Here’s Video of the Recess Fight Allegedly Involving LeSean McCoy

A source with knowledge of the investigation confirmed John Gonzalez’s reporting of the incident allegedly involving LeSean McCoy at Recess nightclub at around 2:45 a.m. Sunday morning– that former Pitt football player Tamarcus Porter was the aggressor and McCoy, Curtis Brinkley and Christopher Henderson became involved in a fight after Porter and off-duty Philly police officer Roland Butler began to argue over the ownership of a bottle of champagne. A melee ensued, and CSN reports that two officers suffered broken ribs, one of whom may have also suffered a skull fracture.

According to our source, police have spoken to the officers involved in the incident, at least one of whom was said to be “fucked up” – an actual quote from the source – and their accounts match those given by security and staff from Recess. Warrants are reportedly being sought, perhaps to include McCoy, who, according to a bargoer who witnessed the fight, was involved and appeared to kick someone in the pile. Police may release security video they have of McCoy and friends leaving Recess after the altercation. Security cameras inside the club were “not working” at the time of the incident. [UPDATE: Mike Garafolo reports that law enforcement sources expect a warrant for McCoy with self-surrender allowed by mid-week.]

Using other images of McCoy from late Saturday night-Sunday morning, and a video posted and since-deleted from Twitter but still being shown on 6 ABC, we may be able to identify McCoy in the short video of the fracas. In other words, we Zaprudered the film.

UPDATE 2: TMZ has video confirming our observation of McCoy.]

First, McCoy was spotted having a late dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse, where he wore a dark shirt and a thick, puffy jacket:

Voila_Capture 2016-02-08_01-35-00_PM Voila_Capture 2016-02-08_01-35-12_PM

Later, apparently after the altercation, at around 3:45 a.m., reader Tim from bumped into McCoy at the Westin in Center City:

Voila_Capture 2016-02-08_05-43-29_PM

Tim, who was coming from a wedding reception, says he saw McCoy, who didn’t appear to have a scratch on him, checking in to the hotel with his “entourage”:

I told my friends about the sighting the next day and how Shady seemed annoyed. There were two girls with him and I started making the assumption that they may have been in an argument so that’s why he seemed to cold.  Now that I know about this altercation that has to be the reason he was upset.  He was pacing a bit behind where this photo was taken over by the back bar.  His boy who I now think was Curtis took the photo for me and the rest of them were sitting around the sofas in front of me at this point.  I def felt it was odd that they were checking in so late at night.

Tim said he spoke to one of McCoy’s companions – whom he thinks may have been Curtis Brinkley – about the Super Bowl, and saw another companion, described as having “long dreadlocks” (which could have been Porter), holding a large bottle of Hennessy.

As you can see, McCoy was wearing the same thing both before and after the fight, and, at least in the latter photo, what appears to be a black t-shirt, gold chain, and bright, bright shoes. The person who sent us this video said McCoy was not wearing the jacket during the fight.

It’s the bling that may identify him in the video.

We were able to slow down and brighten the original HD video shot on an iPhone 6. Doing so reveals a bright shoe, similar to the one worn by McCoy, entering the altercation between a staff member and, it appears, someone swinging a bottle:

Voila_Capture 2016-02-08_04-53-10_PM

A few seconds later, we see the person who appears to be the one wearing those shoes getting pulled out of the pile. Several frames show what looks like a gold or diamond stud in his ear:

Voila_Capture 2016-02-08_04-53-58_PM

McCoy indeed had one in that night:

Voila_Capture 2016-02-08_05-57-51_PM

We also catch a glimpse of a necklace:

Voila_Capture 2016-02-08_04-55-03_PM

Just moments later, someone who appears to be the same person who entered the scrum wearing bright shoes is pulled off-frame and can be seen with some sort of bling on both wrists:

Voila_Capture 2016-02-08_04-55-51_PM

We don’t know what McCoy had on his wrists that night, since they’re covered in photos, but a check of his Instagram reveals that he frequently keeps his wrists encased in ice:

Voila_Capture 2016-02-08_06-01-24_PMVoila_Capture 2016-02-08_04-15-15_PM Voila_Capture 2016-02-08_04-15-39_PM Voila_Capture 2016-02-08_04-16-15_PM Voila_Capture 2016-02-08_06-02-33_PM Voila_Capture 2016-02-08_06-02-45_PM

What’s more is that the person we believe to be McCoy in the video is in the same spot as what looks to be McCoy in the video originally posted to Twitter and now being used by 6 ABC:


Voila_Capture 2016-02-08_06-07-02_PM

Note the location of the guy in the white shirt with blue writing– his placement jibes with the placement of the person we believe to be McCoy, now just off-frame here:

Voila_Capture 2016-02-08_06-10-34_PM

Was this McCoy? You decide.

See anything? Have more video? Let us know.

Jim Adair also contributed to this post


161 Responses

  1. My only regret is that you, Kevin Scott, aren’t the one getting stomped on during the fracas.

    1. Put all these animals in cages where they belong and then euthanize them for the benefit of society.
      Meanwhile, n1gger Philadelphia judge gives a female nurse a 5-10month sentence for allegedly calling someone a phaggot.
      This city is a disgrace.

    2. I guess CBS Management in NYC had enough embarrassment with the fights, throw ups and risking every year that something really bad was going to happen. CBS has told WIP, Cataldi and Morganti that there will be no more Wing Bowls. Morganti just said to Cataldi that that was it, but obviously the decision came from C.B.S as they own the event, not Morganti.

      1. Totally agree. I’ll bet he gets off with a wrist slap.
        Maybe Chips Kelly.How was right to “de-Thug” last year.

      2. All Al said was that he didn’t want to do it anymore. No one said anything about CBS being involved.

    3. I didn’t see anything wrong with this video.
      Its clear that the off duty cops were in the wrong for swinging those budweiser bottles
      at Mccoy’s posse.
      McCoy won’t be charged with anything.
      You people are such study racist jamokes.
      Always putting the blackman down.
      Until he marries your daughter, then you’re all brown nosing

      1. I agree, I don’t think McCoy will be charged. There’s no conclusive evidence in the videos IMO.

  2. How dumb is McCoy? Like, how little impulse control does he have? How retarded are you, as a public person, in 2016, to get in a bar fight and not think that you arent being recorded? It’s literally giving me an aneurism thinking about this.

    1. He’s a black man with a posse. It is well documented that black males don’t reach mental maturity until sometime around 50, even then it’s a crap shoot. I know, I know, that’s racist but can someone give me one all Black Country, black community, town that is successful? Nope, nobody can and its because of the black MAN’s mental capacity (not black women).

      1. You are stupid! You sound stupid! All the black towns…were destroyed by the number terrorist in this counrty…the white man! Rosewood,FL., Oklahoma! Do your research!

        1. Oh really, it’s 2016 do some research of your own pal. Rosewood, how about West Philly, Olney… Two great thriving parts of town back in the day. Now look at them… Blacks destroy communities, he’ll, look at Africa…

      2. Where is your documented proof and when did we get so intelligent as a people when we can’t even put down cell phones and read books. Because I thought taking any information off of google is more risky than picking up a hooker, just believing website because a man calls himself a doctor. Have you actually done your own study and studied African Americans for yourself or just believing whatever you here with no proof. Maybe because the individual you heard it from was just like you.

  3. I love that McCoy is always playing Buddy Ryan football! I wish we had players like him on our team!

  4. …Chip Kelly is a total racist. It’s not that Shady has a shitty attitude detrimental to the locker room.

  5. Don’t they carry guns? Using one while getting beat to hell like this would clearly be a case of self-defense. And can they really afford bottles of champagne at a club on their salaries?

    1. To off duty copper so if the police(off duty) is getting his/her ass kicked like joe/jane doe , why should they be able to pull a gun? WITH ATTITUDE LIKE THAT I UNDERSTAND WHY COPS(w,b,l,i,o any race w/abadge)are at times hated, not all but 1, 1 BAD APPLE………..

  6. Gotta give props to Kyle on the detailed breakdown of this vid and the related photos. (Watch out, here come the Kyle haters…) Now, can we agree on something? That Lesean McCoy in ONE DUMB Numskull.

  7. They should have chucked a basketball into the rumpus. The guys name is ” SHADY ” and you wonder why this is about his fifth incident ( bus broad, tip broad, baby mama tweet broad, Chips a Racist broad, etc broad ). He is a thug, wanna be GANGSTA but in actuality is and has been a total Bitch. Savages belong in the jungle with Eskin. Missies radio show really Blows, BRAH !

  8. You can’t tell who is fighting throwing punches, or who is trying to break it up! So you can’t use

    1. Because white guys have never been in a fight at a bar or nightclub Einstein. Your parents did a superb job.

        1. what am I missing?

          Black people and white people get in brutal fights all the time. The fact you have to bring race into a bar fight (something that happens I’m sure on a nightly basis in every single city) proves your small-mindedness. Don’t worry, sadly, you’re not alone. A ton of people think this way and feel it’s not a problem at all.

    2. I can’t believe in this day in age we have racists comments. He’s just a idiot kid, making bad decisions. Like any other kid, who’s had no direction life. Have some intellence and make a comment that don’t sound like your intimidated by colour of someones skin.

  9. No cops dont carry guns into night clubs. alcohol and guns don’t mix. Most police departments have rules against it anyway. And secondly I take offense to how can cops afford bottles on their salary like they shouldn’t be there. That’s real nice I know many cops and some work a lot of extra time so they can go to the night clubs nland enjoy a bottle or two like a lot of other people can.

    But let’s be real… McCoy is a punk and your only as good as the company you keep.

    1. McCoy is a punk indeed. And I respect and appreciate cops. The BLM movement and what it has done to law enforcement sickens me. But as someone else posted here, these two cops in this club, at this time of night (uh, morning), poppin bottles and acting like ballers is not a good look for the men in blue.

      1. Not a good look? STFU. First, you sound like a n1gger. Second, an OFF DUTY cop and do whatever the F he wants, as long as it’s not breaking the law. I hope these animals get prison time, the cops get all their NFL money, and these animals never play again .

        1. I agree that police officers (hate the phrase cops) can do whatever they please during off time. I do think there is more to this story. And, it’s doubtful IMO that McCoy will be charged.

      2. My understanding was that the two police officers were also African Americans for what it’s worth …

  10. hahha that biotch mccoy looks like tina turner from mad max! everyone knows he takes dreds up da ass all night every night that is why they call him shady! mccoy likes em dark and dirty and balls deep he is da catcher! buwauwuwuwuuauau!

  11. where is al? where is jessie? black on black crime where is the outage? million man march? where we at?

  12. You know dam well these cops are dipping in the drug siezure cash.. They wanna be big time ballers just like the NFL and rap guys.. There is no way they can legally afford that lifestyle no way. Also you know they probably started it. Most cops are so errogant on and off duty in sure they had it coming to them… You wanna go where the rich thugs with entourages hang then be prepared for the worst! .. Cops should make better judgement calls.. Out drinking and driving and partying and fighting… Maybe they should be investigated… More dirty cops I’ll bet!

    1. Are you mentally impaired? Lol you can’t even type a complete sentence or spell what you are trying to say. Anyway…who says cops can’t go out and enjoy a good time while they are off duty??? They are still people, you know that, right?

  13. I can’t get over Shady’s posture in that photo with the dude in the suit, looks like he is going to piss himself or he just really wants to get out of there

  14. These closeups are crystal clear. Excellent work. I can tell that the real instigator here was a gray blur.

  15. I was looking at some pictures from the Wing B o w l and I noticed El Wingador. Why did he get out early when b l a c k men are doing years and years for the same crime. It’s really pathetic that Wingador is a free man.

  16. Stop it, stop it, stop it with all this blaming Shady for a minor disagreement about a bottle of champagne. Myself, Ike Reese and my defense partner Mikey Miss, will present Shady’s side of what happened at Recess today on the radio. Shady was only trying to break up the parties involved in the disagreement. It was the off duty cops who were the instigators of this misunderstanding when they were switching tables and by mistake took one of Shady’s champagne bottles. Now, who wouldn’t be upset about their own champagne bottle being moved? Excuse me for my repetition, but It Is What It Is, it is what it is, it is what it is …just a misunderstanding, that’s all.

    1. What are cops doing there with expensive bottles of champagne? Must of been payoff night down at the precinct.

  17. The shoes are tough to compare in the steak house pic but Shady definitely changed his pants between the restaurant and the hotel. Blood on them perhaps?

    p.s.- Josh Innes is a self centered blowhard.

  18. Good , Good, Good … Blacks fighting Blacks!! How is this racist? they are killing each other off.. Clearly black lives matter . Ever since McCoy left Philadelphia he has became a no good thug aka the N word. Chip was the best thing for McCoy kept his ass in check. Now this guy is just your typical ape.

  19. Bottle of champagne during the week??? Has anyone stopped to think that maybe there was a celebration going on. Y’all make it sound like these police officers aren’t allowed out after their shifts. At that time of night I have to guess that these officers probably work 2nd shift. For them the time was late afternoon, not 2:45 a.m. All commenters on here seem to believe that these officers are trying to be “ballers” or musicians. Could it possibly be that you’re quickness to jump on the racism card is just that you are, indeed, racist? I say let the officers celebrate!!! If they don’t have times where they can de-stress you would see a lot more of their anger and frustration.

  20. Look at all that diversity there! Blacks just doing what they do. Who doesn’t want to be around that? Only racists! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  21. Cops are pissed they didn’t get an invitation to Shady’s ‘welcome me to Buffalo’ orgy last year.

    1. I wasn’t there and therefore I don’t know what went on that night. I do know this however: I don’t care if its Shady or Brady,guys will be guys. Fights will break out in bars. Almost without exception, they’re over in short order; someone gets the brunt of the injuries and everyone goes home and nothing more is said about the incident. The exception in this case is that it involved off duty police and a high profile athlete and his buddies. The off duty police lost the fight and opted to report the incident to authorities. Most guys that I know walk away when they’re clearly outnumbered. If they had the opportunity and didn’t, then they should have manned up and accepted the consequences of their actions.

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