So I’m getting shit over the Fletcher Cox tip story (Jeremy Maclin was there as well). Admittedly I at first didn’t consider the possibility there was a cash tip. But, since posting, I’ve heard from two waitresses – one of them Cox’s – both of whom claim there was no tip, and from Cox’s dining party, which claims there was a tip.

Let’s explore both ends of the Cox tip tale.

The waitress tasked with handling Cox Saturday night, verbatim and sic’d:

Ok so mind you, I worked a 15 hour shift and these “wonderful” people were my last table of the night that I had to stay per my managers request because he knew that I would give them good service. So if anyone claims I was not tipped because of bad service, that’s just stupid. I waited on these people from the moment they sat down to the moment they left, recommended shots, drinks, everything. Then when it came time for the bill I put it right on the table and said “I’ll take this when you guys are ready” never handed it directly to cox or maclin or anything. I then went to my table next to theirs to finish with their checkbooks and clean the table. When I to walk by and go upstairs, I noticed cox open the check book, see the cash in the book, take it out and put his card in it instead. He then gave me that book with just his card in it and I ran it through the computer and gave it back to them. Whatever may have be done with that money that his friends put into that checkbook I don’t know because idk if he then gave it back to them or kept it for himself. That is the only money I actually saw but then never saw it again. I then gave that book back to them, with just the card and receipts. And proceeded to clean the tables next to them. I stood next to their group almost the entire time before they left. No one walked over and handed me money, and no one left any on the table. When I went to get the checkbook there was absolutely nothing on that table. I walked up to close the check and there we go, nothing on the tip line.

We have cameras in this entire building and one right over top of this lane that looks at it. So why would I lie and say I didn’t get money if I did when I am well aware that cameras are watching me at all times. And I also don’t know why I would be doing it for attention if I don’t even want anyone to know it was me ?

Working at that bar we server Eagles, sixers and flyers players all of the time. Idk why I would be lying or attention seeking when this is nothing new to me. And honestly I don’t even like football, just hockey. so when maclin and cox walked in I didn’t even know who they were.

Obviously, she was not happy getting stiffed by Cox. She even implies that Cox, himself, removed the tip.

Conversely, a member of the Cox party, who was in attendance Saturday night, says a $60 tip was left in cash on the $132 bill. They are certain of it, but noted that if the waitress didn’t receive the tip – for whatever reason – they would personally drive back up there and give her just the tip, as there was no intent to screw her on Cox’s part. They also noted that the group left after one of its members got sick, but Cox went back inside to finish his night at the bar, and at no point was the tip issue brought up to him while he was there.

We’ve left a message for the manager at Pinsetter, but our call wasn’t immediately returned.

My take? I’ll go both ways here. I love Cox, and his party believes the waitress did this for attention. But the waitress asked to leave her name and likeness out of the story. It is my experience that people doing things for attention don’t do so anonymously. What’s more, our original tipster wasn’t the waitress in question. It took some prying to get her to open up about serving Cox (she’s pissed, but over it). So I don’t buy that this was a publicity stunt for an anonymous waitress. I believe her. But I also believe the multiple folks in Cox’s party who have come forward and sworn that they left a tip. This might be just a massive misunderstanding. Perhaps someone else grabbed the tip? Could happen late-night at a bowling alley. Or perhaps among the rather large group there was a miscommunication and the person who was supposed to handle the tip neglected to do so. Either way, there appears to be no malice on either side. Just a waitress who feels she got the shaft and diners who swear the tip was included. We’ll see what comes of it.