Down the Wormhole on Cox’s Tip

So I’m getting shit over the Fletcher Cox tip story (Jeremy Maclin was there as well). Admittedly I at first didn’t consider the possibility there was a cash tip. But, since posting, I’ve heard from two waitresses – one of them Cox’s – both of whom claim there was no tip, and from Cox’s dining party, which claims there was a tip.

Let’s explore both ends of the Cox tip tale.

The waitress tasked with handling Cox Saturday night, verbatim and sic’d:

Ok so mind you, I worked a 15 hour shift and these “wonderful” people were my last table of the night that I had to stay per my managers request because he knew that I would give them good service. So if anyone claims I was not tipped because of bad service, that’s just stupid. I waited on these people from the moment they sat down to the moment they left, recommended shots, drinks, everything. Then when it came time for the bill I put it right on the table and said “I’ll take this when you guys are ready” never handed it directly to cox or maclin or anything. I then went to my table next to theirs to finish with their checkbooks and clean the table. When I to walk by and go upstairs, I noticed cox open the check book, see the cash in the book, take it out and put his card in it instead. He then gave me that book with just his card in it and I ran it through the computer and gave it back to them. Whatever may have be done with that money that his friends put into that checkbook I don’t know because idk if he then gave it back to them or kept it for himself. That is the only money I actually saw but then never saw it again. I then gave that book back to them, with just the card and receipts. And proceeded to clean the tables next to them. I stood next to their group almost the entire time before they left. No one walked over and handed me money, and no one left any on the table. When I went to get the checkbook there was absolutely nothing on that table. I walked up to close the check and there we go, nothing on the tip line.

We have cameras in this entire building and one right over top of this lane that looks at it. So why would I lie and say I didn’t get money if I did when I am well aware that cameras are watching me at all times. And I also don’t know why I would be doing it for attention if I don’t even want anyone to know it was me ?

Working at that bar we server Eagles, sixers and flyers players all of the time. Idk why I would be lying or attention seeking when this is nothing new to me. And honestly I don’t even like football, just hockey. so when maclin and cox walked in I didn’t even know who they were.

Obviously, she was not happy getting stiffed by Cox. She even implies that Cox, himself, removed the tip.

Conversely, a member of the Cox party, who was in attendance Saturday night, says a $60 tip was left in cash on the $132 bill. They are certain of it, but noted that if the waitress didn’t receive the tip – for whatever reason – they would personally drive back up there and give her just the tip, as there was no intent to screw her on Cox’s part. They also noted that the group left after one of its members got sick, but Cox went back inside to finish his night at the bar, and at no point was the tip issue brought up to him while he was there.

We’ve left a message for the manager at Pinsetter, but our call wasn’t immediately returned.

My take? I’ll go both ways here. I love Cox, and his party believes the waitress did this for attention. But the waitress asked to leave her name and likeness out of the story. It is my experience that people doing things for attention don’t do so anonymously. What’s more, our original tipster wasn’t the waitress in question. It took some prying to get her to open up about serving Cox (she’s pissed, but over it). So I don’t buy that this was a publicity stunt for an anonymous waitress. I believe her. But I also believe the multiple folks in Cox’s party who have come forward and sworn that they left a tip. This might be just a massive misunderstanding. Perhaps someone else grabbed the tip? Could happen late-night at a bowling alley. Or perhaps among the rather large group there was a miscommunication and the person who was supposed to handle the tip neglected to do so. Either way, there appears to be no malice on either side. Just a waitress who feels she got the shaft and diners who swear the tip was included. We’ll see what comes of it.


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  1. How ’bout do your job correctly and not publish anything until you are certain of what nonsense you are posting? How ’bout that?

    1. Based on this new information, I’m going to make my call.
      Cox is a n1gger.
      Way to live up to the stereotype, scumbag.

      The waitress sounds like she has self respect and wouldn’t lower herself to associate with those outside her kind, and this is the only “Screwing” that Cox would be able to give her. So, he screwed her on the money she earned by doing her job and serving them drinks.
      Typical behavior from n1ggers.

      1. Even tho i hate inbred hillbillies such as yourself, I found your comment hilarious. I hope that u your small dick Compadre’s think of me at yur next cross burning. Toodles

        1. Envy is a typical n1gger. The only thing it feels it has to offer is it’s penis size, and even that has been scientifically proven to be false.
          Even if the stereotype was true, I’d rather have a small penis than be a unemployed, uneducated, violent animal any day.
          You’re not worth burning a cross, unless you’ve been criminally convicted and chained to it first.

  2. Honestly couldn’t care any less.

    I have worked in the service industry, I know what these tips mean to waiters. Doesn’t matter.

    Stop wasting everyone’s time

  3. Fuck you, moderating my comment. Can’t say the word se x ual?

    The worst part of this “article” is that Kyle actually believes all of the “sweet” se x ual innuendo he so “cleverly” came up with is hilarious

  4. Typical Kyle Scott crap. One day after Spotlight wins the Oscar, which shows the essential nature of good journalism, we have this loosely sourced, factually questionable garbage about a football player leaving a tip.

    Good story.

    1. Frivolous? Yes. Loosely sourced? Have the waitress in question and the guy sitting next to Cox. No one out nonsenses me, no one.

      1. If you’re going to assassinate someone’s character, let it be someone who deserves it. Howard Eskin. Donald Trump (who you’re voting for, which is sickening in its own right). Josh Innes. Andy Bloom. Andy Bloom’s coke dealer. Marcus Hayes.

        The list goes on.

        1. I’m voting for Trump and the fact that it pisses off the racist democrats on here makes me smile.
          Trump obviously has issues, but he’s better than the socialist, the liar, and the racist idiot currently in the white house.

  5. Why tip someone for a job I’m capable of doing myself? I can deliver food, I can drive a taxi, I can and do cut my own hair. I did, however, tip my urologist. Because I am unable to pulverize my own kidney stones.

  6. Is the reason why Kyle hasn’t shared a pic of his new baby on the blog or twitter b/c it came out half black?

  7. I know African Americans celebs are the worst tippers ever but I’ve heard multiple times from waitresses on the main line that Jim Gardner Never tips . Walks around like he’s an A list celebrity too

  8. This is what most likely happened. The bill came everyone threw in cash but Cox didn’t have any so he said ill put it on my card, which he did. Then instead of asking his friends for cash back he likely assumed if he was covering the bill, those with cash would get the tip. But being a friend of a pro athlete, the friends probably just figured Cox was paying the whole thing. A clear mix up. And if the waitress wasn’t seeking attention for it, someone else was because how would you get the story? We all saw the attention the McCoy thing got. You don’t think whoever sent this to you wasn’t looking for the same attention?

    1. WHOEVER sent this to you. If anyone was looking for attention, don’t you think they would’ve wanted their name included? No one does. They were just pissed there was no tip. I honestly don’t think this was an attention thing. I’ve seen attention things.

      1. Like from everyone who sends you messages that this athlete is at this club or bar? Anyone who brings up there interactions with famous people do so to be connected to them and mentioned along side them. If not to the public then to there friends and family.

    2. A lot of mixups involving pro athletes these days. And no adults in that party capable of making sure that the servers are tipped when all the counting is done.

      1. Yeah, a weird misunderstanding here. Cox’s guy was adamant that it wasn’t intentional and he feels bad about it.

        1. If what you’re reporting is true, I’m confident the only reason “Cox’s guy feels bad” is because “Cax’s guy” stole the tip.
          Regardless, I’m not famous and even I make sure to place my cash tip in the hand of those I’m tipping cash.
          Cox is either a n1gee for screwing the girl the cash she earned, or stupid.
          Either way, I hope he learns a lesson and does the right thing next time.

    3. Chris- Are you retarded? If what you are saying is true, then Cox CHOSE to leave a ZERO tip by writing ZERO for the tip.
      The only thing worse than a n1gger, is those who defend them.

  9. ” they would personally drive back up there and give her just the tip”

    Only certainty in this whole story.

  10. “It is my experience that people doing things for attention don’t do so anonymously.”

    Thanks, Captain Obvious

  11. In this day and age when people can leave anonymous slander about celebrities on the Internet, I can wait for the day Yelp for humans becomes a real world thing. I’ll leave scathing reviews of shitty waitstaff and brag about the no-tips I leave on the Internet. Maybe start up some gofundme pages to recover the cost of my ruined meal.

    Fucking millennials.

  12. Can’t wait to hear she’s jobless. You don’t go on the record about your customers. Period. Maybe she didn’t complain right away to the media but she did to a friend who obviously did on her behalf. Then she complained to the media afterwards. Maybe so she could tell her story and not get blamed. The fact is she knows people will know it was her because she was there waitress. So she has to know she will get attention for it. If not from the public then by her friends and family. So that whole anonymous angle is bs. You only talk about your interactions with famous people to be connected to them and mentioned along side them.

  13. People are paying for this content so they don’t have to click a radio button? I’m calling BS.

  14. I think Cox took the cash, thinking it was to help cover the bill and then paid it.
    Not realizing it was supposed to be the tip. But, then no tip was left so he must have assumed others would cover it.
    So he pocketed the cash and went on his way.
    We all know what happens when you assume…….
    And someone is looking like an A##


  15. this is why people are stupid. Let’s review this story for those of you who don’t understand shit

    1. How would other servers confirm, deny the cash tip? Were all eyes on the table? How is there a mixup with so many witnesses? small red flag

    2. Who works a 15 hour shift at a bowling alley? Was she waiting tables for breakfast? 9am start time, out by 2am? Which popular alley was this? lucky strike is open 1130am to midnight. north bowl south bowl like 5pm-2am. huge red flag

    3. To add to that point and most importantly.. on your last post the original tweet was at 9:30 pm from some girl named Ana. She claims Cox is dining at their establishment. Did Waitress in question get asked to serve these guys a few hours into their service or when they first sat down, like she says. So um, if they sat down and your boss asked you around 9-10pm to serve these “wonderful” people, did you start your shift at 5am? Wow, what a double shift! Hey girl i know you’re the bessss around, come in 10 hours before we open guuuurl. Biggest Red Flag yet.

    4. Lol, the end.

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