Report: Doug Pederson Will Interview with the Eagles Early Next Week

Earlier today, Mark Eckel reported that Andy Reid is in Jeffrey Lurie’s ear trying to sell him on Doug Pederson, and little bit ago, Adam Caplan reported that the Eagles will interview him this week:

You can check all the latest updates on coaching candidates at a glance here or follow this tag for all the coaching search posts

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3 Responses

  1. Way too many posts on the Eagles search for a new coach.

    You guys are worst than the talking heads on local crsp talk radio.

    How about updating the people on Claude Giroux earning another trip to the nhl all-stsr game or Sixers assistant coach Mike D’antoni possibly heading back to Phoenix to replace Jeff Hornacek.

  2. At least it’s not a soccer post. Some weirdo beating another man with a sandal. Riveting shit

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