RADIO WARS: Arbitrary Rankings Incite Nonsensical Self-Aggrandizing and Outrage


Mike Missanelli emailed me to sound the RADIO WARS alarm – presumably a harsh wail of some sort that’s bookended by Dr. Glat and Lowell Myerson ads – about the recent release of’s and’s sports talk radio host rankings.

“Radio Ink and Talkers magazine both had me ranked in the top 20 sports talk host list,” the email read. “No radio wars news for that?”

Would we call that shameless self promotion a violation? We might. But I applaud the spirit. So ask and ye shall receive:

Voila_Capture 2015-11-19_03-59-06_PM

Missanelli came in at number 15 on Talker’s Heavy Hundred* list, and, uh, I’m not sure where on Radio Ink’s because their website is a pile a horseshit. But Mike’s not the only Philly name on Talker’s list… or even the highest. Angelo Cataldi came in at number 10:

Voila_Capture 2015-11-19_03-58-57_PM

The rest:

Voila_Capture 2015-11-19_04-02-37_PM innes ellis mayes barkann reese

You can see the full thing here.

Innes is reportedly upset about his ranking (no audio yet):

Voila_Capture 2015-11-19_04-00-10_PM

Welcome to Philadelphia. The newspapers are falling apart, I’m blogging about my love Bryce Harper, Jim about a guy who would drive about seven total page views, and the two drive-time radio hosts are battling it out in arbitrary rankings. And you know what? I don’t even blame them. This town is an absolute shit show right now. Hell, I guess I’ll just throw some wood on the fire tomorrow with my Philly sports talk radio dream lineup.

*I’ll just let commenters make the fat jokes for me.

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116 Responses

    1. You could still win those tickets for a free autograph from Mike and Ike at that supermarket in Williamstown.

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      1. Great job by the Jacksonville fans coming out tonight to fill the stadium on their only national prime time game…. Oh wait the entire upper deck is empty, and there are huge sections covered up with tarps.

      1. Another thing about Joey D, i got the Eagles app and he appears on the daily 360 and his face always has the look like he’s got a good joke or secret and he’s not telling u. Has anyone else noticed this

    1. Keep scrolling…keep scrolling…keep scrolling…take a commercial break…keep scrolling…there you are…sixers coming up in five.

    2. 6106320975. 6106320975. Chris on the cell you’re on 97.5 the fanatic. (1 second in) Ok Chris isn’t there. 6106320975. 6106320975

      1. I’m dying laughing from this. Classic Joe D. Last night he swore on Monday that phone lines were jammed.

        1. Gang, we’ve got a lot to dig into right now. A lot to dig into and then we’ll get to your calls in a moment. Ya know…look….I’m tellin ya’. Watching film at NFL films, I think that well…Chip…Chip needs to 610-632-0975. Taking your calls right after the break as we lead into the Ron Jaworski Luncheon Breakfast Awards Banquet from Valleybrook Country Club in five minutes.

      2. 610-632-0975
        We’ll immediately take calls
        15 minutes later
        Chip’s draft picks leave a lot to be desired

        And let’s go to Charles from the Northeast:
        Charles from the Northeast: Ok Ok


        I promise you I’ll get to the phones after the break

        610-632-0975 on 97.5 the fanatic.

  1. I’m definitely not shocked that Barrett Brooks wasnt on that list. He must have got paid per idiotic statements today on 97.5. He is a fat ex player who has no business being on tv or the radio. Rooney Rule must be in effect. Cataldi’s show totally sucks. Nobody on the show has any knowledge of sports and Rhea looks about 70 with her wrinkled skin. Must be all of that smoking. Lastly, that Breakfast on Broad show may be the worst thing that I have ever seen. Rob Ellis is a little Joe Banner nerd who acts tough, but probably got stuffed in alot of lockers. Jillian is a hot piece of ass, but I cant tell how big her breasts are. My guess is probably 34 c. Sarah Baicker also has a nice rack and looks like that she would be fun in the sack.

    1. You know what man? That was great – I’m gonna put you on hold – you’re in the mix for caller of the week.

  2. Josh Innes is a fuck tard who would crawl up his own ass, he thinks he’s so great. Gargano is a marble mouthed fat fuck who thinks he knows everything. I can’t stand either of those assholes.

    1. Amen brother. I like the fanatic better. I have to agree with the comment above about rob Ellis. He talks real tuff but u kno he’s not. He has all these go-to analogies and metaphors that get played out as well

  3. I feel bad for Ike Reese, having to work with that know nothing hack Michael Barkann. I would rather chew glass than listen to that idiot.

    1. Omg I thought I was the only one in that camp. Barkann blows! He’s always looking to go to break, always, always, looking to make a joke, and it’s obvious his knowledge of all sports is not that great. He loves filling up the show with plugging in everything he possibly can. “we’re here at shoprite” Yada Yada Yada. Raspy azz voice

  4. If this honor’was meant to be a pun also, Innes would take 1st-4th place.

  5. I would absolutely love to give the smoke show Nat oral sex & have her pussy juices all over me .

    1. Take a walk down Walnut Street on a nice day you’ll see 500 better smokeshows than Nat. Cataldi tries to pump up this chick up like shes a supermodel and it just makes him sound like the fool.

      1. Agreed, she’s getting a little wide in the hips too. Bet the brothers are digging that shit out on the reg too.

  6. I didn’t even know Innes was on the air. What a sad fat man.

    It’s no surprise he jumped at the chance to make it all about him. It’s no surprise noted egomaniac and sensitive douche Mike Miss would push these stupid rankings on Kyle as if they meant something. Good god what a couple of queens.

    Those 2 deserve to live inside Brett Eskin’s hook nose for the rest of eternity. If Josh could fit.

  7. Innes is a fat piece of shit who needs to get off the air already. Spike is tolerable but laugh track Hollis Thomas is god awful. Mike Miss is a douche but at least he plays my commercials. By the way, unless you’re in Missourah or Illinois I’m not licensed in you’re state but that’s ok our attorney’s in your state are.

    1. Haha good 1. Yeah I started to take notice with all the laughing. Tank and spike both. At inappropriate times as well which really brings down the professionalism imo. Innes is a fat sh!t with a God awful laugh. Listen next time innes laughs, my god

  8. Mike and Mike are much more popular than Dan and Stugotz. Mike and Mike do drive time and Dan comes on at 10am EST. I love Highly Questionable but I can’t listen more than a few minutes than Dan and Stugotz. I can’t even figure out their show. How can Mike Miss be 15 when no one out of this area knows who he is. Angelo is well known because the Wing Bowl gets national coverage. You can put Chris Russo at 35 but just know he earns more than double any local host. His earnings have been estimated at $2.5-$3 million a year. No local host earns close to that. It’s way more than Angelo earns.

    1. Mike and Mike are a joke. I don’t like Dan Lebatard. But if given the choice, I would take him any day over Mike and Mike.

  9. Obsessed with Mike Miss???me? obsessed? with Missanelli ? Mike Miss??? Missanelli ?!?!?!? no, not at all…not at all…not at all….

    well…maybe a little…

    1. Johnny marks is good for little quips. I don’t have any faith in him carrying a show by himself he couldn’t hack it……dr.glat stitched him a new scalp, Haha. He fails to mention that after getting that procedure u have to take meds for the rest of your life so the rest of your hair doesn’t fail out. And those meds cause major ED. His wife ain’t gonna be feeling that or his limpshrimp

  10. I know we all rag on Sean Brace but I’m not sure who got more of a raw deal, Sean Brace or Jon Marks?

    I was listening last week and Jon Marks was “on location” on City Ave going from gas station to gas station to get “Gas Station Food” – burritos, hamburgers, and cheesesteaks. He finally finished his “reporting” via cell phone and came back to heat up & report on the quality and taste of the food.

    This was the highlight of his career the past 4-5 months post-Jon&Sean Show. It was seriously the most pathetic thing I have heard in my life. The dude was talking with disgusting dumpster food in his mouth reporting on gas station food desperately trying to finally get a word in on the morning show and have any sort of lime light. It was a serious cry for help. He’s become a sad caricature of himself.

    While I’m commenting on 97.5 – I was trying to get a feel for Rob and I feel like he’s got a serious little man problem. He gets so defensive, call and try telling him “he’s become too negative lately”. What a troll!

    1. Not to be a dick but The reality is John Marks should probably be working at a gas station.

    2. Jon Marks is making the morning show un-listenable for me anymore… all the yelling… he just doesn’t bring anything to the table. he was already full of himself, but it’s getting worse and worse… I just can’t stand Marks… the guy is terrible…

    3. Dude I think JM has a really good looking wife too. He’s said he’s happy he’s fat. Lol between the meds he needs to take for the rug that got stitched on his head so the remaining hair doesn’t fall out (those meds cause ED) and him liking being fat, his wife will probly bounce on him. Can’t stand ppl that let themselves go

  11. Mike Miss – egomaniac but a fun listen from time to time
    Josh Innes – desperate wannabe but can’t stand Hollis and his stutter. Eskin has no relevance to the show
    Gargano – tolerable if he wasn’t paired with Marks and MCW
    Mayes and Ellis – my name should say it all. Not sure how he has a gig in radio and tv. Have watched/heard both and it’s just terrible
    Mike and Ike – don’t really listen so cant say but ike is hard to understand
    Decamera – what a douchebag. Heard him today with Barrett Brooks and wow someone needs to remind him that he’s a nobody.
    Barrett Brooks – dude we know you played in the nfl. Don’t have to remind us every time you make a point.
    Angelo – if he got rid of the awful Conklin skits I’d listen more

    1. I hate how Joe Decamara cuts off callers and goes into this epic monologues so he can hear him self talk… say what you want about Nick Kayal, but he was way better than Decamara. There’s reason JD only got an hour “fill in” show between 6 and 7…

  12. Holy s h i t, how come nobody told me about this Punky Brewster chick? So hot. So f u c k i n g hot.
    Strahan and I would tear that up.

  13. It’s bad enough one day a week but know Mike has to ask trivia questions on Tuesday and Thursday. Mike, I want to talk about what’s going on in Paris, Mike in the background, blah, blah, blah, Dude, you want your general knowledge. Whatever your talking about Mike drives the call to general knowledge. That’s always more important than what the caller has to say. Mike is so proud about sitting home all night instead of going out on date coming up with his ridiculous trivia contests.

    1. Seems like every fucking time I put on Mike Missanelli he’s asking a caller a general knowledge or trivia question . Sounds like he wants to be a game show host so bad

  14. His ghiz tasted like liv-a-snaps. Does this make me a f a g?

  15. Well I feel that Josh Innes is a much better sports host and certainly more entertaining than Mike who seems to be sputtering as a car does when its out of gas.

  16. Well I dont have much to add to the conversation, wont make any salient points but for some reason I ‘ll just drone along anyway……..

  17. Joooooddddddddddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccccccc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I still can’t believe Susie Celek fucked the magic man long snapper & broke up his marriage

    1. She did the long snapper?? Broke up the Dorenbos’ marriage? Is this true? TE to Long Snapper….

      1. He stole the idea from me. I’m the original Bleached BHole in the comments here.

  19. Fuck Al morganti, he been stealing $ from wip for 20 years.

    Eagles going 7-9, I on called it !!!

  20. Does anybody watch breakfast on broad ?? That Jillian bitch needs to start showing off them big tities. Stop fucking hiding them on me

  21. I’m just glad jillie’s bleached asshole checked in. I’m thinking she should of checked in at number 69 on the list if you know what I mean.

    Innes is growing on me. Spike is almost as dumb as Howard (if not dumber if that’s possible)

    I still think the fanatic is the best radio station in Philadelphia but I like josh as long as he sticks to sports.

  22. You’re a loser if you comment about:

    1) The girls from Breakfast on broad
    2) Radio Wars posts & sexist josh innis
    3) The nice girl who everyone calls a h0rse for some reason even though she is actually quite attractive and any of you losers would be lucky to even have a girl that attractive be within 10 feet of you.

    So tired of you loser commenters live in moms basement morons

      1. Wait, me or Joanna? I can say with 100 percent certainty that this is not Jon Marks. I can’t afford Dr. Glatt. That’s morning show money!

  23. 6106320975. 6106320975. Well get to all your calls in a bit. But first since Jaws let me carry his jacket into the NFL films studio, I’m gonna break down the all-22. 6106320975. 6106320975. I don’t like Chip Kelly. Ok I will reopen the phone lines to everyone and take your calls after the break. Stupid 97.5 promo. Stay tuned for Sixers basketball

  24. Josh actually started growing on my kind of like when you get itchy balls and keep scratchin but after a while his rants and raves regarding Mikey Miss began to get old. Today pushed me over the edge actaully harassing a guy he called who put out a top 100 list today berating him on how he came up with the list. Needless to say I am done with his show. Bye Josh!

  25. Josh innis is a loser who doesn’t know football & never played the game like myself. I was a high school QB.
    I called him out on his bullshit today & he cried and actually walked off the set. I don’t know how Hollis & spike deal with him

    1. Haha, “all he did for the station”. I know a person that works at the station in a support role, she was not surprised at all that he got canned. Apparently he started to take liberties that even someone like Mike Miss would get called out on. Glad they put him in his place, back to Pitchers

    2. LOL, Brace should feel lucky that someone even gave him that shot. Who the fuck does he think he is, and what the fuck did he “do for the station”. He is a no talent ass clown. The world needs plenty of bar tenders, and he’s one of them and nothing more.

    1. How is this show different from Football Monday, Football Tuesday, Football Wednesday or Football Thursday?

  26. I agree. He changed since he left WIP. He is a huge douche. Joe DeCamera swears he is jaws 2.0 because he watched a little film. And Gargano has flipped the script. And MCW LOOKS LIKE Kathy Griffin on roids. Why is she even there?

  27. Where is Sean Brace on this list? He doesn’t even get an “honorable mention?!” I smell bullshit!

  28. “visually i see”-comment by barrett brooks, yesterday-the second coming of g-cobb-
    who is the bigger douche-salpal, jaws or joe dicamera?
    is kathy orr shaved?

  29. Whatever happen to the fanatic girls that would go around promoting the station

  30. Honestly all of our sports radio is putrid at the moment. I listens to this “segment” and it was god awful. Inness came out looking like the biggest p*ssy there is. He made himself look like a bigger baffoon than he already is.

    Also I didn’t think Jon Marks could get any worse, but my god. This guy has not original thought, beer shuts his mouth, and is now embodying Gargano. Setiously, he does that Anthony excited voice all the time now. He’s not doing it to be funny, he just does it now because he’s an unoriginal hack who mimicks the people he works with. Can’t believe he’s still on the air

    1. Marks got dumbed down by Sean Brace. At one time he had potential. Now, he needs to be let go and work elsewhere. He can salvage his career, but not here.

  31. Innes referring to Harry Mayes as Milton from “Office Space” was radio gold. Mayes is a poor man’s Bob Charry, on the WIP B-team station.

  32. Jay Mohr does sports now i see. did you know he changed his name to Jon Ferguson Cox Mohr ? very interesting. and how is he married to Nikki Cox ??? riddle me that.

  33. Joe D’Cammara? All the nonsense that comes out of his mouth makes me look like I have been a professional talk show host for years. The other night when he and his nasal voice interrupted Jaws and Mike Mayock was classic Joe D. In fact, they both laughed and were like let the captain speak. How this guy is on radio is beyond me. IKE at NIGHT was radio gold compared to the Joe D. 4 hour festival of rambling on and on an on and on…

    1. typical Joe D…..
      “let me start off by making these two points”………
      15 minutes later……….”Point 14……Riley Cooper can’t play……..Point 15…….blah blah blah”

  34. Innes is being crippled by Spike Eskin deadweight. Dude has failed at every radio station he’s worked at. His dad’s name came only take him so far. Get rid of that bum! What a tool.

  35. Why is Jason Myrtetus still on the air? Also, how can you be a “boss” for a sports radio station when you know nothing about sports except for hockey. He also seems like a caveman who hates his wife and anything that isn’t part of a white suburban life. Overall, he’s a douchebag.

  36. Hey guys! Be sure to listen to Ray and I this Saturday! Ray will talk football and I’ll talk about food, movies, and of course, what diddingers balls taste like! Because you all want to hear it!

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