Lane Johnson Apologizes Directly to Fans, Addressing Them in Third Person on Twitter Account His Marketing Guy Runs

That there is Lane Johnson’s apology for his comments shredding Eagles fans. He posted his thoughts to Twitter, addressing fans in the third person, literally minutes after telling Josh Panuil of Philly Mag that his marketing guy handles his account:

“Twitter is a dangerous place. People can just say whatever they want,” he told Birds 24/7. “Social media has changed the way people approach the game now. They fear they’re going to be turned into a meme or something like that because people have to deal with that. The best thing to do is probably stay off of it or try to avoid it. There’s a lot of guys that don’t even have it, like my marketing guy runs my Twitter. I don’t really deal with it anymore, just my Instagram page. It’s different than it used to be.”

30 minutes later, “Johnson’s” Tweet:

Us appreciate his contrition, Lane.

UPDATE: Well, some don’t. Storify of the best responses after the jump.

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22 Responses

  1. From what I’ve seen, most fans tend to agree with Lane’s comments. It’s the media that’s blowing it out of proportion. Especially that squid ERock or whatever. That guy sucks.

    1. Seriously? Not even trying to be rude about it? What does that guy do? I see him all over twitter and what not and anytime 97.5 makes a comment about something he makes a photoshop for them. Is he employed by them? Does he work for the Eagles? Is he a graphic designer? These are the hard hitting questions we need answered.

      1. Haha I know! He gets so butthurt over everything Eagles and acts like he’s speaking for every Philly fan. I cringe whenever 97.5 has him on air, guys is just creepy and awkward.

    2. wow I signed up for aka joe younes’ picks and he cost me 7.5k in 3 days. how does this guy think he is good at picking games???

  2. Who is the clown that calls missanelli that does the Bruno impression always trying to bring up he has his own “show”?

  3. The CSN article title “Lane Johnson SLAMS Philly fans.” is all you need to know about this fucking awful media. In the same fucking quote he says he wants nothing more than to bring a championship to this city. I don’t blame any player who hates playing here being covered by these incompetent assholes looking for a pat on the head. We have Angelo telling an NFL coach that he could coach better than him and Gargano trying to tell Fletcher Cox he’s not allowed to smile. Are you fucking kidding me? We don’t deserve nice things.

    1. that “same” quote was actually from Sunday. so he didn’t slam fans and say he wants to win in same quote.

  4. Actually the linc is incapable of creating enough noise to be an advantage. The linc is open ended and will never hold noise like other stadiums in Seattle or Kansas city

  5. It’s a shame Lane Johnson caved in to the media & drunken Philly fans for telling the truth about these losers.

    So I guess this means Jimmy Rollins was right for saying Philly fans are frontrunners & when they’re called out on it, they start bitching & complaining like a woman on her monthly cycle.

  6. This year I am thankful that Jim leaves me at home with extra food and goes to his parents house. I get some me time away from that pompous hipster prick. TAKE A GODDAMN SHOWER JIM!! We live in a closet and water is not that expensive. Your water use is not going to help California, Syria or KONY2012.

    1. Heard from my buddy who bartends at pitchers pub brace called out recently from bar backing with a bad back

  7. My game of the year is the lions at a pick em on thanksgiving. Get the bet in now before the line moves more

  8. If you can ask peters to not false start twice and Kelce to keep the holding to a minimum that would help. Thank you.

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