Absolute Power Move By Susie Celek Wearing a Zach Ertz Jersey at Wing Bowl

Devastation. Brent may want to rethink signing that lifetime extension. He’s done. Susie just ended him.

Voila_Capture 2016-02-05_08-20-25_AM

[Susie and Brent are divorced, in case you weren’t aware.]

Meanwhile, teammates Jason Kelce and Connor Barwin, everymen, rode Septa to the event:

Photo from (@SnoBallsAtSanta)

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51 Responses

    1. What a CUN# t this fame whore is.
      Hope Celek destroyed her starfish with no lube before she hit the streets where she belongs.

  1. people are still using “savage” like that?
    judging by his profile pic it may be the most “savage” thing in his lifetime, he looks like he’s 7.

    word is susie’s attitude stinks like her female genitalia.

  2. And what REALLY happened between Dorenbos and Julie?

    Nobody in town has EVER gotten the scoop on that one…

    1. Rumor has it Julie couldn’t keep her legs closed for anyone. Especially aging local TV personalities who could help her career. Once the Magic Man found out his final trick was making her disappear.

      1. because boring maggot blog type having nothing else to blog about…
        who gives a flying crap about brent celek’s ex wife……..

  3. Susie Celek is so hot! Jason Kelce is such a toolbag! I guess Howie told him he’s allowed to go to Wing Bowl.

    Susies a babe!

  4. We need to know the following….Please explain Kyle???

    What Happen between”

    Brent and Susie
    Julie and Jon
    Susie and Julie

  5. WOW

    I am apparently the big local gossip person and i had no idea

    Dont forget to buy the magazine

    We are making a list of the top lists for 2016


  6. She definitely Snapchat’s her shits Whatever happened to magic man’s wife. On a sidenote a lot of Delco girls are going to have some black eyes tomorrow

  7. What a power move, yet this is someone who is divorced and never changed her name back. Why is that? Maybe because she would be even more irrelevant then she already is with out hanging on to her former name which provides her with that last thread of city celebrity status she has left.

  8. Hey SHART SHARTVEIT. Go F yourself. I wanna know what happened, if you don’t wanna know, then don’t worry about it. You fat pig.

  9. Hey, Susie, come on over to my house for a nice beverage……..
    Where the rest of the white bitches at??????

  10. This is what happens when an athlete marries a vapid, brainless attention-seeking whore. End up owing a ton of money and alimony.

  11. How come Anthony doesn’t talk about me on his show? Did we get divorced and I didn’t know it? I’d like to bitchslap MCW.

  12. Kelce was stuck on the subway for 45 minutes because he wasn’t able to move a 320-lb black woman who was pushing him backwards like every big nose tackle.

  13. She’ll wear another dude’s jersey to run her ex-husband’s nose in shit, but yet she won’t ditch his last name because that means she’s have to stop sucking off his teat. Because she knows if she wasn’t Susie Celek she’d be Susie Who?

  14. If she hates Brent Celek so much, why doesn’t she change her last name then. Attention whore who knows she would be irrelevant without Celek after Susie.

  15. Power move? the only power she has is between her legs. For christs sake she hasn’t even dropped the exes last name

  16. Every one of those chicks is rocking saline in their t*ts and and pure air in their heads. And Jason Kelce is the kind of guy I’d like playing on my side in work or team. Dude is solid. That said what did happen to all of the above? Celek & Dorenbos grew up a little and came to their senses?

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