the STA 02 NPL and Cedar Stars Pre-Academy team got ready to take the field, a helicopter dropped down from the sky and landed right in the middle of the field. A security detail emerged from the helicopter and informed the boys and their coaches that NJ Jersey Devils owner, Josh Harris, had instructed them to land on the field and wait for him to return from the Prudential Center where the Devils were playing. The boys and their families waited in the cold until finally it became clear that Harris was running late and no one knew when he might return to pick up his ride. Eventually, the coaches decided to call the boys’ game and everyone went home disappointed, frustrated and annoyed. I am not sure when or if Harris ever showed up to remove his helicopter from the field, but I hope that he had a great night. There are a number of 12 year olds and youth soccer fans who did not — because of Harris’s selfish behavior.

Deadspin did some digging and confirmed that indeed it was Harris’ helicopter – a private charter – and that there was a miscommunication between the company and the school, which has an agreement with local businessmen, “but mostly Harris,” to use the field for landings. Had the company called ahead of time, the landing would’ve been scheduled for halftime and, it sounds like, the game would’ve been played. But nope.

We needled Scott O’Neil on the podcast last year about the Sixers adding a helipad to their new practice facility in New Jersey. He explained that it was just easier for everyone to chopper down. Of course it is. But now I wonder where Joshua parks that thing while he’s in town for Sixers games.

Side note: Here’s how they PR the ‘ish out of this and swing the story in their favor: Harris invites both teams, families and parents to a private suite at a Devils game and makes a $10,000 donation to the school. Or, you know, he just builds his own fucking helipad.

UPDATE: I bet you he pays a PR person $220k per year to make decisions like this:

The helicopter was at the school Sunday night to pick up Harris after a Devils game at the Prudential Center that went into overtime.

Harris, who also owns the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers, says he understand the frustration of the soccer players’ families because he’s also spent many hours watching his kids play sports.

He said Wednesday such a mix-up won’t happen again.

He’s also inviting the teams and their families to be his guests at a Devils game.

Now, for the donation.

Deadspin has video of the landing