Jason Kelce Agrees with Me on Lane Johnson Being a Big Baby

Well, well, well. What do we have here?

Lane Johnson was eager to pile on Chip Kelly after he left and complain about the grueling practices (this despite Chip’s predecessor being famous for overworking players in training camp). At the time, I called Lane a spineless jellyfish in a post that was met with an unusual amount of criticism in the comments and on Twitter. “Get off Lane Johnson’s back. At least he has the guts to say something.” “Kyle you are way off base here. At least he has the balls to say something. How many guys on this team refuse to comment?” “Kyle honestly, go fuck yourself.” 

It appears one person, one player, is on my side, however.

Here’s Jason Kelce on WIP’s Players Lounge show last night laying into Johnson’s comments:

“Although it may seem that we’re working harder, I thought that Chip and the strength staff actually did an outstanding job of scaling back practices,” Kelce said Monday on the 94WIP Players’ Lounge Show when asked if the team got weary because of Kelly’s practice regiment. “We had a number of practice that were scaled back in time. We had a number of practices where we put no pads on in the middle of the season — they tried to give us like bye weeks almost. We were still out there at practice, but we weren’t banging. I couldn’t be further on the opposite spectrum of this.”

“I mean, I love Lane Johnson to death,” Kelce continued, “But he’s only played for one head coach. How does he know the way other teams practice? His only mindset is on what other guys say and what other guys say — they might come in and think that they’re working hard and maybe they’re just getting older. I mean who knows? I can tell you this. When we had Andy Reid, training camp was a lot harder than when we had Chip Kelly.”

“This is like one of the most pampered practice schedules I’ve been a part of to tell you truth,” Kelce said. “If I’m being honest, I think that we have massages, we have all these things put in place — we have smoothies. We have daily questionnaires. ‘How are you feeling today?’ Well dude, you’re gonna go out there and practice. So I think, quite honestly, some of these guys are a little pampered. I don’t want to get started on this, it really bugs me.”

Yes, I do remember that time.

Hear Kelce talk about Johnson.

Kelce also mentioned the defense’s focus on stripping the ball, something I wrote about after Week 7. I don’t know why you’d read any other site.

This is why I’ll defend Kelce even after some bad snaps– dude doesn’t make excuses, says what he thinks, isn’t afraid to call out teammates with what is obviously an unpopular opinion. Also, his beard.

This is probably the part where Kelce tweets me and tells me he wasn’t calling Lane Johnson a “big baby.” That’s my wording, not his. Obviously.


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  1. Kelce is an everyman. If you were one of the original people bashing kyle for his story about lane johnson I challenge you to comment on this story and prove Kyle and Kelce wrong.

    1. It’s pretty simple. They are two different arguments. Kyle said that Lane was a coward for ripping Chip Kelly after Kelly got fired.. Kelce is saying that Lane is a baby for crying about practice.

      Two different arguments.

      1. Lane cried about practice. Lane cried about the coach. Lane cried because the other team beat him.

        1. Yea, but none of those were Kyle’s argument.

          Kyle said that Lane Johnson was a coward for complaining about Chip Kelly after he got fired.

          It is two separate things.

    2. Kelce is not every man he’s just every gay man he’s a 180 pound center who gets pushed around like a little girl he’s just birth yet cause he knows his scrawny ass is out of the league now that chips not around to keep him and coop as his pet ball washers.

      1. Kelce was always out in front as the league blocker when we had shady. Chip ruined the offense with his play calling. Kelce will bounce back.

  2. Surprise surprise Kyle supports the opinion held by company man Jason Kelce. Oooooooh he has a beard! Ooooooooh he hangs in Sea Isle! Oooooooh! Go suck his dick you skinny hipster doofus

    1. How is the guy defending the coach his owner just fired a “company man.” I look forward to your reasoning here. The real company man cheated on his way-out-of-his-league wife.

      1. Kelce shouldn’t be talking shit on his teammate. Especially after he left more people up the middle this year than a K&A street walker.

        Who cheated on his wife? I don’t know that story. lane?

    2. I’m neither for or against Kyle in any way but you’re wrong on this one. The time course is: 1. Lane ripped Chip; 2. Kyle called out Lane as a Giant Puss; 3. CB readers ripped Kyle for being harsh on poor wittle Wane; 4. Kelce ripped Lane for being a Giant Puss. Kelce did more or less validate Kyle’s point, he can do with that as he wants.

  3. Kelce is the typical teachers pet. Get off lanes back!! Can’t blame lane for wanting to relax a bit at the end of the season

    1. Typically, a teacher’s pet would be wise enough to stop defending the teacher the principal just fired.

  4. I saw something last night that made me wonder about this team…..Eli Manning was being interviewed about Tom C leaving, and he said “Coach C did not fail, we failed him as players by not playing up to the level that he expected of us”. I saw Colin Kaepernick say similar things about the SF coach who got fired – and he was benched by the guy. Now, I am NOT trying to compare Chip to Coughlin, he did win two Super Bowls, but what I’m saying is, I didn’t hear one frickin Eagle state that he thought that they failed Chip Kelly and that they needed (and should have) to play better. So much easier to kick dirt on him and absolve themselves of any blame. This team is SOFT!

    1. Great point. After the bucs ran all over us I said why is this defense ok with the fact they are getting destroyed by teams? no self responsibility. Wr’s dropping balls…matthews said he worked on that but check out the last game he dropped an open field sure fire touchdown pass.

    2. Spot on, I think Kelly deserved to be fired, let’s get that out of the way. But it’s scary to think that these players probably feel zero responsibility or don’t feel as if they at least had a hand in it. How many passes did Kelly drop? How many times was it Kelly who jumped offsides or got called for holding negating a big play? Yea Chip brought in these guys, but that doesn’t excuse these players for how they performed on the field, neither does Chip’s coaching. This is the NFL, guys didn’t get to this level dropping pass and committing dumb penalties. As bad as Kelly was, these players lost games with their play on the field.

      Oh yea, Lane Johnson is full of shit and Kelce is %100 right. I’ve been to eagles practices with both Reid and Chip as coaches, and Chip’s practices mid-season are more akin to phillies spring training which is just a bunch of guys standing around catching balls, going through walk-thru’s, a lot of guys sit out if they are hurting or what not. Andy’s practices were known to have contact during the week and were full speed at times, but he also dialed it down to light workouts too. Let’s not forget Lane is also a guy who has already been suspended for Roids, bitched about fans booing him, and now seems to be an open book about everything in the locker room…..guy sounds like a fuckin rat to me and i wonder what his excuse will be next year with a new coach because he will have one. Just like Cary Williams before him who complained about practice being too hard…..i guess Pete Carroll practiced too hard too right Cary? If anything, Chip should have been harder on these dudes at practice.

  5. Yo. Just putting it out there I have decided to become an Uber driver. I figure i got nothing to do all day so I should drive people around. FYI, I still drive a Jeep like I am 21 so if you have a lot of bags, I cant help you.

    UBERInfluencer is here to stay.

  6. Whats the problem here? Lane Johnson IS a huge man baby. Sorry but he comes off sounding like a hairy vag. As for Kelce, I am looking forward to smashing beers with him this summer.

  7. Kyle – Do you remember when Kelce was a rookie and hated Philly and its fans? Of course you don’t. People that cut and paste never do. Any way, Kelce is another hipster loser that was drafted to fit Mudd’s system as part of Lurie’s late-to-mid life crisis when he dumped his wife for a young Asian and dumped his life long best friend. But that info probably doesn’t make it into your mom’s basement. – 23

  8. Kelce is a suck-up company man. Let’s see, he got along with, and communicated well with Chip? Oh wait. never mind… white.

  9. Well played Kyle, well played. Amazing how consistently patting yourself on the back gets recognition (and profits). But, then again, the Eagles players have been enabled to do this by their owner for quite some time, who just as coincidentally has the sheep fans fooled that he actually wants to win by being $20-30 million under the cap every year. It’s the domino effect of Philadelphia stupidity. I can’t wait to put an end to this.

    1. I blame the white trash season ticket holders from south philly for continuing to pay for a horrible product on the field

  10. both assholes for taking it public. regardless of the side either of them are on. united front. Fuck em both.

  11. I remember when you came up with those creative “Kelly Drive” shirts that were based on everyman Kelce wearing his everyday “Ocean Drive” shirt.
    I can’t believe someone bought them, or would accept it as a gift even if it was free.

  12. Difference is Lane Johnson will be here next year and Kelce may be in the CFL after his performance this year. So, who gives a shit what Kelce says.

  13. Kelce is a fraud who bullied a middle aged man who dared carry a “Fire Andy” sign. He is forever campaigning for his eventual 10-2 shift on WIP once the moron Eagles figure out he sucks.

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