Mychal Kendricks Got Catfished by a Woman He Counseled That He Refused to Send Sexy Pics To

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In an in-depth report on Buzzfeed today, Katie Notopoulos discovered a serial catfisher who may have ruined Diddy’s relationship with singer Cassie by touting a fictional affair. I do not care about that. But in laying out the catfisher’s CV, Notopoulos unveiled that Mychal Kendricks, the handsomest Eagle (don’t @ me), was once catfished by the same person.

The character who may have destroyed Diddy’s relationship, Seriya Gebru, was just one of a number of fictional people created by the same sociopath, who once got in touch with Kendricks.

Lucia Cole, another pseudonym of Seriya Gebru, was a singer/songwriter who passed off early Jessica Simpson music as her own. She fooled Shaq. She was interviewed by Bossip. And she asked Mychal Kendricks to be in her music video, which wasn’t real:

Philadelphia Eagles player Mychael [sic] Kendricks got an email, sent to his manager, from someone claiming to be part of Lucia Cole’s “team” saying that Cole wanted him to appear in an upcoming music video of hers, and she was willing to pay — $16,000. It was the offseason, and a good chunk of change, so Kendricks agreed. After back and forth between their managers, Kendricks and Cole texted and talked on the phone. Cole opened up to him about her life, her past relationships, her difficult childhood. Kendricks’s degree is in social work from UC Berkeley, and its in his nature to want to help someone. “She really made me feel like she like a bruised bird,” he told BuzzFeed News over Facetime. “She tried to make me feel for her.”

But he was still interested in doing the music video since it was a business deal, and the fact that her photos were so easy on the eyes didn’t exactly hurt. “She’s bad, bro,” he said about Reese Crowell, the real woman behind Cole’s photos (“bad” meaning “hot”). Cole tried to flirt with him and asked him to send photos of himself, but he turned her down. He wanted to keep the relationship professional. “As a social worker, you understand how to keep barriers that are appropriate for both parties,” he explained.

Eventually, Cole was exposed as a fraud, and Kendricks’s friend sent him a link about it. “I was like, I knew something was weird as sin! I fucking called it!” But he was also upset about it. “I was mad. I messaged her and said, ‘This is such a bitchy thing to do. I don’t know who you are on the other line, but you need some help.’” …

Kendricks thinks of this as a funny story, and at worst kind of an annoyance that he didn’t end up with the 16 grand he expected.

First off, I don’t think I’ve respected a pro athlete more than I now respect Mychal Kendricks for not sending pictures back because he “wanted to keep the relationship professional” as a social worker. That’s amazing. [Edtior’s note: I have the complete opposite interpretation of this– he’ll never get Rihanna with that sort of passivity. That’s the type of chick who wants to see a picture of your grundel, none of this boundaries nonsense.] Plus, the catfisher is a total babe:

A photo posted by @thinkreese on

A photo posted by @thinkreese on

A photo posted by @thinkreese on

Second, if someone wants to throw me $16,000 (or even $160) to be in their music video, hit me up at Jim[at]crossingbroad[dot]com. I won’t even bother to Google you.


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  1. I guess I just don’t understand this cat fishing stuff. I thought I did, but this story has me confused.. So she actually IS an attractive woman, who seems to have her life together? The plan was to extort him? Would the video really have happened if he’d sent the pictures? This isn’t some weird dude pretending to be a woman to score a big payday from an athlete? I don’t get it. Help!

    1. She was probably hoping he’d send some dick pics or otherwise indecent photos that she could turn around and use against him for blackmail. Or wait till he’s in a relationship to use it as blackmail to break them up, like apparently was the case with Diddy.

      Or she’s just batshit fucking insane.

  2. I’m confused too. He said he wanted to be professional about everything. How is that catfished? If anything he was a victim of fraud. Even that’s a stretch because all he did was talk to a stranger on the phone. Something we all do everyday for work. He didn’t do anything else. She promised 16k but it’s not like he did something and she didn’t pay. She got exposed before that deal went down.

  3. Jim – I don’t usually comment and am not typically a hater when it comes to grammar and such. But my god, man, that headline is a tough read.

  4. Jim! Sesame Street just called: Jim Henson Productions if offering you $1.6 million to go back to remedial grammar school and ultimately star in a parody video entitled “Crossing Sesame.” Seriously, that headline is so atrociously bad that to cal it a run-on sentence would be an insult to sentences.

  5. Kyle how come you won’t answer anyone about Younes? What’s the deal with him? What happened

    1. What are you talking about?

      Kyle posted that video yesterday of Joe Younis getting in the fight at the nightclub?

      Video was a little fuzzy, but you can tell it is him. Younis has an arm. The guy in the clip has an arm. BOOM! Joe Younis. The evidence is undeniable!

    2. Younes got let go and is now full time with his gambling site. My guess is Kyle doesn’t want to put his name through the mud bc godfather locks, as lame as a name can be, is often advertised on this site. But I suspect anyone who isn’t willing to work for cheap at 97.5, will be let go. Between all useless football guests in the off season that get paid each time and the money sunk into the primo slob and the 65 yr old hipster, there’s probably not a lot to go around. Can’t imagine Robbie e gets paid to much. He was a fired employee from a night show at wip. Not a lot of posturing can be done there. Harry probably gets decent money for his tenure. Joe D probably makes nothing. And there’s only a couple other hosts who probably make nothing and have other jobs.

  6. He must return to the Fanatic. Tell the station to rehire him.

  7. “She really made me feel like she like a bruised bird,” he told BuzzFeed News over Facetime. “She tried to make me feel for her.”

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