Scott O’Neil Was Oddly Testy on Twitter Last Night

Welcome to a post-Eagles, snowpocalyptic hellscape, where this is a blog post.

There was a bit of an odd Twitter exchange between Sixers (and Devils) CEO Scott O’Neil and under-20-something Sixers blogger Jake Pavorsky, who literally covers the team better than the guy who writes for the Inquirer and is one of the most vocal supporters of the process. As best as I understand it (I’m a blogger, so I didn’t bother looking up all of the details), Pavorsky and his friends were among the SEVERAL people who made it out to the Sixers-Celtics tilt last night and were expecting, as was advertised, tickets to an upcoming game for their dedication to go watch horrible basketball in even worse conditions (fans were also allowed to move down to first level after first quarter). But they were disappointed when a guest services rep mistakingly told them that only season ticket holders were eligible. Jake tweeted his displeasure, and Scott O’Neil replied, publicly and not directly, by chiding Jake for being a young blogger who should’ve check his sources before complaining… about what he was told by a Sixers employee.

The exchange is after the jump, and it is a total head-scratcher. Pavorsky, who writes for Liberty Ballers, a site that is home for the relatively few passionate Sixers fans and is largely, highly, very much so supportive of the process. For the team’s CEO to needle – somewhat too harshly – Pavorsky for a genuine misunderstanding-gripe is akin to the Bush family going after FOX News for misspelling the name of Jenna’s husband, or O’Neil ripping Jim Adair for a typo in a 2,000-word fluff piece on Ish Smith. Just seemed highly unnecessary and combative.


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  1. This young “blogger”, Jake Pavorsky, sounds like a punk. Instead of handling the issue like a man and asking to speak to a manager or calling their ticket office to elevate the issue privately, he went onto social media like a pussy and tried to make the issue public to all. He was exactly looking for this response from O’Neil to elevate his little blog. Unreal.

    Fucking bloggers. They are whiny liberal types that don’t have real jobs that produce anything of value for society. Build or fix something of value for a change instead of wasting your time with this nonsense.

    1. I agree, pu$$ies like Jim let black guys fuck their girls while that jerkoff in the corner, no wonder why white people are getting bitched up all over the country

    2. Also, I am a pasty, bitter man with a tiny member – so I don’t get out much. It gives me a ton of time to complain on blogs about bloggers.

      1. Forgive me, but it is hard to elaborate on my comments when I’m trying my best to work a penis into my mouth.

  2. “Welcome to a post-Eagles, snowpocalyptic hellscape, where this is a blog post.”

    Interesting–a real blog site that is wiping it’s ass with you, phil-ee in flue incer posted 13 things so far today.

      1. That’s one way to go. But how about I do what I want and you go to hell? Yea, that sounds like the route I’ll choose.

        1. kyle has been doing a great job cleaning up this blog by banning those evil commenters. you should be on that list

  3. Josh Innes is an innovator, just like the guy who runs that other Blog in town.

  4. That hugely obese b u m who dances at S i x e r s games. He is a freeloader getting tickets because he was part of the revolutionaries. Let’s see if they are still getting free tickets behind the basket when this team gets good and people are willing to spend $200 ticket to sit there.

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