Report: Jason Peters Pulled Himself From Game

No surprise here. When manbian Dennis Kelly came in late to replace Peters it was obvious that JP was out to prevent further injury to his banged up body. Can’t blame him. Why risk what’s left of a great career for that dreck?

That said, I feel we’re going to see a lot more stuff like this. Sure, we’ve heard the Sounds of Discontent for a few months now. But when you have a season like this – an out and out disaster relative to expectation – there’s always something else, some watershed locker room event that best explains the awfulness. I’m waiting for that other shoe to drop.



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    1. No one EVER reveals their sources, pussy! That’s how its done.

      Peters QUIT on the team, while still collecting his money for doing nothing (just like all year, except more blatant in this game).

  1. Um, I wouldn’t call this season a disaster relative to expectation. Results this year have been in line with expectations. This was an obviously flawed team in the offseason. Not sure what people were expecting to be different.

    1. Yeah, all the smart guys like you knew that after 2 10-6 seasons that 7-9 would be the Eagles’ ceiling this year. Idiot.

      1. I called 8-8; 7-9 at best, A few people on here did. Kool Aid Drinking dolts like you and Kyle “I’m worried about the stress of covering a Super Bowl run and having a newborn in the house” Scott were in the majority though.

  2. You play to WIN THE GAME! I’m watching the 6-9 Rams playing like champions in Seattle, and they look like champions. They are winning, and winning big. They have nothing to play for, except their pride. They will exit that stadium with their heads held high, regardless of the outcome of the game. Jason Peters is a POS with no allegiance to anyone but himself. You PLAY TO WIN THE GAME tough guy.

  3. You guys aren’t going to take a Howard Eskin “source” story seriously are you? I would rather loan Lenny Dykstra money the take any Howard Eskin “source” story with anything other then a grain of salt. What it really means is retard is making shit up just to have something to talk about.

    1. I’m not believing it because the Burger King said so, I’m believing it because this isn’t the first time this year that Peters has goldbricked.

  4. Sad that chip Kelly will be here next year because of the cheap con artist passive aggressive owner

  5. “Can’t blame him. Why risk what’s left of a great career for that dreck?”

    Then why play the game at all? Its not like the dude sat out the last series, motherfucker sat out almost THE ENTIRE SECOND HALF. Despite whatever issues JP has with the coach, he quit on his team and essentially quit on the fans who were still holding onto hope that they could pull off this game in the third quarter.

    Dude is POS who doesnt deserve to suit up with players like Demeco Ryans and Bradford who have also had injury issues and are still out there trying to win the game. Having this POS on the team is an embarassment and the complete opposite of what philadelphia is all about. When the going gets tough, quit because whats the point?

    Kyle, did you forget where you are writing a sports blog? This isn’t Tulsa OK buddy. I’m sure you have articles on here killing J-Roll for not running out a pop up down 6-0 in the 8th but praising Utley for being a hard nosed player.

    Ship Peters out on the next boat and move Lane over to LT. Quitters should never be tolerated in this town.

  6. Wasn’t there a parade scheduled after beating Green Bay in a preseason game that the Packers mailed in? Guess the teams that laid 40 on them forgot to get that message.

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