RADIO WARS: Andy Bloom Has Been Fired By WIP

The maestro has emerged from a pile of diapers and baby ogling (mom and baby are doing great!) to bring you this very important holiday update: signals intelligence has picked up word that WIP Operations Manager Andy Bloom has been fired. A source tells me he has not been reassigned within CBS and ties with the company have been completely severed.

The timing makes sense. It’s, for all intents and purposes, the last Friday of the year, and as great cinema has taught us: it’s always better to fire people on a Friday, because studies have statistically shown that there’s less chance of an incident if you do it at the end of the week.

In July, David Yadgaroff was named VP of CBS Philly. Some believed it could spell the end for Bloom, who was hired by Yadgaroff’s predecessor, Marc Rayfield.

What does this mean? Well, probably not great things for Josh Innes sticking around long-term. His contract was picked up, but he was Bloom’s guy and given a long leash with which to do his sometimes-sports thing. I’m assuming a successor will not be as lenient as Bloom. One would wonder if Josh would even want to stick around. A general turmoil has surrounded the station since he came on-board, and most of Bloom’s decisions since can be traced to Innes’ presence. Earlier in the year, Bloom called me an asshole and a fraud – on the air – for my reporting on the matter, specifically with regard to Rob Ellis, then with WIP, learning of his demotion on this site. It would indeed by ironic if that’s how Bloom found out today… but I doubt it.

We’ll have more later. MUSIC BABY:


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  1. How fat is Joe Younes? How many people will he scam with his handicapping site? And why does Sean Brace comb his hair with a dish rag?

    1. This is all because of the huge rating drop ever since Josh Innes got on the air. 97.5 has consistently dominated the ratings in that time slot. Mike Miss has owned Josh Innes, this is the nail in the coffin. Josh Innes has totally failed in Philadelphia.

        1. Yeah because the boss of the radio station always gets fired when the ratings are GOOD! Are you an idiot? The reason he got fired is because the station he was in charge of is on the decline and CBS is trying not to let this coke addled loser destroy it any further. Now that Innes doesn’t have someone to keep him from melting down, he will be the next out the door. WIP will go through a complete afternoon rebuild.

          1. Stupid facts. Josh increased Wip afternoon ratings. He blew Gargano numbers away. He is beating Missanelli month after month. Stupid facts.

          2. No, the truth is that Josh Innes numbers have always been way lower than Missanelli’s. This is why it is a lot more expensive to run adds on his show and why it’s so cheap to run them on the Innes show.

      1. Huge ratings drop???? What are you reading???? Josh has beaten Mike in every single ratings release! This town needed a breath of fresh air, and that is Josh! Mike is so played out. If anything, Josh will leave 94.1 and go on to something National, like Sirius, or espn.

          1. Did you watch Seinfeld re-runs last night? That’s a violation. Alt music is cool.

            Want your general knowledge question now? LeBron!


        1. Fresh Air and Josh Innes don’t belong in the same sentence. His schtick is so lame and old it is embarrassing.

      2. Can’t stand ya, shander. you manage to yell when talking about phillies farm prospects/spring training, your voice is shrill and annoying. you need to be beaten within an inch of your life and have your voicebox removed. that is all

    2. fire that brown nosing maggot anthony gargano.
      enough of his overhyped voice ‘Yeeaaaaahhhhhhhh’ schtick and name dropping.
      It got old after 2 days.
      and that asswipe mikey miss should go back to being a djay…in sheithole montana.

  2. But he’s a media mogul! And always works with the utmost of professionalism!

    Good riddance, d-bag.

  3. This is a good first step to removing the stank on that station.

    I used to hate 97.5, but was forced to listen because of the alternative. Hopefully we’ll get some decent choice back.

    1. Same here. A couple years ago I would listen all through work, and on the ride home. Now, the Macnow/Diddy weekend show.

        1. agreed. they lost me when they would start with old school nba (about players that 90% of us have never heard of) talk on eagles sunday mornings before a game. You see the eagles own the town during the season and especially on sunday mornings for God’s sake – who the hell is running that station?

    1. This is all part of Kyle’s grand scheme to get us to pay for his site. Buy a subscription and have the ability to hide Jim stories.

      1. Anyone who’s successful and taking life serious. Go ahead wack that line you’ll feel better about yourself

  4. Congrats and welcome back! Glad to hear Mom and baby are doing great!

    Its also great to see you back because the site has been awful to read all week with Jim “leading” the way. Your less than 2 week old baby could write better and wittier than Jim on his best day.

    1. Jolly got shit canned too? Please tell me he did, that would be the greatest Christmas gift of ALL TIME!!!

  5. But I’m the guy that brought Howard Stern to town 50 years ago. How dare they fire me.
    Anybody know where I can score an eight ball?

    1. I once hired a bunch of Stern clones. Until O & A screwed up and messed up my plan to make the station awful.

        1. Eh, it depends on what you mean by NE Philly. If you are going by the old “West of Front, North of Allegheny” definition of where Northeast Philadelphia starts, everything South of Cottman has been taken over by the plague. North of Cottman you still have signs of HUMAN life.

          1. Everything south of cottman to levick is fine you’re a fucking pussy. And even south of levick isn’t really bad, just bitches like you acting like these mouls actually have any say in the matter, they don’t own the houses, they can’t afford the northeast and they don’t stick around

          2. To the guy below me who I can’t respond to, I have no respect for the moul, but they are a volitile bunch. Fortunately for me I have the money to have been gone a LONG time ago, so I don’t see the North American N@gro in the wild too often any more. Its not worth it to me to go below Cottman, the bars on Frankford all suck, full of old heads who never left high-school in their minds and never left the block physically. Its all yours bro, turn the lights out when you are the last to leave.

  6. Ding dong the cokehead is dead. Good riddance and Happy Hannukah.

    Andy Bloom was the chief architect in running a once great radio station in the ground. And it all started when plucked that fat slob from the bread lines in Houston. The new boss is going to come in, see what a fat pain the ass Innes is, see his horrible relationship with everyone and staff, and most importantly, see his ratings lower than Mike Miss. And he’s going to tell that fat slob to GET LOST.

    At that point, I return to listening to that station in the afternoon. So, Joshie, you fat slob, better stock up on your twinkies now you fat idiot. Your job will be GONE in a year. Fat.

  7. If i didn’t create a war against 97.5 and trash every host there without even knowing any of them- maybe I would have an opportunity to work there or someone else.

    But, what I did was trash my current co-workers along with my competition to get ratings. I thought if it worked for Howard Stern, it could work for me. I was wrong

    Much like Nick Kayal, I screwed myself. I am so fat.

  8. Kyle,please come back, I am to the point where I won’t click on any links to the site because I know they are written by Jim. BTW I hate kweers

  9. Josh’s show is great radio. They better keep him because he is the only thing relevant in Philly sports. What they hell are people going to talk about after the football season?!? I love this city, but so few care or understand sports outside of the city limits any way so Josh is perfect.

    1. I turned on WIP the other day for the first time in months. Innes was talking about going down on his girlfriend. I lasted for about 15 seconds. It was riveting stuff.

      1. Yeah I checked in on 94.1 while the other stations were on commercial breaks and heard that conversation. I felt physically ill.

  10. I wonder what im going to do if Josh is no longer on the air. I’ll continue to hide behind fake names and trash people.
    Oh, and I live with my parents.

  11. Well, I’m happy that Andy is gone and Josh will probably be fired.

    Im sad that I will probably not get the 30k they owe me.

  12. I’ve had it with the coloreds in this city. Some monkey broke into my car near Temple and took my stereo. Forget deporting the wet backs, the coloreds need to go first.


  14. Good riddance to bad rubbish. As someone else stated, never gave 97.5 the time of day. That changed over the past two years as WIP has become wretched. Weekends with Mac&Diddy are the only worthwhile radio to listen to. I’m sure if 97.5 had an overnight, or solid weekends, I’d pick that over WIP as well, but the local guys are better than ESPN crap.

    Basically, Jolly sucks, Inness really sucks, Angelo and Rita are the worst and Bloom is a hack.

    1. Some of them are together. It’s one stop shopping for that loser.

  15. I’m tired of cleaning the shitters at Pitcher’s Pub. How would Philly feel about me back on the air?!

    1. Thought you had moved back to whatever white trash town you grew up in you fucking bald wigger,.

  16. Yo tank they fired that tool andy.Tank hehehehe yeah well insert new word hollis learned here. Spike i hate my dad. Josh you know Les Miles is great. And scene.

  17. I’m sure the alleged rehab stint along w Bruno leaving while on top (had to be more to the story) 975 morn show gaining steam and the fact most people at the station despise Bloom had alot to do with it… not to mention cbs did budget cuts today…if I was new operations manager first course of business find out when harry mayes contract is up .. then back the truck up for Tony Bruno and reunite them.

    1. Bruno and Mayes back together would be great but I think Bruno may have burned his last bridge when he quit WIP and bitched publicly about the 30K.

    2. That would be fuckin’ awesome! Tony and Harry were appointment radio every day. Worst thing that ever happened was 97.5 letting Tony go.

    1. Dude if that’s true, well I hope that gave u a shot of self worth. Straight up clown

    2. This is my favorite comment of all time. I have never watched one of the movies, so I”m not sure if this is accurate or not, but this is tremendous if it truly spoiled it.

  18. If Yadgaroff was smart, he would engineer getting rid of the over the hill gang. Cataldi, Morongonti and Eskin. That’s two hundred years of age right there. Rhea, Reese and Barkann are to follow and bring in fresh blood. Agree with the others, Didinger and Macccnow is the only show worth listening. Also, can Wing Bowl. I know it makes money for CBS, but it caters to the white trash crowd and quite frankly is an embarrassment and a car wreck.

    1. Not trying to be disrespectful here… but most radio stations would die for a promotion like wing bowl… it generates a ton of money through adds .. pre appearance remotes the weeks before.. after parties remotes…. it gets the station local free add times on all the major local news broadcasts and it even gets national recognition (on tmz and other shows focasing on city traditions) this event will never die unless people become uninterested. .

  19. Kyle! You returned! I was getting scared that you had left to go help the DNC, got committed, or Jim killed you. Glad you have returned.

    1. …And forgot about the baby. Good health to you all (the other options are still possible though in the future).

  20. Thank god ur back…I like that jim puts out alot of stories when you’re gone. He states facts, then his take. Not enough personality. His posts are good they just need a little extra. I dont know who I like better kyle or drew magary. Your up there bo!

    1. The old WYSP had WAY better ratings that WIP does on 94.1. Everyone likes music, and likes to laugh. People in Philadelphia with more than one brain cell and more than a few cents in their pocket know that sports talk radio here is a bug light for unemployable trash of all colors. Someone needs to get these ratings and compare them to 2005 WYSP.

  21. Without getting into specifics, Josh will not be back from his 2 week “vacation.” Stay tuned for upcoming announcement in the days ahead.

    1. I positively don’t believe this rumor. I have been hearing this for the past year and Innes is still here.

  22. Jodddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Mmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. It sounds like it was just budget cuts. my guess is that little spike will take on some of Bloom’s responsibilities b/c he is much cheaper and probably more of a “yes man.”

    1. more like someone figured out this clown fucked over WIP worse than Chip picked over the Eagles.

  24. PAUL JOLOVITZ FAN CLUB PRESIDENT is out of touch, uninformed and probably unemployed.

      1. Guys, I just want to start off and say a couple things before I get to the phone lines. 610 632 0975, 610 632 0975. Jaws and I met up Tuesday and reviewed the film like we always do and I can tell you right now it wasn’t good. When it comes down to it John Calipari’s egg farts are simply awful. They just flat out are. Jaws has been reviewing farts for over 40 years now and he told me “Joe, I’ve smelled beef farts, I’ve smelled beer farts, and I’ve even smelled cheese farts…but by far Calipari’s egg fart is the worst.” Tonight I want all of us to put our opinions to the side and simply just figure out why is this way. So let me just touch on a couple things and we’ll get to the phone lines, 610 632 0975. 610 632 0975.

  25. Clean House at WIP Now!!! If CBS wants to save $$$’s Cataldi & Gonna Rhea (With her hideous gargled with Schuykill Water Voice on the Show and all day ads) Gone!!! Jack-In-The Box Barkann that needs a Strait Jacket to reign in his flailing arms and bobbing head, GONE!!. Josh Innes who alienated everyone at the Station, GONE !!!. Big Daddy Graham’s Overnight Infomercial, GONE !! Wing Bowl has Jumped The Shark, Nobody Cares, It’s Real Old. That Day it’s great radio but the 2 Months of Promotion Leading In Suck!. If CBS wants to save $’s just simulcast National CBS SportsRadio from 10AM -6PM, Morganti & Farzetta & Keith Jones can Handle Mornings. Adam Reigner is actually better than the 3 Stooges in the Afternoon although maybe Josh’s Dog Luther would be a good sidekick and better then Hollis or Spike

    1. Do you really think Big Daddy gets paid? Also, Moronganti can’t even put together a complete thought. What is that stupid laugh thing he does?

      1. I get “paid” a subsistence income along with the right to plug away all my stupid comedy and quizzo gigs, just like Jackie Martling.

  26. Will somebody please fire Jeff McLane, please! He is like a young Marcus Hayes with less charm, if that’s even possible.

  27. Congrats, Cuz Bots and other meatheads. You finally did it, running Josh Innes out of town, the only interesting person on radio in this city. Finally, back to clowns who will stroke our teams year round, who provide no content other than talking about the Cowboys and their fans. I’m sure that’ll be fun to listen to for 6 months until training camp!

  28. Bloom’s firing was a long time coming and self-inflicted. You don’t bait a sports blogger on the air, calling him an a$$hole then retreat to headquarters to do more blow. Also, he cans Eskin in 2011 (a long overdue move), but lets him hang around as a part timer because the Burger King begged him to let him do something to save face. Eskin and his geezer friend, Caltaldi, both almost 65, are total embarrassments with the latter doing his dirty old man shtick to tramps and trolips daily, all with Bloom’s approval. Don’t know what Bloom would consider a bigger disaster of his creation. His Innes hiring, the supposed second coming of Stern or his WPHT idea of running a conservative talk station in a market of Marxists, socialist, progressives and the other cancers of Hillary lovers. Thank God, Bloom has his cadre of snake oil salesmen to keep proping up PHT. The Bloom circus is over, but the clowns remain in place.

  29. These shit afternoon shows force me to listen to Mike Francesa talk about teams I hate because the 2nd rate hucksters offer zero insight into the teams I love. Mikes stuck in 1995 & Innes spends more time talking about his dog than he does the Eagles. Back afta this.

  30. Mike Missanelli is a white guilt, wannabe soprano hipster who looks forward to eating refried beans just so he can innodate himself with his flatulence.

  31. Six degrees of Spike Eskin. Everybody that has been fired or demoted at WIP has has been somehow or in some way replaced by my sniveling back stabbing talent less son Spike Eskin. He has dirt on everyone at WIP and will soon own that station

  32. I wouldnt be surprised if that christmas party they had for Tank where they brought strippers in and had him sucking maple syrup off their nipples had somethiing to do with his firing.

  33. Dear slow people,

    As the new boss, my easiest decision is to keep the guy that has had the best afternoon ratings in years, for this station. My problem is the morning show. Do you really think I care is some some punk in a row house is upset that Josh is from somewhere else and fat? The advertisers love him. You don’t matter. Good luck finding a parking spot.

  34. This is a good thing. I used to like JI when he was on in the evenings. When he started his new spot in the afternoons, i think it got to his head and since then I just can’t stand him. Loud af. And his laugh omg his laugh. Fingernails on a chalkboard 10x. And pls, get rid of barkann as well. Dude is always cutting Ike off to take a commercial break. Always ends the show early. Always wants to make a joke about everything. And to top it off, he really doesn’t sound that knowledgeable about the birds outside the basic current stuff. Cataldi is a creepy old guy that I wouldn’t be surprised if he showed up on the show predators. But thats ok bc i listen to the fanatic morning show. I actually like the cuz. JM he’s ok. Mcw I like her lil quips. But back to the bloom firing. Hopefully this while be the turning point for the better for WIP.

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