Here’s Brandon Graham Lifting the Equivalent of a Polar Bear Four Times

Where does this rank on Eagles’ offseason activities? It’s somewhere above Jordan Matthews catching balls and Mark Sanchez becoming Robocop. What is it below? I dunno, has Fletcher Cox mastered the power of flight yet?

Here’s Brandon Graham lifting 900 lbs. (the equivalent of an adult male polar bear*) four times:

A video posted by Brandon Graham (@sack_55) on

As someone who doesn’t even lift, bro, I asked someone who does how impressive this is. Their response was they didn’t know because they’ve “never seen that before.” Good enough for me.


*The total weight lifted here – 3,600 lbs. – is 488 lbs. more than the listed weight of the ENTIRE Sixers roster.

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82 Responses

  1. No word on Cliff Lee possibly retiring, however video of an offseason football players workout? Has Deadspin not posted the report yet for you to copy?

  2. He can lift the weight of an elephant 4 times for all I care but he will never live up to where he was picked in the draft.

  3. Aw man, that’s like 150 lbs per sack last year you fuckin bum. We draft him and they say he would be a better 3-4 OLB, then they go to a 3-4 and they say he’s a better 4-3? He’s a fuckin bum and they never shoulda drafted him. He blocked me on Twitter too

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