The Flyers Will Get 50th Anniversary Jerseys, a Patch, and Host Alumni Game Against Penguins Next Season

Today marks the 50th anniversary of when Ed Snider was awarded a franchise in Philadelphia, making next season a special one if commemorative events are your fare.

It was reported last Friday that the Flyers and Penguins will celebrate their respective 50th seasons by with what will be the first of perhaps two outdoor games— first in Pittsburgh, then in Philly. That’s not confirmed yet. But the Flyers have other 50th anniversary events planned, CROSSINGBROAD.COM HAS LEARNED.

For select games (presumably including the yet unannounced outdoor game), they will wear special 50th anniversary jerseys – a preview of which can be seen in this post – that will, for next season, replace their current alternates which were originally the 2012 Winter Classic sweaters. The new jersey will be unveiled at the end of the season.

They will also wear this patch on all jerseys:


Additionally, though the reported outdoor game has not been confirmed, the Flyers and Penguins will play an Alumni Game at the Wells Fargo Center in 2017. No date has been determined, nor are there dates for the five special “Heritage Nights,” which will presumably be games where the anniversary jerseys are worn. Heritage Nights will include a Captains Night, Tough Guys Night, Goalies Night, and Playoff Heroes Night.

Reached for comment about confirming an outdoor game with the Penguins given the obvious Alumni Game tie-in, a Flyers spokesperson said: “We have obviously seen the reports concerning the outdoor game and have been in discussions with the League. It would be a League event and will be announced by the League only when it is official.”

All (full) season ticket holder accounts will also receive a FREE alternate jersey (which I’m led to believe won’t include any additional advertising the way most sports giveaways do).

Tonight, every Flyer who has had his number retired will drop the ceremonial first puck. The Flyers are expected to announce all this stuff this evening. You get it here first.

UPDATE: The Flyers confirmed all of these details.


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  1. Nobody in this town cares about hockey bro, it’s a dead sport. Dave Hakstol is a fraud anyway, i called that months ago

    1. bright future and Haky is outstanding. You probably watch Sixers game and project who the Eagles will get in the 5th round..

      1. you got it wrong hun, only time i watch basketball is when Lebron is on the tv, and the only way i’m watching the sixers is if Hinkie gives me some box seats to watch King James, he is such a phenomenal athlete and great role model off the court….people are just jealous and hate on the man. I also enjoy a good alt-rock band and a nice cigar.

        1. I also enjoy vacations/cooking classes in Tuscany, playing golf @ the country club, and driving to the shore house in my Mercedes.

      2. Flyers are horrible, babe. 7 points out of last place in the division and 8 points outta last place in the conference. how can it be any worse?

        Hey…Lisa Ann…get over here!

    2. Mikey Miss! Yo, the be all, end all, of sports in this city! The future is bright, but that 50 year patch just makes me pissed that this team has not won since the 70s.

    3. Mikey Miss…you clown. Do you enjoy coming in 2nd every month in ratings? Your interviewing skills are dope, cuz! You know how to ask the the tough questions. Sal Pal gave it to you and you ran away!! Say hi to Gargano, bo!

      1. ya see, you guys are not forward thinkers like i am. You wanna talk about ratings Josh? Football season rolled around and you couldn’t handle me, bro! You had a nice go of it to start, but when push came to shove you couldn’t hack it plus you are too racially insensitive, i know how to keep it real. While were on the topic of ratings, how about the NHL? What network broadcasts their games? isn’t it “Versus” or “TNN”? ESPN and FOX would rather roll out a small conference college basketball game than an NHL game…..people just don’t get excited over hockey, bro. You know what would be exciting, bro? Lebron on skates! That stepford Martinez would be outraged watching my man king james on a breakaway. Now if you will excuse me Bon Iver is doing a show at the Electric Factory and i need to get going so i can stand around and hope a young girl is into old men who dress like it’s 2004.

      1. Remember when Kyle gave us the total number of listeners for both 97.5 and 94.1???? It was under 100k !!! Hahaha nobody cares about local sports radio!!!! Everyone listens to Sirius or some “commercial free music service “!!!!!

    1. Al, you got hair plugs? I haven’t noticed. Rhea! You got anything? Nothing? She got nothing Al.

  2. How about winning something soon rather then having all these HOF nights and retirement parties and this crap nobody cares what you did 50 years ago, do something today

    1. I’m trying but it’s really hard to win the SC. Do you know how hard it is to win the SC with all of these flyer retreads? do you, huh?

    2. Gee, when is Snider going to honor us with big statues outside the W.T.F Center? Snider is nothing but a swindler (ask Jerry Wolman) who was fortunate we created a W.H.A team in the 70’s that eventually got Parent back to the Flyers. Dumb dumb Ed traded Bernie for a used puck bag to Toronto and we got him back. In fact the whole W.H.A. took players off of teams that killed the Flyers and depleted the Bruins to where the Flyers, with Parent back, could defeat them. The two Cup wins were bogus. Ed, we’ll always take a check. Bernie and Jim

      1. As a real Bruin’s fan, those guys are right. However, I can’t say anything or Snider will have Comcast fire me.

  3. Why not celebrate 50 years by winning …

    A 41 year drought is embarrassing .. especially with the talent they had in many of those years.
    This years team is just frustrating! They played well over the weekend and only came away with 1 point. Tonight is a must win .. and they come out flat
    They mentioned a 16 month celebration of 50 years? The thought of it is nauseating. They will have countless theme nights designed to sell tickets.
    With all due respect to the old Flyers legends – Parent, Clarke, Schultz, Kelly .. Even they have to be getting tired of getting paraded around every night.

    Being a Philly fan is tough!

    1. Flyers are the only local team that asks for next year’s season ticket payment before this year is HALF FUCKIN OVER. “Re-up now, before you figure out this team sucks and ends 7 points out of last playoff spot….in hockey….again”.

    2. Similar to Lurie, Snider does not win a Cup until he is gone. Heard he is planning a wax museum with all the relic players from the 70’s. A snake oil salesman by any other name.

  4. Did Younes tweeting innes that one day cause him being fired? Since innes retaliated by destroying 975 that day

  5. What’s up Kyle? You tweet a #maestro yesterday and still today NOTHING. It better be good.

  6. I have total control over my fanbots’ minds that will believe anything I say and come to every promotion I shill as long as they can dress in their cute orange outfits. I threaten them if there is any shit, I bring back son Jay. He was from the first wife, and what a disaster he was running the Flyers.

  7. Remember Iniz and Bruno’s first show? When that guy Ray called in and was like Bruno you the man but you got to get rid of that other guy, he is horrible and has the cheesiest radio voice…. And then Iniz got so flustered???? Classic!

  8. Aye Kyle – how come you wont explain Younes getting fired? You have all of the insider information, Mr Radio Wars!

    did Innes get him fired?

  9. Flyers aren’t going to make the playoffs but you can’t expect them to.

    You idiots have no pulse on the direction of this team though and have no idea exactly what talent is still being held back form coming up.

    Flyers will be the first team to have a parade in this city. All the other teams are terrible and have yet to show a positive trend.

    1. You might be right about the parade but the Flyers ‘trend’ only started maybe the second half of last year at best. They’re ahead of the other teams but not by a whole lot.

  10. Another outstanding night by me, Kyle Scott’s favorite goalie, the Elite Top Five NHL goalkeeper Steve Mason.

    Look at these elite numbers: 12 wins 21 losses; a 2.70 GAA and a .915 Save percentage.

    And that penalty shot I gave up last night, well that proves that even when someone shoots directly at me it can still easily go into the net.

    Granted the defense isn’t great and the offense fails to put up numbers many games, however my backup some how manages to be 11 – 8 with a 2.14 GAA and a .933 Save percentage playing on the ice with the same team.

    Steve Mason: Elite! Top Five!

  11. Is the Flyers’ 50th Anniversary actually in 2016-17? Their first year was 67-68. They sell merchandise that says so. You don’t celebrate your first wedding anniversary on your wedding day…

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