Jahlil Okafor’s Dad Allegedly Harassed Brett Brown from the Stands Last Night

Jahlil Okafor’s dad was all smiles on draft night despite earlier reports that Okafor, like just about every other potential draft pick, didn’t want the Sixers to take him. Since then, we’ve seen Jahlil get discouraged, and then we saw him beat the shit out of people on a Boston street. Last night, in LA, his father was apparently riding Brett Brown pretty hard.

Here’s (verified!) tweeter Michael Weber, a screewriter in LA and, unfortunately, a Sixers fan:


After the game, Okafor’s father took a shot at the Eskins (more fun!) after Spike tweeted about his behavior at the game:


And that was followed by Kendall Marshall’s father, Dennis, [Kendall Marshall is a Sixer] tweeting the following screed, accusing the Sixers of racism:

Voila_Capture 2016-01-03_04-31-17_PM

Things are going great!


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  1. Hey Kyle, I'm done banging your baby. Ask salty the name of the Eagles db who had an interception for a touchdown. says:

    I triple dog dare you.

  2. Pretty ballsy to accuse someone of racism in the NBA. I have absolutely no idea why Sauce Castillo is playing. He’s awful, but racism never crossed my mind.

    All these Dads talking bullshit is taking me back to my days in the Sonny Hill League / AAU. The Sixers need to get this nonsense under control.

  3. So he means just like how the nfl so badly wants a black QB to do well. Except I got fired when I said something to that affect

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    1. MIkey Miss caters to n1ggers. I hope his daughter comes hone with one and he becomes just another victim of black crime.

  5. 97.5 the Fanatic just ran a spanish-only commercial on the station about cancer, what I could gather from listening ( I was not streaming; I was listening to the radio). Has this been the norm for that station? To air spanish commercials? I only ask because I never heard an english station carry foreign language commercials and I don’t listen to 97.5 regularly.

  6. I have to add this. Your country is changing before your eyes and you do nothing about it. Why would 97.5 now have commercials in spanish? Because the country is inundated with them and the advertisers realize it. I have to laugh at this point because you stupid fucks keep voting democrat. Keep voting this way and live in your cubicle at work following fantasy football. We all will need to speak spanish because of the illegal invasion and your inability to go beyond sports and be involved in the future of this country.

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