Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

At least, that’s what I imagine was going through impressively in control deer Sam Bradford’s head when he pumped his hoof in celebration after the Eagles gained what should’ve been a game-clinching first down. What did I tell you? Miracle Week in Philadelphia. Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, DeSean Jaccson, Snow Bowl– all this week. Never a doubt. All day. They had this game all day. That depleted, broken down Patriots team was ripe – glowing in an oversaturated hue and softening on the outside – for their second straight loss, with a relatively short week, playing the Eagles and Chip Kelly, who had 10 days to prepare. Fuck off, Boston. Nice try with the bullshit, cocky-ass gadgetry. Nice idea to kick onsides to a 4-7 team, up 14, at home, in the first half. Nothing like unnecessarily lighting a fire under a team that couldn’t find a spark to ignite the noxious gases wafting ‘neath their bum asses the last three weeks. I’d love, love to hear Eagles sideline audio after that. “THEY DON’T RESPECT US! THEY DON’T RESPECT US!” Suddenly, the Birds had something to play for… and followed it up with 35 unanswered points, the first time that’s ever happened in the Belichick-Brady era.

Oh, and how’d that arrogant decision to go for the jugular after the silly trick play work out? Let’s just heave it up to one of our scab bullshit receivers and stomp the Eagles right out of this one now that we got them doubting themselves again. Great call, asshat. Not even Merrill Reese can believe you made Byron Maxwell look good on the ensuing interception.

Let’s have the league assign inept Pete Morelli and Co., including Belichick’s 8th grade dance partner…

Voila_Capture 2015-12-06_11-21-49_PM

… to tilt the field in the Pats’ favor with 600 penalties against the Eagles, including the downright odd decision not to call a live ball on what should’ve been an Amendola fumble but was ruled incomplete. Doesn’t matter. Interception a few plays later.

All day. Had it all day. And yet, even after the game obnoxious Bostonians struggled to compute defeat. D-E-F, ah, they don’t understand:

If there was fifth quarter. Print this ??.

And look, I hate to say I told you so but no I actually don’t at all. Amy Fadool and Michael Barkann are reading the wrong websites:

Yours oh so truly last Sunday and today on BGN Radio on 97.5 with John Barchard and James Seltzer:

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Last Sunday:

“My opinion, Patriots right now, right now, at this point in the season, are the worst 10-0 team of all-time. Barely squeaked by the Giants. Tough game against the Bills, they won largely in part to Danny Amendola having a big day. I believe he is out today. The Broncos I think are better with Brock Osweiler. Gonna go with the Broncos here to cover and win outright and start the first of a two-game slide for the Patriots. Yes. Yes. 10-2 after next week, the Patriots will be.”


“If you recall, last week I said the Patriots were gonna lose, the first of a two-game losing streak. The Eagles have had 9+ days to prepare. Patriots played on Sunday night, bit of a short week. The Gronk injury. Banged up offense. No options for Tom Brady. Little bit of a trap here. Eagles win. Eagles win. These guys don’t get up for anything. If they’re still human and there’s one game they’re going to get up for, it’s a Patriots game on the road. These guys still have pride… now they’re also probably playing for some contracts. I’m gonna need my own theme music if they win.”

I have already request Macklemore’s Downtown. Hit it:

Never a doubt.