TMZ Got More LeSean McCoy Fight Video, and Yep, It’s Him

Credit to TMZ for getting clearer video of the fight at Recess involving LeSean McCoy. Indeed, the person in our video entering the fray whom we believed to be Shady appears to be the same person in TMZ’s video shown throwing a punch and having to be restrained multiple times. In fact, this looks to be a different angle of a portion of the video we posted yesterday. I’d expect Shady to surrender to police any day now.

Our video:


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  1. can only imagine what desean and his gang would have done in that situation.
    cause Eliott Shor-Parks is always right…

      1. You’re right some guy named James is in his spot. His girl just had a kid so there’s that

      2. Enough, Jackass. Worrying about a 4th-rate producer at a local radio station on every post? You got a hard-on for this guy?

        1. I wonder if shady is going to be able to juke n jive in the prison shower room like he did on the field.
          The cons love fresh fish like shady.
          He should really get his mouth wired shut before he starts doing his time.

  2. Of course they are gonna press charges. McCoy and his boys are African American. If this was Brent Celek, Zack Ertz, Nick Foles, and Mark Schanez they would all be free men. Let me notify Al Sharpton.

    1. those boys also would have been home at 2AM. not out chimping around like those fucking apes.

      except sanchez. hed probably be out mowing lawns or something

    2. HAHAH. 2a and fighting cops in the club. Back in my day at 2a I was gathering up who to take home.

      1. You guys are bitches. I socked my bitch in the face and pitched that afternoon. I am your OG and will be respected as such.

    3. you f’ing dope. ANYONE who hits a police officer (on duty or off) is catching charges.
      keep playing the race card tho you f’ing zip

    4. well those people you just mentioned don’t do that kind of stupid stuff…were mccoy.desean are constantly doing this crap.

  3. Wow, sounds like you wasted your money on that first video. Nothing new though – you wasted your parents money on that Villanova degree.

    1. Kyle’s video is like you tried to watch Cinemax late at night by repeatedly pressing the A/B button on the Comcast remote.

  4. TMZ beat you at your own game in your own backyard. yikes.

    I hear the 1nfluencer’s foot steps…

  5. Sounds like you rednecks are looking for any excuse to put a noose around McCoy’s neck, you racist mothafuckas.

  6. You can take take the CrossingBroad watermark off that video now. No one’s showing that anymore. And maybe ask for a refund from Mr. Zapruder.

  7. This will be a huge story for a while and will end with him taking a plea to a charge that essentially amounts to nothing. Remember there was pretty good video of Ray Rice knocking out his fiance in an elevator.

    1. I’m not a lawyer but didn’t she refuse to press charges? I’m pretty sure the guys that got their asses kicked are pressing charges, which would make this a worse situation for him, no?

  8. Serious question Kyle, how much did you pay for that video? And considering TMZ has a better version, did you essentially throw your money in the trash?

  9. It’s definitely not the same person. The person you had highlighted is the person with the chain getting pushed back and stumbling after you see McCoy’s face.

    1. I mean he’s the guy who trips over the light before you see Mccoy and he’s also the guy yelling at Mccoy to chill.

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