Report: The NFL Is Accusing the Eagles of Manipulating The Rooney Rule

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The NFL’s so-called Rooney Rule is named for Steelers owner Dan Rooney (and namesake of the other Mara girl):


The rule was established in his name because Rooney, as the chairman of the league’s diversity committee, had a long history of hiring African-Americans for leadership roles. Minority candidates have to be interviewed for coaching and executive openings, since the study showed that “black head coaches, despite winning a higher percentage of games, were less likely to be hired and more likely to be fired than their white counterparts.” There’s nothing wrong with the rule, but many times, it seems teams follow it just to get the minority interview out of the way before they get on to the real candidates, whatever color their skin may be.

According to Jason Cole, that’s exactly what the NFL thinks the Eagles did with their interview of Duce Staley. Cole reports that the league felt interviewing Staley “was a way to manipulate the Rooney Rule, [to] get around the rule quickly so they could hire whoever they wanted to right away and not give a legitimate interview to a minority candidate.”

I see what the NFL is saying here, but without being in on the interview (or talking to Duce), how do they know how legitimate or illegitimate the interview was? In response to the league, the Eagles reportedly said that Duce requested the interview himself, because he thought he was one of the best candidates for the job, and they felt obliged to give one of their own people an interview.

The NFL is right about one thing: Duce doesn’t seem like a legitimate candidate, but that doesn’t mean Roseman and Lurie didn’t go in with an open mind.

Kyle: Yeah, the NFL is likely spot-on here, but they can go pound sand. The rule is stupid. If a minority coach deserves the job, he’ll get it. Implementing a rule that one has to be interviewed – and have their time wasted if the team has no intention of hiring him (or her!) anyway – just to keep up with appearances patronizes minority coaches more than a few prejudiced owners over the years. Calling the Eagles out on it is about as hypocritical as it gets. Hey, you interviewed a black guy for appearances because you were following our rule, which says you have to interview a black guy for appearances. Come on.


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  2. flame emoji followed by flame emoji. Kyle you’re on a role today. the blog is heating up.

  3. Don’t forget to point out how boneheaded it is from a PR standpoint to call the Eagles out on this when it’s not a clear violation. The media wouldn’t have spared a second on the Eagles using Duce to maybe, possibly fill the quota. Now it’ll drive two news cycles.

    Roger Goodell for President.

  4. Plus rumors are that they will be interviewing Austin from Detroit who gee happens to be black. The NFL PR team has been horrible lately and the NFL in general is making themselves look like bigger fools!

  5. I think that the Rooney rule is BS, but if they are going to continue to use it then it needs to be tweaked. In house interviews should not count towards the obligation. Putting a guy on the spot like that with his current employer can’t be easy. I mean can he really refuse the interview and expect his relationship within the organization to stay the same?

  6. Besides Duce (philly connect, former player, etc.), Teryl Austin (DC) and Hue Jackson (OC) what other guys could be considered? You only hear about Duce with the Eagles and the other 2 guys for every team in the NFL looking for a coach.

  7. Jim: “There’s nothing wrong with the rule.”

    Kyle : “The rule is stupid.”

    point- Kyle

  8. Maybe the NFL should be investigated for hiring a sham commissioner
    who can’t find his own socks and always holds a grudge and cowtows to
    specific teams.

  9. This is the same owner who gave Ray Rhodes four painfully long years. I don’t think he gives a shit about skin color.

  10. We need a “Jimmy T” rule, to protect teams from firing elite head coaches to hiring vastly unqualified defensive line coaches.

  11. Duce is black.
    Duce was interviewed.
    Rooney Rule upheld.
    SHUT THE FUCK UP NFL ….If you want more N-i-gga head coaches, make it MANDATORY that every play must have 9 white guys on the field.

    1. If not for all the handouts and special exemptions for blacks, would they ever achieve Anything in this world?

  12. There should not be a Rooney Rule! If a black is a serious candidate, teams will want to interview him.. Otherwise it is a total waste of time to interview someone colored who both the interviewee and interviewer know will never materialize into a hiring. And pretty pathetic in year 8 of a most terrible Obama presidency, we still have to give special exemptions and handouts to blacks who can’t achieve on their own merit

  13. Supposedly if you interview someone you have no intention of hiring it plants the name in another owner’s head and that owner might hire the person. Your still wasting a person’s time if your interviewing them just to satisfy a rule. There are 5 black coaches in the NFL out of 32 teams. Based on the percentage of blacks in the league it is a low number, however based on the population in the US it isn’t. Chances are by the time the hiring is finished there will be a sixth black coach added. It just makes no sense if an owner has targeted who he wants to coach his team that he should interview someone else that he is never going to hire. It is demeaning to both parties.

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