Congratulations to Sean McDermott, who’s interested in a head coaching job. He has been granted an interview with the Cleveland Browns, who just hired the Mets’ VP of personnel (sic) as their chief strategy officer, and whose quarterback wore a brilliant disguise and fudged an Instagram geo-tag so he could get drunk in Vegas. Unfortunately, McDermott’s interview dry run on 97.5 this morning didn’t get him an interview with the Eagles. Not yet, at least. But it worked on the local media, which was happy to trumpet his qualifications:

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Fine. Tornoe and Zangaro merely addressed his interest. But Garry Cobb… well, haha, this is embarrassing:

If I was Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, I would have given the head coaching job to Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott this morning after his interview he did with Anthony Gargano on the 97.5 The Fannatic. He sounded like just what the doctor ordered.

With the same players, the Eagles defense would be greatly improved under his leadership.

The young defensive signal caller grew up in the area and he knows about the passion of Eagles fans.   McDermott was an Eagles defensive back coach for about ten years during Andy Reid’s run with the team.  He took the defensive coordinator position at a tough time and went down with a sinking ship.


Garry Cobb was almost a congressman. Not sure if that would’ve improved things in Washington or not.