Stephen A. Smith Doubles Down on “Chip is Uncomfortable with Black Players” Story

Stephen A. Smith is off of First Take this week (woooo), but he’s not off of TV (booo) calling into the C-team staffed Mike and Mike this morning to talk about Chip Kelly again. As predicted, he went back to the “players stopped me on the street randomly to tell me Chip was uncomfortable with black players” story.

So here’s his scenario: A group of players (they all roll together, I guess) were driving around 15th and Spring Garden for some reason, saw Stephen A. Smith, and instead of avoiding him like the plague, they stopped, got out of the car, walked over to him, and proceeded to give the world’s biggest loudmouth their opinions. “He doesn’t seem to be a guy who is comfortable with us,” the presumably black players presumablt told Stephen A., and then hopped back in their car and scooted away. I guess.

Smith also called into Action News last night and talked a bit about it, but saved the good stuff for ESPN. Oddly, earlier in the year he told a very similar story about “brothas” on the streets of Philadelphia stopping him and voicing their concerns about Chip Kelly. Is it really possible that both random black Eagles fans and black Eagles players keep seeing Stephen A. Smith on the street and the first thing they think to do is bend his ear about Kelly’s ostensible racism?

On a side note, I think Stephen A. gets his haircut at Classic Barber and Beauty. So if a clown car full of players wants to complain about the next coach, that’s where he can be found.


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    1. Why is this ignorant racist still allowed to pollute the media?
      I hope he is just another victim of black on black crime ASAP.

    1. What’s the point of this??? We all have knows chips a racist for almost a year now this is not news

  1. anyone that uses a middle initial to say their name is a certified clown. This guy is the absolute worst. Sideways burn: I feel like Nova grads would do something like this as well, “Hi I’m Ryan F. Arcidicano. I’m here for my Uzbekistan Basketball League tryout, but I’m kind of a big deal.”

  2. Anyone else find Ray Didingers stack of papers in front of him annoying? Dude there’s no way you have that much notes

  3. Coaches today only have a problem with problem players,on field,off field, lockerroom. That,it

  4. Why is the guy still on the air makes no sense. I’m not sure who is louder on-air, him or Josina Anderrson.

  5. Back in 1867 I owned the rights to Stephen A’s great great great grandpappy. I tendered his rights to a North Carolina Mandingo fighter for 3 chickens and a spare wagonwheel.

  6. Stephan A be like “Lurie better hire a black coach…….or I’ll drop that m****f*****.”

    1. He’ll have to interview at least one spear chukker….#RooneyRule…thanks you old fuck…there are plenty of fucking monkeys on the field..leave the coaching to us honkeys!!

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