The Eagles Owe their Fight to Chip Kelly and Jeffrey Lurie

Photo Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Just a few weeks ago, the “Chip Kelly has lost the locker room” reports started rolling in, and things didn’t look good for the team in general. They’re on a bit of a roll now – though let’s be honest, they still aren’t great – and Malcolm Jenkins said that’s thanks to Chip Kelly  and Jeffrey Lurie.

Speaking to Harry Mayes and Rob Ellis today (transcript via Matt Lombardo), Jenkins gave credit to the coach:

“After Thanksgiving, Chip really set the tone as far as our attitude moving forward. He basically talked about how he believed we were a good team. He wasn’t just saying that because he was the coach and it sounds like the good thing to say. He said it because he’s been on the sideline. He’s watched us make plays. He’s seen us do everything that everyone outside of the building is saying we can do. He basically re-emphasized the fact that he believes in us maybe more than we believe in ourselves …

Guys believed. We saw the opportunity that we had and the challenge of going into Foxborough and beating a really good Patriots team that never loses at home. We also knew the consequences of winning that game and what that could do for our season and where it could put us. From there, you started to see the leadership as far as the players start to emerge. More players have been vocal and a lot more present in the locker room than it’s been all year.”

And about Jeffrey Lurie getting into it before and after the Patriots game? Jenkins says it wasn’t much of a speech, but something more personal:

“It wasn’t really a motivational speech. He basically walked around to every player and told us individually that he wanted us to play with anger and play with passion. He said ‘don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Don’t worry about being right or wrong. At the end of the day, play with passion and emotion.’ I think at the end of the day that really trickled down to that Patriots game being a really fired up game. It was one with a lot of emotional swings and momentum swings. It all carried through.”

Just two weeks out from asking if Jeffrey Lurie was gonna fire Chip Kelly – due to Chip losing the team – we’re looking at two men working together to drag this team into the playoffs if they can. They’re still a sub .500 team, but Seattle did some damage as one, so why can’t they?

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16 Responses

  1. Dave Spadaro looks at this shitty Chip Kelly propaganda site and blushes.

    The Eagles “Fight”? Hilarious. They barely beat a decimated Patriots team on a short week mainly due to special teams play and a fluky interception and then at home they beat a team just as bad as they are but more self destructive….by three whole points. The Eagles offense was nonexistent in the second half and the defense was helped out by the Bills constantly shooting themselves in the foot with their boneheaded plays and penalties.

    Let’s see what fight they have against Arizona.

    1. You may be the most annoying commentor on here, which is quite an accomplishment. So because Tom Brady throws a redzone pick six it’s a fluke play Why? The Patriots had a 14 point lead at home. Havent lost a game like that since 2001. But they were DECIMATED! So many injuries! So it shouldn’t count. Special teams TDs are fluke TDs? Is that not part of the game? And they only beat the Bills by 3 whole points??? Who gives a fuck. They won. They were only favored by 1 point in that game to begin with. Just stop being a fan, seriously.

      1. Dude or whatever it is commenting is definitely in top three of annoying motherfuckers. Play itself wasn’t a fluke…but all three plays combined was like lightning striking coupled with fact that bunch of weapons hurt all combined. Eagles played them on the right day. Win is a win. But perspective is what matters.

    2. Then why did you pick Buffalo to win then, smart guy?

      you really are a miserable human being

      How much are the Eagles going to lose by this week genius?

      1. I picked the Eagles over Buffalo for the reason the Eagles won. Buffalo is mediocre, playing on the road and coached by a moron. I also knew McCoy would come up small like he usually does in big moments.

        And yeah the INT was a fluke. Bounced off two guys into Jenkins hands with no one in front of him for 100 yards except old man Brady.

        I don’t give a shit if a bunch of mouth breathers, many of whom a racist twits or Mike Missanelli fans are annoyed that I don’t buy into Chip Kelly’s bullshot and I call Kyle out for his propaganda.

        1. Cindy thinks she is tough because she “calls people out” on the internet. Cindy spends a lot of time repeating herself. Poor chick.

  2. The eagles are great entertainment, from the perspective that it’s a blast to watch the fans flip flop and twist in the wind with every single win or loss. They are a 500 team, with a coach who’s in over his head as his own GM. that’s what they are and that’s not going to cut it in the NFL. Here come the wins at the end of the season to help knock them down in the draft just enough to miss out on a player who could really change their franchise. Jeff Lurie is a crook. The fans are knuckle dragging morons and the coach tips his plays to the rest of the league. Here comes another decade of misery and almost relevant.

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