The Eagles Can’t Be Forced to Be on Hard Knocks next Year

Photo credit: Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, I joked in the Chip Kelly firing post that at least the Eagles couldn’t be on Hard Knocks now. Some people seemed to think, on Twitter, that it could have factored into Chip’s firing. That’s insane. Still, either way, they’re now disqualified.

HBO and the NFL struck a deal a couple of years ago that laid out rules for who and who cannot be forced to participate in Hard Knocks (anyone can volunteer). Those exemptions are as follows:

1. Teams that have appeared on Hard Knocks in the last 10 years.
2. Teams with new head coaches.
3. Teams that have made the playoffs in either of the last two years.

Check number 2 off of the Eagles’ list now, and scratch ever seeing Chip Kelly on Hard Knocks (at least in the next two to three years) off of any plans you have.


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  1. People laugh at jokes. Nothing your write is funny. Therefore, nothing you write is a joke. Well it’s all a “joke” but not in the humorous vein.

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